Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reality Check: Alan Keyes

"Pro-life" Alan Keyes pictured with "Israel" "Defense" Force abortionists at a Gaza checkpoint during his 2002 trip to counterfeit Israel where he received an "Award of Appreciation" from the Israeli government for his arrant support for Zionist policy in every detail. From his days at Harvard where he was a roommate of Zioloon Bill Kristol, through the Israeli massacres in Lebanon, Jenin, Gaza, et al, to the present, "pro-life" Alan Keyes has never uttered a single word against Zionist brutality. Indeed, he's been an unflinching apologist for pro-death "Israel" through it all.

"Israel is today, as Israel has always been, a sign of hope that God's children can seek to be pleasing in His sight. Israel is today, as Israel has always been, hateful in the eyes of those whose neck is stiff, and whose heart is filled with hate and falsehood. Until it shall please God to make the land of His special favor a pleasing sight to all the nations, may it please Him to continue to give all Americans the eyes to see in Israel, as is truly the case, a beacon of justice, courage, and truth. My prayers, my heart, are with the brave people of Israel." (Alan Keyes' letter to Mesora)


SntMartyr said...

That SOB had a lot of people fooled. If he is pro life then so is Herod. Thanks for outing him Maurice.

Anonymous said...

But CFN is upset:

Catholic Family News Special Report
Dr. Alan Keyes Arrested
at Notre Dame

by John Vennari

Alan Keyes and about 15 other pro-life demonstrators
protesting the invitation of Obama to Notre Dame
were arrested on the Notre Dame campus.

For stories and photos, go to:

Anonymous said...

Should this make his 1996 Presidential run when Pat Buchanan was having some good momentum to be suspect?

Anonymous said...

Extreme thanks to Michael Hoffman at for posting a link to this blogsite's story and extreme thanks to the owner and operator of the Maurice Pinay Blog for the posting of this article on Alan Keyes. It was an extreme eye opener to me as I hope it will be to many others.

Keyes has sucked in (and, no doubt, strengthened) a lot of followers by his rabid yet very clear, passionate, and unambiguous (and very well deserved) denunciation of B.O., our supposed president, as being a "communist." This denunciation which has been viewed by many can be easily found on youtube. B.O. is most probably in my opinion, and in the well informed opinion of a growing number of Americans and others throughout the world, an illegal alien (and thus null and void) president. At the same time, of course, he is acting as a superb de facto criminal in chief for his Judaic puppet masters.

What a shock to see this expose of Alan Keyes, the one who so wildly denounces one major communist in bed with the lead promoters of communism and other demonic ideologies. Yes, the bad guys like to control every camp. That is for certain. How sad, that so few have any knowledge of, let alone understanding of, the concept of false opposition and how damaging and undermining it is to any true opposition.

Again, thank you much Michael Hoffman and Maurice Pinay blog. Hopefully, this story will be greatly disseminated. I for my part am going to do what I can in my small way to see that it is.

James B. Phillips

Michael Hoffman said...

It's not just "Catholic Family News." The kosher conservative Right is blogging Keyes arrest as if he were Leonidas at the gate. Thank you, Maurice Pinay, for being a voice crying in the wilderness of the Trojan Horse "Right to Life" movement, that favored George W. Bush's abortions by US and Israeli bombs atop civilian neighborhoods in Iraq, Gaza and Lebanon over the Planned Parenthood variety.

Anonymous said...

Makes me sick! Not too long ago I thought Keyes was AOK; and doesn't he go to the Latin mass? He's just another phoney-baloney Uncle Tom Tradie.

Dolorosa said...

I'm sending this out to everyone I can because people are being deceived by this man and the truth needs to be made known to all. I wonder what his game plan is as far as the pro-lifers are concerned. Get them all into jail so there won't be any problems at Notre Dame when Obama is there? I think operation rescue and other pro-life leaders need this information as well.

Anonymous said...

He was on EWTN's Tuesday's (5/12) Open Line show being championed as a great pro-life hero.

Joe O said...

Keyes is a clown and it is both humorous and saddening to see so many Catholics support him and the GOP.

The late Bill Strojie predicted in the 1970's that the anti-abortion movement would be the last struggle of the Vatican II embracing conservative Catholics.

Christian Action said...

If someone can get a message to Alan Keyes, tell him we hardliners make it a point to expose False Opposition -- and that includes people like Patrick J. Buchanan and others claiming to be "Catholic".

Christian Action said...

Anonymous wrote: Should this make (Keyes') 1996 Presidential run when Pat Buchanan was having some good momentum to be suspect?

Most definitely!! But, then, when it comes to politics, Buchanan is no saint, either. Buchanan was silent about the UNverifiable vote-counting system in this country both in 1996 and 2000 (Reform Party candidate). PJB, like Ron Paul after him, turned out to be another "leader" providing the sheeple with false hopes.

Anonymous said...

I'm really late to this party, but thank you anyway. Better late than never! Just goes to show you that most all opposition (especially if it has any monetary backing AT ALL) is controlled.