Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chief Rabbis' Race War Tract Repackaged for Judeo-Churchgoers as "Pro-Life" Message

The Chief Rabbis of Counterfeit Israel have recently distributed a tract to all Israeli rabbis instructing them to teach Israeli Judaic couples to have more children and less abortions. The Jerusalem Post:

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Metzger told The Jerusalem Post that it was important to encourage fertility and discourage abortions, in part, to fight a demographic war. "I am sorry to say that our enemies are multiplying ... Rabbis have a role in encouraging their communities to have children and to discourage abortions. It is the best weapon against our enemies," Metzger said. ("Rabbis: Abortion will delay the redemption," Jerusalem Post, Matthew Wagner, Dec 29, 2009)

This story was repackaged for "righteous Gentile" consumption--with the above quoted key to understanding the essence of the matter wiped from the record--and distributed to Judeo-Churchgoer outfits, for example, HERE, and HERE.

The poor souls who read the "righteous Gentile" version of the story will likely come away believing that the rabbis are against abortion, which is false (see Judaism Discovered pp. 878-885), and that the rabbis champion the rights of all unborn babies, whether they be of Israeli or, say, Palestinian parentage, which is delusional.

This is a case of rabbinic situation ethics. The rabbis are faced with the stark reality that Israeli death-culture produces far fewer children than Palestinian culture (which we are supposed to believe is the death culture). The Palestinian birth rate is greatly outpacing the Israeli birth rate in "the only Democracy in the Middle East." Once there is a Palestinian majority in the Zionist state, even the pretense of Democracy will be disposed of. There is no chance of true democratic representation for Palestinians in "The 'Jewish' State." So, given the Israeli demographics reality, the rabbis, who in 'the diaspora' are at-the-ready with their halakhic loopholes for abortion, suddenly must rule against abortion--Judaic abortion, that is. There is no principle that the rabbis won't circumvented when "the times require it" HERE, and HERE. Such is the fluid nature of rabbinic Judaism.

The reality of how "enemy" babies are regarded in the Israeli state:

Dead Palestinian babies and bombed mosques - IDF fashion 2009

Israeli government funding rabbi whose book endorses killing babies

There is nothing pro-life about the rabbis of Counterfeit Israel.


HallnOates said...

Jill Stanek who has written for Joseph Farah's World Net Daily (WND) has also written on this for "righteous gentile" consumption:

Anonymous said...

Those Judaic inconsistent...see below...

Gaza baby treated at Israeli hospital
MDA ambulance transfers baby with heart defect from Gaza Strip to Sheba Medical Center for life-saving operation
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 05.28.07, 00:51 / Israel News
A Magen David Adom ambulance transferred an eight-day-old Palestinian baby from Gaza to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer Sunday evening.

This humanitarian act took place during one of the more difficult days in terms of Qassam launchings, during which a 36-year-old Oshri Oz was killed in Sderot

The baby suffers from a congenital heart defect and without proper treatment will not survive long. He was transferred to the Erez crossing, where an MDA ambulance was waiting to transfer him to hospital ventilated and in an incubator.

"We transfer patients from the Gaza Strip under fire on a daily basis," said Moshe Vaknin, deputy manager of Lachish region of MDA. "Last week, our medics continued to treat a patient while shells were fired at the terminal at Erez. During the Shavuot holiday we evacuated another baby in an incubator, endangering our staff."

The baby is now hospitalized at the intensive care department at the Safra Children's Hospital at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.

'No politics involved'
Dr Dudi Mishali, head of the Department of Pediatric & Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery at the hospital, said: "The baby has a complete occlusion of his aorta. This is a severe defect, and if the child is not operated on as soon as possible he could die within a day.

'He will probably be operated on tomorrow (Monday) and the prognosis is good. He is currently on medication that is keeping him alive," he added.

Dr Mishali said that an average of three Palestinian babies with heart defects arrive at his department every week: "We have daily communications by phone and fax with doctors in Gaza. There is no heart surgeon in the Strip, so they transfer all of these children, and there are many, to be operated on here."

The Palestinian Authority usually covers half of the expenses and the rest is generally covered by donations raised by the hospital.

"Our treatment has not changed over the last few days. This cooperation has survived difficult times of terrorism and bombings," Mishali said and stressed that politics always stay outside the operating theater.

Anonymous said...

and what hypocrites those Judaic Israelis are:

Vicar Fred said...

I recently read a book on Judaism's view on abortion...
it seems quite balanced actually---

David M. Feldman's book Marital Relations, Birth Control and Abortion in Jewish Law

Maurice Pinay said...

Anonymous Israeli, what exactly is your point? A hospital is supposed to save lives without regard to ethnic background, correct? Are we to applaud a hospital for saving non-Judaic lives, or shouldn't we expect it?

A story about a hospital doing what hospitals are supposed to do cannot exonerate the baby-killing IDF (under the spiritual direction of the rabbis) which prevents dying Palestinians from reaching hospitals as standard procedure.

Further, the Israelis are currently engaged in a propaganda war calculated to erase all memory of rabbi-instigated IDF barbarism which the world is becoming more aware of, so all news reports of Israeli humanitarianism from establishment sources are viewed with skepticism by me. This is unfortunate for the few independent Israelis who actually are doing some good.

Anonymous said...

"Vicar" Fred,

Balanced, eh? Certainly not in the eyes of God.

Judaism excuses abortion through the "rodef" pilpul, that the baby is a rodef, a pursuer, an aggressor, whose life the mother may take. (among many, see "Jewish Law Favors Stem Cell Research," Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, July 30, 2004) Judaism teaches that the baby is not "nefesh," a person, until it is born.

"Rashi, the venerated twelfth century Judaic interpreter of the Bible and Talmud, says of the fetus" 'lav nefesh hu - it is not a person." Rabbi Meir Abulafia decreed, 'So long as the fetus is inside the womb, it is not a nefesh and the Torah has no pity on it." The noted Judaic legal scholar Rabbi Isaac Schorr stated: 'The sense of the Talmud is that a fetus is not a person' (Responsa Koah Schorr, no. 20 ["responsa" are authoritative in Judaism and supersede the plain text of the "Hebrew Bible."]). The Talmud contains the expression 'ubar yerech imo' -the fetus is the thigh of its mother, i.e., the fetus is deemed to be part of the pregnant woman's body. The Greek philosopher Aristotle regarded the unborn child in its first seven days as a 'secretion' (ekrysis). In rabbinic law the status of 'secretion' lasts for the first forty days of gestation. In Judaism the woman is not regarded as pregnant until the baby in her womb is more than forty days old.

"Contrary to these traditions of Judaism, God did not say in the bible that He recognized the unborn baby only after forty days. He said He recognized it as a being before the child had even formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5) As usual, the rabbis go God one better and establish a term of forty days before recognition can be conferred, and that rabbinic recognition is only of the pregnancy itself, not of the humanity of the child.

"The matter does not rest at the forty day limit, however. In the familiar pattern of rabbinic modification, supplementation, and emendation, enough of these are generated to allow abortion at any time during the pregnancy for almost any reason, however fanciful or arbitrary. For example, if it is decided that an aborted baby does not look like a baby after it has been aborted, then it is not considered to have been an aborted child. [Tosefta Niddah 4:5-6]

"Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, the standard American abortion procedure is considerably Talmudic in nature, since the Talmud specifically states that if the unborn baby is adduced to be a rodef the rabbis authorize that it can be chopped up at any time: 'They chop up the child in her womb.' [Mishnah Ohalot 7:6]" - Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered, ISBN 9780970378453, pp. 878-879.

Balanced? Like hell it is balanced.

Anonymous said...

On December 31st I sent the following e-mail to Life News ( which was one of the linked sites in the above article) at

Dear Life News,
Please be advised that you are being manipulated in regards to your story Chief Jewish Rabbis in Israel: Abortion Delays Coming of Messiah, Back Pro-Life ( See the following article posted at [At this point I pasted the entire article which you see posted here above and then went on to say what you see outside of the brackets.]
This manipulation is not something out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, it is the rule of the day. Please be so kind as to inform your audience of the full truth so as they are not mislead. You may pay a price for telling the truth, but Jesus Christ our Saviour paid an infinitely higher price for our sins including our sins of omission.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely in Christ,
James B. Phillips
Following my above e-mail I received this in response from Steven Ertelt, the Editor and CEO of

From: Steven Ertelt
Subject: Re: Rabbis in Israel
To: "james phillips"
Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009, 9:18 AM

James, thaks for the tip. Although as a Christian I believe our Jewish pro-life friends are wrong on the identity of the Messiah, I guess that's a good chance to bash them when they extol pro-life values. What a shame.
Steven Ertelt, Editor and CEO
P.O. Box 270841
Fort Collins, CO 80527
Well, what can I say?! I'm glad I was at least able to get the head honcho's ear, but what a ridiculous mixed up response. (It says so much in one sense and so little in another!) I view it as somewhat asinine and abysmally ignorant and finally as a reply which throws a dash of sarcasm at me.

Can you imagine the Synagogue of Satan giving good publicity to a Catholic bishop or group of Catholic bishops who even questioned some of the "facts" of their Six Million Gas Chamber Holocaustolotry?! Yet here we have a Catholic entity giving good publicity to "our Jewish pro-life friends," who oh by the way just happen to not only deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, but follow a false religion which blaspemes Him (and His Most Blessed Mother) in the most diabolical ways imaginable. Feel free to respond to Mr. Ertelt if you wish to.

Best wishes to all for a Blessed Christmas Season and a Holy New Year.

In Christ Jesus,
James B. Phillips

Anonymous said...

The rodef principle is only relevant when the mother's life is threatened by the pregnancy...

You seem to misunderstand the whole thing.

Maurice Pinay said...

anonymous writes: The rodef principle is only relevant when the mother's life is threatened by the pregnancy.

You seem to misunderstand the whole thing.


It appears that the misunderstanding (or misinformation, whatever the case may be) is on your side. For the rabbis, identifying an unwanted unborn baby as "rodef" is as easy as identifying an unwanted Palestinian as "Amalek." Once the word magic is done, murder then becomes a "mitzvah."

HallnOates said...

People just don't understand rabbinic situational ethics(sic) enough. The chameleon masquerade that is at the heart of Talmudism. Even men like Ted Pike have failed to notice this in the past.

Mr. Ertelt doesn't understand the rabbis at all and their situational ethics(sic).

Anonymous said...

For years I have tried to awaken LifeSite to their errors about the "Elder Brothers" to no avail.

Maybe I just don't have a gift of persuasion, but maybe 2 Thess 2:10 applies.

As Mr. Ertelt's snide remarks to Mr. Phillips indicate, he certainly doesn't love the truth, so perhaps God has sent him the operation of error to believe lying.

Anonymous said...

The Jews are using this as an excuse for world demonation nothing really worthy or good.The Roman Catholic Church needs to purge these Jewish elements out by calling a Eumencial council which cannot delay