Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elder Brothers Traditional Christmas Hate

Read a traditional Judaic children's Christmas Eve ("Nitel Night") story and consider how this dreary, paranoid, hate-filled, tribal tradition can account for the relentless Judaic attack on Christmas. The "elder brothers" have traditionally taught their children to not only to fear and hate Jesus, but to believe that He is the cause of all their problems, through tales that long predate Stephen King and upstage him immeasurably in ponderous gloom:

" ... Up to the end of the Jews' street he walked at ease, but at the corner, where began the enemy's world, he stopped like a frightened hare, scenting the hunter's hounds ... He passed the cemetery without a tremor; on that night [Christmas Eve] it was but the living he feared. The next turning brought him to the church. He remembered his mother's warning not to pass it ... Just as he came opposite the church door, it opened, and forth came a laughing group of men and girls who hurried away, the last one leaving the door ajar. From the shadow into which he had crept, Hirshl could look within, down to the shining altar where hung a half-naked, blood-stained effigy of Jesus of Nazareth.

"It is their God," he thought, and gazed with fear and loathing at the ghastly figure. In his mind there loomed mystically, vaguely, but fearfully, the consciousness that the source of all their troubles lay in that horrible figure.

How spectral the gloom of those shadowy knaves! What harrowing mysteries hid behind those dark chancel doors! Was it there they kept that awful host, on account of which the Jews had to stay in their houses during Passion week,* and which bled--so the Christians said--when a Jew looked upon it? Then a chancel door began slowly and silently to slide ajar, and Hershl turned and fled in terror ..." ("Nittel Nacht," A Renegade and Other Tales, edited by Martha Wolfenstein, Kessinger Publishing)

The canon of Judaic fables of total goy evil contrasted against total "Jew" saintly victimhood, which functions as a virtual wall between the tribe and 'the goyim,' extends far beyond this collection. This and other collections, such as Lilith's Cave, contain many such tales, but they are only adaptations for children of the tribal paranoia and hate of Talmud and Kabbalah.

* see: Reckless Rites, Elliot Horowitz, pp.172-174, Princeton University Press

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Anonymous said...

There was a very good reason for this trepidation...The so called loving Xtian church was the font of huge and ugly and crude cruelty.
Fortunately it's lost and is losing its power and hold in the world. Except for a few idolatrous pagans...such as the supporters of this odious website.

Maurice Pinay said...

Blah, blah, blah ...

The Judaic mythology of Christian persecution and traditions of hatred for Jesus and His followers date back to the first century A.D. when Christians had no power and were themselves among the world's most persecuted people.

As you say, Christianity has little power today and nominal Christians are philojudaic to a sickening degree. There is no Christian persecution of 'The Jews' to speak of today, yet Judaic hatred for Jesus is more evident than ever.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

How about some KHAZAR fairytales?

Anonymous said...

Bended Knees: Zionist Power in American Politics
by James Petras*

Anonymous said...

While the church may not have any real power any more and the ability to persecute Jews in all the traditional unfortunately still holds sway over millions of people who for eons have been duped by the most ridiculous mythology of all time...some Jewish guy who God procreated with a Jewish women died for your sins and all you have to do it is believe in him and God's eternal favor is with you....
Ahem ....what extraordinary disrespect for God is contained in this mythology.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 27, you poor deluded fool. Thinking you do God a service by mocking Christianity. Well, He is not mocked, and He will show you just how wrong you are, in your crude perverse Talmudic mentality!

Anonymous said...

Look holy believe in a childish superstitious ridiculous myth about some Jewish kid and you accuse me of mocking God...?
what planet are you in?

Anonymous said...

I feel that Prof. Kevin McDonald describes the historic antithesis between Christian and Jew most accurately .

It's pretty clear that one is more the agressor and let's just say that Christians tend to be way too much "sheepish" Being a few amongst many necessitates a "cunning" strategy for survival .
Even an idiot could see this to be true in the present .

Christ's sacrifice has been twisted and used as a tool by the wolves to conquer the sheep .
This not only holds true with practicing Christians but possibly more so with the leftist - "liberals"- "humanists" who ironically are a product of Christian culture and it's weekness for subversion .

Maurice Pinay said...

Well, if you view the world through the Darwinian lens, I suppose that reasoning might be consistent. I do not.

Anonymous said...

Maurice ,
I believe that God created man and all of the universe .
Darwin made SOME accurate observations and conclusions about nature .
I would think that the present politically correct ideology of globalist raceless " there is only one human race " would offend God as it furthers the Judaics agenda.
I can recall that the bible is full of references to nations and classes .
I do think that Christianity is based on natural law since God created nature .

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear anonymous, returning to the crux of your original comment, if I understand it correctly, let me ask you this: If we stop behaving like Christians, or "sheepish" as you put it, and start behaving more cunning, like "The Jews," then on what basis would we criticize "The Jews"?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,
I did not say that Christians should sharpen their fangs and go out on the prowl .
However , I do think that Chriistians could do a bit less laying down and playing dead due to the fact that they have a crucifiction-victimhood complex .

I feel that Christians are little bit like the baby that keeps losing the candy .
I think that many Christians are an embarassment to God himself .