Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Loftus

Every once in a while John Loftus is strangely cited as a credible source by people who should know better.

Here are a few leads on John Loftus:

He's on the B'nai B'rith lecture circuit and a former president of a Holocaust Museum:

He's an author of a conspiracy tract titled The Secret War Against the Jews which contains an apologia for convicted spy for 'Israel,' Jonathan Pollard. The book also contains an apologia for the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Read a few critiques of Loftus' nonsense from men who were aboard the USS Liberty when it was attacked by the Israeli military here:

John Loftus is an author of a book titled, Unholy Trinity which regurgitates black legends of a Vatican-Nazi conspiracy.

He's president of an outfit called "Intelligence Summit" (working with 'former' CIA and Mossad agents) the objective of which is to conform all branches of government and law enforcement at every level with the Zionist/Holocaustolatry agenda. From its mission statement:

The International Intelligence Summit™ initally was founded as a fully authorized program of the International Holocaust Education Center (IHEC) ...
Originally incorporated as the International Holocaust Education Center, after 9/11 IHEC rapidly expanded its educational mission from fighting racism to fighting terrorism, and is now known as the Intelligence and Homeland Security Education Center.

In 2004 Loftus headed a similar organization, "Intelcon." From its mission statement:

Intelligence today embraces more than the civilian and military agencies of the federal intelligence community. In this age of terrorism, it is critically important for state and local law enforcement to know how and where to obtain intelligence, and to whom it should be forwarded. Corporate and private-sector intelligence managers face new and diverse challenges, from defending against economic espionage to creating new technology to meet intelligence's future needs.

Many members of the press (and even a few members of Congress) lack the depth of knowledge in intelligence which is necessary to deal with, and resolve, its complex issues. The same is true for non-governmental organizations, the academic community, media, and ethnic and religious organizations. All of these diverse components of the intelligence domain will come together at INTELCON.

Before it was removed from the web, Loftus' bio at his website contained this claim:

"As a young U.S. Army officer, John Loftus helped train Israelis on a covert operation that turned the tide of battle in the 1973 Yom Kippur War."
archived here:

John Loftus sticks to his claim that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior to the attack on that nation, even at this late hour, because he was one of the most ambitious agitators for the attack on Iraq. The WMD's claim is only one of a myriad of entirely unsubstantiated claims about Iraq that he made on a nightly basis on the super-Zionist Batchelor and Alexander show on ABC radio circa 2002-2003. This guy is a bona fide Zionist disinformation agent of the most extreme bent. He's been angling for an attack on Iran since 2004. Beware.


Prodinoscopus said...

He was the first Irish Catholic President of the Florida Holocaust Museum ...

Oh, swell. Another Judaizer sucking the life out of the Catholic Church from within.

MaryC said...

Loftus's book "Unholy Alliance" was written in collaboration with a communist Jew called Mark Aarons. Go fugure.

Randall Kohn said...