Monday, December 7, 2009

Benedict XVI, Hexagram Hat Make Cover of Foreign Policy Magazine

Benedict and his 11/22 hexagram hat are featured in Foreign Policy magazine's December "Top 100 Global Thinkers" edition.

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Benedict's Magick Zionist Crusader Hat


Anonymous said...

You know, it never fails...every time I make the attempt to leave my sedevacantist chapel for the novus ordo, something like this happens.

Anonymous said...

you really think the hat has that much significance...?

Maurice Pinay said...

I think Benedict's embrace of Israeli terrorists Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Perez and rebes of genocidal Judaism Shlomo Amar, and Yona Metzger on the heel of 'Israel's' 22 day long rampage on Gaza, for instance, has more significance than the hexagram hat.

In the context of this and countless other acts of treachery with the people of the hexagram, I believe the hexagram hat does have significance, and not to Catholic tradition.

The editors of Foreign Policy magazine apparently thought that the hexagram hat worn on only one occasion this year (as far as I know) has significance.

Anonymous said...

"...You really think the hat has that much significance...?"

OH yes! While we are to be judged by our actions and words, 'clothes make the man.'
Or unmake him, in this instance.

Misericordie, Domine.

- Fr. John

HallnOates said...

Same pallium:

Here is some explanation about Pius X's star on his coat of arms.

It's a heraldic symbol concerning the six pointed star. In no way is it a hexagram. The same star is on the coat of arms of Croatia.

Anonymous said...

While watching the new video documentary on
Fatima by Most Holy Family Monastery, I noticed a
picture of John Paul II, where is his wearing an
inverted cross on his vestment, which might be
intended to signify Saint Peter, who was crucified
upside down.

Dubious though that theory is, I might
be willing to accept it, except that standing behind
JPII, another priest is wearing a white robe or shirt
that has two (maybe more -- the view is blocked)
conspicuously large Shin letters. Shin is a Hebrew
letter that's considered in Masonic Kabbalistic sorcery to be associated with the sun, and hence,
with the number 666; what's more, the letter Shin
is composed of three Vavs, the letter which in Hebrew means 6, which are connected together in
one symbol by a line at the bottom. This struck me as odd, possibly sinister, in any case

Just so, this use of the hexagram and the number 11, which in Kabbalah signifies the right and left
pillar of the temple of Solomon, etc., strikes me as
questionable at best, and there can be
no reasonable doubt that something is being deliberately communicated. Question is, what?

for site that links to information relevant to this.