Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hollywood Ultraviolence and Sexual Perversion as 'Holocaust' Revenge Medium

There is no forgiveness in Judaism and teshuva (repentance) is never-ending. This psychosis informs media, education, religion and politics in the talmudized West. If it continues much longer it will be our downfall.

Revenge of the Jews, Tarantino Style

Naomi Pfefferman - Jewish Journal

August 18, 2009

... About two years ago, while writing “Inglourious Basterds,” Tarantino asked [Eli] Roth whether Jews believe in the concept of absolution. “The idea of mercy or forgiveness, not in the religious sense, but in a human sense — that’s where my humanity tends to go,” Tarantino said. “When whites held blacks in slavery, they both were in bondage, and both needed to be freed from the system, so that’s where I was coming from in a way.” But, he said, Roth told him “Absolution is a Catholic concept. F—- that. There is no sorry, no forgiveness possible.”

... A good friend of Tarantino, Roth (see story on Page 12) is best known as the director of the ultra-violent torture-porn films “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever.”

... [Roth] invited Tarantino to a seder, to show him how Jews view their historical persecutors. So, in 2007, Tarantino sat at Roth’s Passover table and listened to a discussion of how the Exodus relates to the Holocaust and other world events ...

Eli Roth Fuels ‘BaSterds’ Role With Holocaust Fury

Naomi Pfefferman - Jewish Journal

August 18, 2009

When the extreme horror auteur Eli Roth visited Germany to promote his 2005 hit, “Hostel,” journalists asked how he dared make such a sexually sadistic movie. Roth, now a still-boyish 37-year-old, had already cemented his reputation as one of the most successful directors to push the so-called “torture porn” genre to grisly new heights; “Hostel” pushed it even further with its tale of smug American college students who become the playthings of wealthy sadists abroad. The filmmaker was used to criticism for his over-the-top depictions of impalings, decapitations and blow-torching, but Roth — who has numerous relatives who died in the Holocaust — became enraged when German journalists asked him to justify those grisly scenes. “I said, ‘This movie is nothing but [cinematic] magic tricks, but your grandparents turned my ancestors into furniture. Into lamp shades.’ I went on and on; I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t believe they took that kind of self-righteous position.”

Roth’s same righteous fury appears in his portrayal of Sgt. Donny Donowitz, aka The Bear Jew, in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds,” in which he is perhaps the craziest basterd in a squad of vengeful American Jewish Nazi slayers.

“Donny is a Jewish guy from South Boston who is fighting on behalf of Jews who can’t,” said Roth, who still displays much of the 40 pounds of extra muscle he put on for the role. “He uses his baseball bat to pummel Nazis, so he can physically feel that sensation of cracking their skulls in.”

Tarantino, a good friend, has joked that he deliberately hired the splatter-film director to play a character with a penchant for bludgeoning. But for Roth, the movie proved more than his first major acting role: “It was like kosher porn,” he said. “It was an orgasmic feeling to swing that bat.”

Which is not to say that he didn’t take the role seriously. Because his mother’s family was all but wiped out in Nazi-occupied Austria, and his parents’ friends included survivors of Auschwitz and Dachau, Roth grew up in the shadow of the Holocaust. “We were taught that you do not buy German products,” he said. His mother, a respected painter, and his father, a psychoanalyst and psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School, encouraged him to read the many books on the time period, and at the age of 8 — the same year he saw Ridley Scott’s horror classic, “Alien” — the budding filmmaker had already read Eli Wiesel’s “Night” and knew all about Dr. Mengele’s medical experiments. “That’s why horror movies always seemed so tame to me,” he said. “I thought it was absurd when people complained about movie violence, because the default in my brain was — what about the Holocaust?

“I never saw violence in movies as real. To me it was always a representation of violence,” he added. “And I couldn’t understand why people got so upset about it when they didn’t seem upset about violence in real life.”

... Roth said he was a polite child, which his parents verified in a Boston magazine article titled, “What’s a Nice Jewish Boy From Newton Doing Making Films Like This?” In it, his psychiatrist father explains, “Eli exemplifies what Plato often said — that the good dream of what the bad do. Basically the imagination handles all uncomfortable impulses and thoughts. In his everyday life, Eli is extremely well behaved…. In his creative work, you see the other side of his imagination.”

Roth began making gruesome films at an early age. “When you live in a safe place like Newton, [Mass.],” he said, “you imagine, ‘What if people came and invaded my home and killed my family? I guess I was extra sensitive to all the horrible things going on in the world.”

Roth’s love for the cinematic side of horror was clear when he persuaded his parents to hire a magician to pretend to hack him in half with a buzz saw — as he shrieked — at his bar mitzvah reception. His cake was shaped like a film slate embellished with dollops of oozing fake blood. Roth said he felt like an alien in the upper-middle-class suburb, where other kids aspired to become doctors or attorneys. When the rabbi at his bar mitzvah announced, from the pulpit, that Roth intended to become a “motion picture writer-director,” the entire congregation burst out laughing. “It seemed to them a freakish thing to do,” Roth recalls, adding mischievously, “Who’s laughing now?”

Roth’s directorial debut, “Cabin Fever,” premiered in 2002 at the Los Angeles Film Festival, where Quentin Tarantino chanced to see it at a midnight screening. Tarantino invited the younger director to watch “War of the Gargantuas” at his home, and eventually became a mentor to Roth and a collaborator on Roth’s 2005 film “Hostel.”

Although many critics have reviled Roth for what they perceive as gratuitous violence and misogyny, others view him as a maverick and see his work as far more thoughtful than, say, the “Friday the 13th” franchise. “Hostel” was inspired by the kind of American arrogance abroad Roth perceived during the Bush administration — as well as the smug entitlement of the privileged suburban teenagers of his youth.

Tarantino also served as an executive producer on the poorly received “Hostel II” and previously hired Roth to act in the “Death Proof” segment of “Grindhouse” (2007).

For “Inglourious Basterds,” Roth also served as Tarantino’s unofficial Jewish technical advisor.

At times during “Basterd’s” six-month shoot in Berlin, life imitated art: When Roth’s parents broke their vow never to travel to Germany and visited the set, Roth was appalled when one of the crew’s drivers sneeringly referred to them as “Juden”; he had to be restrained from beating the man in Bear Jew fashion. Tarantino allowed Roth to shoot “Nation’s Pride,” the propaganda film within “Inglourious Basterds,” which screens at a pivotal moment in the movie. And while acting in the final conflagration scene in “Basterds,” Roth was nearly incinerated when a special effects fire burned much hotter than expected.

In the end, making “Inglourious Basterds” proved healing for Roth. “When we filmed the scenes where I killed Nazis, the German cast and crew were as excited about it as the Jews were — it was like we were killing them together,” Roth said. I remember [the actor who plays] Goebbels saying ‘Yeah — we get to kill those m————- today.’ They were so happy. And they wanted the deaths to be as violent as possible, because they’re tortured by the Holocaust as much as we are.”


Anonymous said...

Eli Roth...obviously an "extremely well behaved" sexual sociopath, as is typical of that ilk.

From his filthy, diseased brain it is easy to see the talmudic psychosis that led to such "elder brother" activities as was directed at little St. Simon of Trent. Our 'elder brothers'? Of the dysfunctional 'family' of Satan perhaps, but not of the family of God.

May the Sword of Christ defeat His disgusting enemies!!

WLindsayWheeler said...

Sick. Very sick.

I've also noticed this in other films made by Jews, this idea of revenge.

The Greeks, and Western Culture that grew from the Greeks, is the idea of Magnanimity, which is a virtue.

What is happening is that Western culture is being Judiazed, becoming Talmudized as you said. This is all very sick, unchristian.

Maurice Pinay said...

The "Sword of Christ" is the Truth of His Word (Is 49:2)(Eph. 6:17) (Heb. 4:12).

Anonymous said...

This is really really crazies act as if 'forgiveness' is your strength and inheritance.
Your whole myth is built on eternal damnation or whatever you call it for those
'christ killers'...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you have no idea what we want for these "Christ-killers"! NONE WHATSOEVER! If you think we want them to be eternally damned, YOU'RE WAY OFF THE MARK!

Go learn Catholicism 101 (the true one) before launching such crazy accusations!

Anonymous said...

How long before Tarantino's Bastard show is pushed as fact instead of fiction? Schindler's List is today considered fact though originally a fictional novel. There was some silly movie last year about Polish "jews" rescuing old and infirm jews and killing Nazis while they did it. The story was bunk, ostensibly "based on a true story." As regards all recent holocaust hoopla, they are overstepping what was for a time a plausible version of their story; I believe, the common man will soon begin to regard the jewish fables of WWII as they regard superman, batman and spiderman: banal entertainment.

Desperate movies for desperate people.

Anonymous said...

The restraint that the majority of you display in your comments (anonymous 8/20 3:36 am excluded) is remarkable to me.

Referring to the last paragraph in which Mr. Roth's "healing" mock killing of Nazi troops is sick reasoning. Judaic bloodthirst is justified when it comes to Nazi atrocities but Palestinian revenge is considered "anti semitic, hateful, extremist, terroristic when they want to retaliate against Israeli oppression and torture.

Another easy target "kill the Nazi" movie rife with violence and revenge that serves to illustrate the depths our society has sunk to.

Anonymous said...

If I had a dollar for every Holohaux movie ever made, I'd be... well, jewish!

Anonymous said...

It will be more than poetic justice to see the garbage fail at the box office.

Anonymous said...

Eli Roth, I dub thee "Vainglourious Mamzer."

Anonymous said...

I wrote an e-mail to the LA Times columnist who gave a positive review of the movie. I said the Jewish community is very petulant and immature and violent.

I also said that if Hitler were alive today, he would forthrightly state that Israel and its friends in the US were behind 9/11. I said if I were to meet Hitler, I would treat him with courtesy and respect and not hit him with a baseball bat.

I called the Times reviewer a "baseball bat person."

Maurice Pinay said...

anonymous 3:36AM writes: This is really really crazies act as if 'forgiveness' is your strength and inheritance.
Your whole myth is built on eternal damnation or whatever you call it for those
'christ killers'...


On the contrary, many of today's "Jews" are adherents to the anti-Christ ideology of Judaism which has it that Jesus deserved to be executed for contradicting the rabbis and that He is suffering eternal damnation, and so will His followers.

Forgiveness of offenses against God is His business. But Catholics have traditionally prayed that the so-called "Jews" would be converted from the bondage of Judaism so that they would not suffer eternal damnation. The rabbis want us to stop praying for the salvation of Judaic people which is very offensive to people who believe they were born saved.

acudoc said...

The minds of our children are being molded by the likes of Tarantino and Roth. The movie and TV industry is controlled by Jews.

I, for one, do not like their preponderant influence on American culture through the three powerful venues of the banking establishment, the media, and the government.

At some point one gets tired of manipulation, and if the manipulation continues, anger and resentment eventually surface. Nazism and Bolshevism arose as a reaction to the horrific conditions of WWI and its insane aftermath, both largely determined by a banking cartel run by prominent Jewish financiers.

Anonymous said...

This is really really crazies act as if 'forgiveness' is your strength and inheritance.
Your whole myth is built on eternal damnation or whatever you call it for those
'christ killers'...

What's the matter with you and your posts? I've even heard a Hindu say that Judaics have a stranglehold on mankind. In the early seventies there was a report and "concern" that there was "anti-semitism" in Japan even though there is no history of Judaism in that country.

jack said...

I thought Tarantino was Jewish or part Jewish?

Pseudothyrum said...

While I very much support where you all are coming from in your opposition to the anti-cultural and wind-warping Jewish mass-media of the USA, and I personally admire Jesus as a 'freedom fighter' against Jewry (the money-changers, warmongers, etc), I think that the religion of Christianity (which was invented by Jews, obviously) cannot lead to the freedom and salvation of European-descended Whites.

You all hold up your "forgiveness" and "pity" as good Christian virtues, yet Jewry exploits them as your main weakness. In a better world I fully support Christian values like forgiveness and pity, but we are far from that point and thus me must adjust ourselves accordingly in order to triumph over the Jewish bloodsuckers.

If Whites want to continue to survive and eventually break free from the parasitic grip of Jewry, a religion or belief system that is stronger than Christianity needs to arise...or else Christianity will need to reform itself to become stronger and much more active in opposing dark Jewish forces as opposed to just taking all of this abuse with weak resignation and looking forward to the "Afterlife."

Nietzsche also saw how the religion of Christianity has largely inculcated Whites/Europeans with weak virtues like forgiveness and pity; to quote him:

"Christianity is called the religion of pity. Pity stands opposed to the tonic emotions which heighten out vitality: it has a depressing effect. We are deprived of strength when we feel pity. That loss of strength which suffering as such inflicts on life is still further increased and multiplied by pity. Pity makes suffering contagious. Under certain circumstances, it may engender a total loss of life and vitality out of all proportion to the magnitude of the cause (as in the case of the death of the Nazarene). That is the first consideration, but there is a more important one.

Suppose we measure pity by the value of the reactions it usually produces; then its perilous nature appears in an even brighter light. Quite in general, pity crosses the law of development, which is the law of selection. It preserves what is ripe for destruction; it defends those who have been disinherited and condemned by life; and by the abundance of the failures of all kinds which it keeps alive, it gives life itself a gloomy and questionable aspect.

Some have dared to call pity a virtue (in every noble ethic it is considered a weakness); and as if this were not enough, it has been made the virtue, the basis and source of all virtues. To be sure—and one should always keep this in mind—this was done by a philosophy that was nihilistic and had inscribed the negation of life upon its shield. Schopenhauer was consistent enough: pity negates life and renders it more deserving of negation.

Pity is the practice of nihilism. To repeat: this depressive and contagious instinct crosses those instincts which aim at the preservation of life and at the enhancement of its value. It multiplies misery and conserves all that is miserable, and is thus a prime instrument of the advancement of decadence: pity persuades men to nothingness!"


Pseudothyrum said...

Anymous:"In the early seventies there was a report and "concern" that there was "anti-semitism" in Japan even though there is no history of Judaism in that country."

True, there aren't many Jews in Japan, but don't forget that for a long time Japan was unduly dominated and militarily occupied by the USA which was of course very much under the influence of Jewry.

Maurice Pinay said...

On the contrary. The West was built on Christianity. Christianity is the only ideology to have held lying Judaism in subjection for 1000 years. It is the true ideology. People only need live it instead of going through the motions, paying lip service, making a totem of it.

"White power" and Nietzscheism have accomplished nothing.

Pseudothrym said...

Christianity is the taproot of liberalism along with more 'advanced' systems of liberalism like Judeocommunism:

"Like another, later analyst of modernity in its agony, Eric Voegelin, Spengler sees at the root of Liberalism-Nihilism the perversion of a religious idea. “All Communist systems in the West are in fact derived from Christian theological thought: More’s Utopia, the Sun-State of the Dominica Campanella, the doctrines of Luther’s disciples Karlstadt and Thomas Münzer, and Fichte’s state-socialism… Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.”" -

Maurice Pinay said...

anonymous 6:36 PM writes:Christianity is the taproot of liberalism along with more 'advanced' systems of liberalism like Judeocommunism.


As your source says, Communism is a perversion of religious ideas. That's why the Church condemned it.

Anonymous said...

Jewish films are pretty messed up. Musklim ones may be also but we'll never know because they don't quite command the same influence in Hollywood as our Talmud friends.

Take away the Holocaust nonsense and all we're left with is a bunch of mother obsessed psychopaths with dodgy sexual habits crapping on the world.