Friday, August 21, 2009

They Want Their Psychosis to Be Ours

Noahides of the talmudized West are invited to personally live the psychotic rage of "The Bear Jew" and bash a Nazi's skull in with a baseball bat:

"... everyone is encouraged to nurture their inner soldier by playing Inglourious Basterds: The Game. Pick up your bat and fight like Sargent Donny Donowitz, aka: “The Bear Jew” played by actor, director and writer Eli Roth."


Anonymous said...

This film is truly evil, but also ultimately showcases the pitiful and vindictively vicious soul of the Jew. I wrote a review on Hoffman's blog, that I am proud of, if I do say so myself.

There was so much wrong with this vicious propaganda film. And watching it was one of the worst tortures I've experienced. There's so much to say.

So I'll just try to reverse "jewjitsu" and ask what does this pathetic violent and vindictive propaganda/fantasy film say about its Judeo supremacist puppet masters? The film's golem, aldo raine, even claims that by their Zionist hate crimes, the Germans will "know" them. (This film does not distinguish between Nazis and ordinary German soldiers, btw.)Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Although granted they'll then mess with you heads and ask you to define "hanging" Boasian style.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste my time or money to see this propaganda and add to the coffers of those behind this monstrosity.

I'm terribly sorry that even one Judaic perished during the WW2 era in German camps ( as did countless others as well...not to mention the millions of Christians murdered during the Bolshevik Revolution) but this fantasy about a group of Judaic soldiers wiping out scores of German soldiers is laughable. That a country barely larger than the state of NJ was able to battle against two behemoths in the Allies and USSR, attests to the skill, courage, discipline, and fighting spirit of the German Vermacht.

Josh said...

Uh ... you guys do realize that Quentin Tarantino is of purely Roman Catholic descent, yes? It's hilarious that you never fail to blame Jews for everything, regardless of whether they have anything to do with it.

Maurice Pinay said...

Quentin Tarantino is responsible for the movies he creates. The mostly Judaic gatekeepers of Hollywood are responsible for the low standard they enforce.

Maurice Pinay said...

Irish Potato said: "It's hilarious that you never fail to blame Jews for everything ..."


You're speaking in ignorance here.

And people don't descend, "purely" or otherwise, from Roman Catholicism. They are baptized and later confirmed in the Catholic faith.

It's hilarious to me that a person who goes by "Irish Potato" is of such a rabbinic mindset.

Josh said...

First off, Maurice, "rabbinic mindset"? Really? How am I supposed to interpret that? As an insult? Here's an insult: you're a traditionalist catholic. You hold to the doctrine that burned Protestants at the stake in Spain, that drowned the Finns in water so although they'd die, they'd be cleansed of sins. So I'm rabbinic? Well, at least I'm not a traditionalist catholic.

A parent baptizes his child. It's not the child's choice. On that account, your Catholic identity is as default as a Jew's. If you include confirmation in your acceptance of the divine word, then you have to accept Judaism's rights of passage in the same line of reasoning (eg the bar mitzvah).

"Inglorious Basterds" is a psychosis, I agree. But unless you're arguing Tarantino is a secret Jew (or Rabbi, heaven forbid!), your position is absurd.

Maurice Pinay said...

I don't care whether Quentin Tarantino is a secret "Jew" or a man from Mars. The psychotic vengeance of his movie is informed by the religion of Judaism, as Tarantino's "Jewish technical advisor" for the movie, Eli Roth has said. The 'Holocaust' mania which Tarantino is capitalizing on with his 'Holocaust' flick is informed by the religion of Judaism. The promo for the movie which invites Noahides to bludgeon the enemies of "The Jews" is informed by the religion of Judaism. The rabbis are the transmitters of the psychotic traditions of the religion of Judaism. Your inability to see that I do distinguish between the religion of Judaism and ethnic Judaic individuals is likely informed by the religion of Judaism.

Maurice Pinay said...

And by the way, I have documented the rabbinic doctrines behind this psychotic behavior.

Show me the Catholic doctrine that you claim exists which mandates drowning and burning people. And then show me recent examples of traditional Catholics drowning and burning people according to this alleged doctrine. I have documented numerous recent cases of traditional "Jews" engaging in psychotic behavior, including but not at all limited to killing people, in keeping with the psychotic doctrines of Orthodox Judaism.