Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Petition in Support of SSPX Bishop Williamson

A petition is still open for those who would like to show support for Bishop Williamson:



Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see if there is even a single SSPX cleric who has signed the petition in support of Bp. Williamson. Perhaps, Bp Williamson will be the first! I am of the impression that in this era of so called freedom of expression no SSPX cleric dares to sign this petition. They may have been given express or implied notice not to by Bp. Fellay and or his subordinates. Sad situation, especially for those priests who were taught, counseled, and even forgiven their sins in the Confessional, and still further even ordained by Bp. Williamson.

I certainly hope that the SSPX, when all is said and done, is a lot more than just a security blanket for her priests. Many laymen who support the SSPX and at the same time Bp. Williamson do not have any where near the material security blanket which the SSPX and her supporters provide for her priests. If the SSPX priests take the scourge of clericalism seriously, it would be well for them to keep that in mind when they may wish to easily castigate SSPX attendees/supporters who don't wish to sing the praises of Bp. Fellay at the expense of Bp. Williamson.

James B. Phillips

The Dead Bishop said...

Isn't it interesting as to how soon the petitions to support or castigate a soul are flung out there? I don't remember the Catholic Church as being set up as a democracy, though.Whether I agree with the Pope or not is to my own good,( please God)conscience when he speaks to the faithful as the chief pastor. I realize that the Truth is greater than I and as such, I must yield to the truth. Does Bishop Williamson speak the truth to the " holocaust " issue or not? I am not qualified to say...for sure.But I must ask the question " do we form a right judgment of a soul before we hear all the evidence "? I say...let the evidence be investigated thoroughly to the satisfaction of all and let the truth stand..on the merits of a proper and honest investigation!