Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Part 2 of Bishop Fellay Interview (updated)

Video at this link:

Note that in the interview, which took place April 5, 2009, Bishop Fellay says he believes that first contact with Rome regarding doctrinal discussions could take place as early as June 2009. Coincidentally, Bishop Fellay was reported to have visited the CDF last week (en Español, in English).

On April 18, 2009, it was revealed on Bishop Williamson's Dinoscopus blog that Bishop Tissier de Mallerais had stated that it had been decided that the form of the discussions would be in writing and that they would not be made public.

Eleison Comments XCIII: Difficult Discussions


Rorate Caeli reported:

Roadmap for Holy See - SSPX doctrinal talks established

According to French Rome-based religious news agency I.Media, as reported by Italian news agency ASCA (translation by Father Zuhlsdorf):

This morning the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith discussed how to begin the doctrinal dialogue with the Lefebvrite Preiestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, for whom four bishops – among whom is the negationist [Bp.] Richard Williamson – Pope Benedict XVI in February revoked an excommunication.

According to the French agency I.Media, the cardinals of the ex-Holy Office – to whom Pope Ratzinger entrusted the dialogue wiht the Lefebvrites in view of their eventual reinstatement, in the future, in the structure of the Church – discussed a text "drawn up to clarify the parameter of the doctrinal dialogue with the Fraternity". This dialogue should start with the necessity "of accepting the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Pope" subsequent to the Council.

According to I.Media, the Superior of the Lefebvrites, [Bp.] Bernard Fellay, was received at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on 5 June last and, even if there hasn’t been identified the "team" which on the two sides will effectively conduct the dialogue, it is probable that there will take part the Swiss Domincan Fr. Charles Morerod, the new Secretary for the International Theological Commission and, on the part of the Lefebvrites, Fr. [l’abbate] Gregoire Celier, co-author of a recent book on Benedict XVI.

Meanwhile, as the "doctrinal" dialogue with the Vatican moves along its first steps, the Lefebvrites have decided to challenge again the authority of the of the Pope, announcin the ordination of at least 21 new priests in three parts of the world.


Prodinoscopus said...

In addition, there is an interesting statement from the rector of the SSPX seminary in Zaitzkofen, quoted in a diocesan newspaper in the USA:

In a statement, the Zaitzkofen seminary rector, Father Stefan Frey, said the society now had “provisional legal status” in the Catholic Church pending a “definitive canonical ruling” on its future, and had not been told to “put a stop to ordinations.”

Now, I do not think that the lifting of the excommunications gave the SSPX any "provisional legal status", so Fr. Frey must be referring to something else. Surely there is a connection here to Bishop Fellay's meeting at the CDF. My bet is that the ordinations and the doctrinal discussions were both on the agenda.

In unrelated(???) news, some idiot has shot a guard dead at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

piusx said...

I have agree with the Abbe de Nantes on these doctrinal "dialogues," the SSPX has been doing them for years but to no avail. In some ways its best that these doctrinal discussions stop. If both sides walk away OK with their "interpretation" of VII as if councils need interpretations, then the forces of fifitiesism and modernism will have won out and any notion of true restoration will have been severely undercut.

Anonymous said...

The problem for the Society is that they've been confusing accidents with substance for quite some time. If it comes down to it, the letter of the Vatican II documents are rich in doctrine and quite Catholic. There really isn't much to be discussed, especially since Archbishop Lefebvre himself signed most of the documents. In any event, Dignitatis Humanae can be demonstrated as a valid development of doctrine based on the principles laid down in Cardinal Newman's essay "On the Development of Christian Doctrine." Additionally, the "new" rites are not new, merely adaptations of Eastern Rite forms. To hold the Vatican II documents hostage to the "spirit" that hijacked them and claim erroneous interpretation as an excuse for attempting to establish a parallel magisterium is equivalent to claiming that private judgement of scripture allows one to start their own church.

Maurice Pinay said...

Prodinoscopus writes: "In unrelated(???) news, some idiot has shot a guard dead at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C."


Yes, a true believer in racial determinism, which as we can see, tends towards violent "solutions" to the "problems" it hallucinates, in its Judaic supremacist and White supremacist manifestation.

Anonymous said...

In its selective reporting and censorship Rorate Caeli blog has consistently demonstrated Judaizing and popolatry tendencies.

"Jordanes" is the site's enforcer on those issues.

An appeal to Fr. Demets FSSP, the chaplain for the blog, obtained no response.

Anonymous said...

The bogus pseudoantiquarian "adaptations of eastern rites" claims of "anonymous" were long ago proven to be lies. The Novus Ordo liturgy is a de novo creation of the Freemason Bugnini.

Anonymous said...

When I posted on Rorate Caeli suggesting that their focus was over the top on 'Eastern Rites' which is confusing to the ordinary Traditional (Latin Rite) Catholic, I was insulted, dismissed and the greater part of my posts on the subject were deleted. I believe that Rorate Caeli is a fraud-traditional Catholic site.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14

I think you're right about Rorate. Jordanes is certainly skilled in Saul Alinsky tactics, that's for sure.

piusx said...

The folks over at Rorate Caeli are practicing Pollyanna Catholicism, i.e. its all good here, lets be oblivious and ignore the bad, Benedict and many of the modern bishops are "friends" of "tradition."

Anonymous said...

Bishop de Mallerais as quoted by

À St-Nicolas du Chardonnet (Paris), Mgr Tissier proclame que les Israélites n’annoncent pas la « vérité sur le vrai Dieu »
Publication du 16 juin 2009

Bernard Tissier de MalleraisEt il se scandalise de Benoît XVI : « Est-ce possible qu’à Rome, on professe une telle épouvantable hérésie ? Alors nous sommes stupéfaits » . Il y a un mois, Ratzinger-Benoît XVI dépose une prière syncrétiste dans le Mur des Lamentations à Jérusalem, et le Jerusalem Post titre le 12 mai : « Le Vatican renonce à son activité missionnaire auprès des Juifs ». Lors de son sermon du 7 juin 2009, à la grand-messe de 10H30 à l’église Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet, Mgr Tissier de Mallerais, venu pour les confirmations, a déclaré en présence de l’abbé Beauvais et du clergé de Saint-Nicolas : « (…) Voilà, Notre Seigneur lui-même, définit solennellement l’existence, en Dieu, de trois personnes divines qui forment un seul Dieu et l’exigence d’être baptisé au nom de la Sainte Trinité, pour être sauvé. Et plus que jamais, nous avons besoin de cette vérité alors que les autorités Romaine, actuellement, professent face aux Israélites, en leur disant que, ils sont chargés, eux, le peuple d’Israël, d’annoncer la vérité sur le vrai Dieu. Voilà, c’est leur mission, que Dieu leur a confiée. C’était vrai il y a deux siècles, non, il y a vingt siècles ! mais ce n’est plus vrai aujourd’hui ! Le peuple d’Israël sera chargé d’annoncer la vérité sur le vrai Dieu, aujourd’hui ! Est-ce possible qu’à Rome, on professe une telle épouvantable hérésie ? Alors nous sommes stupéfaits ! » Si Mgr Tissier révèle son effarement devant les fidèles face à l’« épouvantable hérésie » de l’abbé apostat Ratzinger-Benoît XVI et du Vatican, pourquoi ne le combat-il pas comme le faisait Mgr Lefebvre après les sacres ?

[1] À Saint-Nicolas, Mgr Tissier dénonce Benoît XVI à propos des Israélites - Télécharger en MP3 MP3

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Lefebvre put his case against Vatican II in his book " I accuse the Council". Although Fr Schmidberger has attacked Vatican II itself in his booklet " The Timebombs of Vatican II"

Anonymous said...



What is Bishop Williamson doing now?
Fellay: He is in London. He prays, he is studying, nothing else.

Is there a foreseeable end to the internal exile?
Fellay: I see none. The whole matter depends on him.

You would probably like a greater distancing from his Holocaust-denial.
Fellay: If such statements recur, then it would be unbearable.

The Dead Bishop said...

The Dead Bishop said...

Could it be that the holocaust story, as we have been forced to accept it, is the capstone on the pyramid of society which the evil one has been laboring to build for over 2000 years? Shall we expect the menorah or some other image of so-called Jewish error to replace the Body and the Blood of our Lord and Savior?

Anonymous said...

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