Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Note from a Reader on 'RORATE CÆLI'

This noteworthy comment on 'RORATE CÆLI' (a kosher 'traditional Catholic' affair) comes from a reader:

A "traditionalist" blog, http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com , is effectively patrolled by Judaizers who hate to be exposed as such.

A recent post there, "SSPX goes on trial in Britain, fails in bid to buy church," failed to mention the Judaic involvement, but some readers, myself included, added those details learned here, some exposure of the evidence against "6 million" and "homicidal gas chambers," and revived opposition to the head Judaizer "Jordanes," arguing against his claim that Deuteronomy 17:8ff allowed the rabbis such liberty that they could not possibly be accused of "altering the very content of Mosaic revelation."

Insistence that Deuteronomy 4:2, Josue 1:7-8 et al. define that the rabbis were required to legislate within the Law could not persuade this "Jordanes" that the rabbis had significantly voided the commandments of God for their own traditions.

Indeed, the very words of Jesus and the perennial exegesis of His Words have no weight against Judaizers in denial of the Faith.

It took only a few hours for the massive evidence adduced by many against "Jordanes" for the entire thread to be scrubbed.

I mention this in hopes that informed readers of this blog will themselves begin to patrol the Rorate Caeli Blog to post against the Judaizing there.

To no avail I have corresponded with the site's supposed chaplain, Fr. Demets FSSP, in hopes that he can counsel "New Catholic" newcatholic at gmail.com and "Jordanes" (I have, but will not publish here his probable personal email) against their thorough scrubbing of all quotes from Jesus, the Apostles, Doctors, Saints, Popes, and Councils and scrubbing of all revelatory Torah quotes and rabbinical exegesis.

Perhaps some would like to join in a campaign against the Judaizers at that heavily traveled site.

Feel free to correspond with me in this or other matters at mark7verse9@gmail.com.

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Why am I not surprised?