Monday, December 7, 2009

Breaking News in the case of Bishop Richard Williamson...


Dec. 7, 2009 - The German State Prosecutor has excluded the possibility of a pre-trial, out-of-court settlement in the case of Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson's alleged "Holocaust denial" statements which were filmed in Germany in 2008 and broadcast on Swedish television earlier this year. A possible trial date is said to be considered for late February or early March. The 28-year-old female judge in the case desires Bishop Williamson to be personally present at the trial, so that "he can explain what were his motives in saying what he said on Swedish television." She "wishes to judge his answers in person."

Bishop Williamson, an English native, currently resides in London, after being fired from his position as rector of his seminary in Argentina. He was then expelled from the country by the government under pressure from Zionist groups.


Anonymous said...

So... a 28 year old female judge wants to see Bp. Williamson stand in front of her to explain his motives. Imagine the ridicule, the mockery of a traditional Roman Catholic Bishop standing in judgment before a woman like this. Aside from all the other insanity of the would be setting, it is of no small consequence that His Excellency is more than old enough to be this woman's grandfather! It is not that age, in and of itself, is important, but the image of a female "youngster" (the image which the Judaic powers to be apparently want) ordering a much older Roman Catholic Bishop about is absolutely appalling.

As for the judge's supposed wish to examine the bishop's motives, it is her own motives which should be held up to scrutiny. No doubt she is taking orders from on high, but nevertheless, her supposed desire to examine the bishop's motives remind one of the morbid curiosity of a paid puppet -- King Herod -- to see before him the one named Jesus of Nazareth. To be muzzled by his own Superior, and now to face being muzzled and harassed by a ....

This leads me to the subject of shunning. I have received a rather cold shoulder in my attempts to discuss the plight of Bp. Williamson with various members of the SSPX clergy. Their attitude, starting at the very top, seems to have sent a chilling effect through many attendees of the SSPX chapels who don't wish to enter into any real discussion when it comes to Bp. Williamson and the so called Sacred Six Million Holocaust. Why is this I wonder. Are not Catholics, more than anyone else, supposed to be interested in truth and justice?

As regards the personal treatment, or lack thereof, of His Excellency Bp. Williamson by his fellow clergy in the SSPX, it may be well to consider whether it involves a degree of shunning due to the fact that shunning one's neighbor can be sinful -- sinful in and of itself and sinful in the scandal it creates. As regards shunning the words of St. Thomas Aquinas in Article 2 of Question 34 in the Second Part of the Second Part of the Summa Theologica are pertinent: "For just as the will cleaves directly to what it loves, so does it directly shun what it hates." The Lord God, speaking through Sacred Scripture, commands us to love our neighbor -- indeed, to love him even as we love our very self.

James B. Phillips

Anonymous said...

Exactly, James.

When I discussed this with the US Superior, he said Bp. Williamson's discussion of World War 2 history was a matter of prudence. "Prudence?" I asked, "What is more prudent than truth, especially the truth that God and His Church have committed enemies who are liars?" A long discussion ensued, but no concessions for His Excellency.

"Metum Judaeorum" is pandemic.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Anonymous.

I also had a long face to face discussion with the U.S. Superior. In our stand up discussion I discussed, among other things, the Superior General's despicable public statements regarding Bp. Williamson -- wish Bp. Williamson would disapperar, that he would go into a closet, that he was like a loaded grenade ( the latter reference being in response to a novus ordo priest's comparing His Excellency to a "loose cannon" -- see etc. (To the best of my knowledge these statements have never been taken back, apologized for, etc.) I finally ended up giving him a copy of Michael Hoffman's excellent essay, "The New Catholic Shoah Theology" ( which I specifically brought to my SSPX chapel that day to give to him, and copies of which I have given to other SSPX clergy. I asked him to please give me some feedback on same and even gave him my e-mail address, but I have never heard a peep from him.

I, for one, continue to say my daily rosary in petitioning heaven for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but I refuse to add my rosaries into the SSPX numbers game for same.

As far as I'm concerned the SSPX Rosary Campaign for the Consecration is significantly tainted by the Superior General's ongoing treatment of Bp. Williamson which I view as nothing less than uncharitable and cowardly. The Superior General's treatment may be worldly prudent, but in saying that let us remember that if Jesus Christ had been worldly prudent He would not have been Our Saviour for he never would have said and done the things He did -- the things which resulted in the Jews crucifying Him. For me the deafening silence of the SSPX towards Bp. Williamson is an ongoing scandal of no small consequence and I will continue to do the little I can to fight against it.

I love the SSPX, but, of course, realize it is not perfect. I taught in one of its schools for two years and was happily married in one of its chapels by Fr. Peter Scott. This is why it is all the more painful for me to see what I perceive to be a clear lack of charity shown towards Bp. Williamson by some of, if perhaps not most of, his fellow SSPX clergy. I pray that this will eventually change.

James B. Phillips

Bernadette said...

I feel exactly as you do James Philips...the treatment of Bishop Williamson by the rest of the SSPX clergy is shameful, cowardly, and indicates their bending to human is a great disappointment to me, as I too, have loved the SSPX and I am fearful of what is to come.

Anonymous said...

"Are not Catholics, more than anyone else, supposed to be interested in truth and justice? "

hee, hee...thanks for the morning laugh...
yes, it's truth that some judaic woman was impregnated by the Creator and then died for all the sins ...hee hee

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (December 10, 2009 2:28 AM): Are you trying to ridicule Almighty God and the Blessed Mother? If you are knowingly and willingly doing this then you are certainly to be greatly pitied -- and prayed for. Your immortal soul hangs in the balance.

If you wish to attempt to refute and or ridicule what I say here rest assured I will not be dragged into a dialogue with you. You can have your "last word" in this life, but not in the next.

James B. Phillips

Anonymous said...

I'm not ridiculing AlmightY God...just this ridiculous mythology of some Judaic that died for your've wasted your lives on this foolishness and the world has been horribly darkened by it for too long...

Anonymous said...

I, for one, continue to say my daily rosary in petitioning heaven for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but I refuse to add my rosaries into the SSPX numbers game for same.
The SSPX Superior General has a target of 12 million Rosaries to hand over as a bouquet to Pope Ratzinger - the very same man who has said that Fatima concerns the past. The so-called Third Secret was to have been revealed by 1960 the latest, which it was not.Why should we not consider the Secret and the Consecration as being linked? If one was not done as requested by the Blessed Virgin Mary, then the need for the other has become obsolete.
Mind you, I'm IN this Rosary Crusade and am hypocritically promoting it, for no other reason than to toady up to our present pastor who may well close our once-a-month-Mass chapel.

Anonymous said...

James B.'s giving out copies of Mr. Hoffman's essay, "The New Catholic Shoah Theology" was—and still is—is an EXCELLENT idea!

Does anyone have any insight regarding the formation of Bp. Fellay's fratricideal remarks? Is it merely that the desire to rejoin Rome has unbalanced his judgment? Or do some Judaizers have his ear?

Anonymous said...

Some have said " why bother with the holocaust ? it's not going to get you anywhere, just let it go "

I believe that exposing the holocaust is the way to usher in a new era of truth .
So that the world can take a step closer to God , since God is truth.