Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does Bishop Fellay Actually Believe They Would Leave Us Alone?

SSPX Superior General Bp. Fellay recently gave another strange interview to an Italian newspaper HERE (English translation HERE).

The Orthodox [Judaic] Union has given an equally strange response:

Peace in Our Time

August 11, 2009

Bishop Bernard Fellay took direct aim at the Jewish community recently, urging us to leave Catholics "in peace." In particular, the head of the Society for St. Pius X asked Jews to stay out of intra-Catholic disputes, referencing two recent ones: the Tridentine Mass, or Good Friday Liturgy and the Bishop Williamson affair.

On the Mass, Bishop Fellay has a friend in the OU. We have long held Jews and Christians should not be in the business of telling one another what to believe or how to practice their own faith.

As for the affaire d'Williamson, this just doesn't pass any credible test: "red faced," smell or otherwise. This is no internal Church dispute, not least of which because the Bishop made the comments on Swedish TV. Bishop Williamson's public comments denying the Holocaust have nothing to do with Catholic liturgy, ritual or doctrine. They may or may not have anything to do with rank, base anti-Semitism. But without question, they are a denial of historical truth.

Friends can disagree. But friendship can't abide lies. Or as a good American Catholic, the late Senator Pat Moynihan liked to say, you're entitled to your own opinion, just not your own facts.


I wonder, how many will be gulled by this statement from the public affairs branch of the Orthodox Union? I'm not interested in what Judaic organizations want outsiders to think, which is what this PR statement is a part of. I'm interested in what they say among themselves. And in fact, we already know what the true policy (as opposed to the PR policy) of the Orthodox Union is, as it was alluded to by the Orthodox Union's Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein:
"There still is resistance to the new teachings in some traditional Catholic circles, still much work to be done to erase old ideas." (Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, "The Catholic Church and the Jews," Cross-Currents, July 3, 2009) "The differences between accepted Church teaching and this group of Latin-speaking extremists are not subject to reconciliation.” (Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Wiesenthal Center, January 23, 2009)

And note that the Orthodox Union, like Bp. Fellay, categorizes 'The Holocaust' as a mere matter of "historical truth" here, when it's expedient to do so. Anyone who doubts that the rabbis of the Orthodox Union demand universal faith in their 'Holocaust' as the most sanctified and exalted theological event in history enforceable by harsh penalties must have recently fallen from a turnip cart. Once again, this is a public relations statement; hasbara; rabbinic lies, the kind that Bill Donahue falls for HERE. We're interested in the actual policy of the Orthodox Union. For that, read:

Rabbi Elijah Soloveichik's Trojan Horse for Christianity

Also of interest:

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Anonymous said...

It has been stated in some quarters that the many interviews Bishop Fellay has given have been assiduously arranged by the SSPX media office - DICI - with friendly and known media contacts.
These are all cooked up with pre-arranged questions.
All to keep the talks and the deal on the boil.

Maurice Pinay said...

Whether or not this 'dialogue' between Bp. Fellay and the Orthodox Union was arranged, the rabbis are adept at getting parties to their 'dialogue' table--where new 'truths' are 'discovered,' dialogically--whether they're so inclined or not.

Unknown said...

Well of course they do Maurice, they are running the modernist church at the moment.