Monday, December 21, 2009

Pope Marks 4th Week of Advent, 51st Week of Holocaustolatry

This is the fourth week of Advent, the week of the feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, the second most important feast of Christian calendar, which is celebrated once each year. The most important feast of the Noahide calendar is the feast of 'The Holocaust' which is celebrated through January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

This bizarre address from 'the holy father' so close to the feast of the Nativity is scandalous and treacherous. There is nothing about Yad Vashem that even hints of forgiveness--for crimes real or imagined. Yad Vashem emanates tyranny by guilt--guilt with no end. Yad Vashem itself represents tribal hate which "without justification has sent millions of human beings to their death and continues to kill," even as the Pope exalts it. It's a monument to the primacy of one tribe's suffering and the negation of the suffering of all others; to one tribe's memory and the eradication of the memory of all others.

The pope has made himself an accomplice to Judaic tribal savagery. Not even during the week of the Nativity of the Lord who he presumes to represent will he pause from this evil. As far as I am concerned, the pope can put his Advent Yad Vashem sermon in his hexagram hat and burn it.

Holy Father Recalls Yad Vashem Visit

Calls Experience "Overwhelming"

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 21, 2009 ( Benedict XVI is describing his visit in May to Israel's Yad Vashem memorial as an "overwhelming" encounter with hatred.

The Pope stated this today in a traditional meeting with the Roman Curia and other officials for the exchange of Christmas greetings. In his address, the Holy Father recalled some of the major events of 2009, including his visit to Jordan and the Holy Land.

The Pontiff made a special mention of his closeness to the people of Israel, the victims of Nazi cruelty, and his visit to the memorial where he placed a wreath in honor of the dead and met with survivors of the Holocaust.

The visit to Yad Vashem was an "overwhelming encounter with the cruelty of human sin and the hatred of a blind ideology that, without justification, sent millions of human beings to their death," he said.

In this, the Holy Father continued, there was an attempt "to chase God himself from the world, the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the God of Jesus Christ."

"Thus," he said, "Yad Vashem is first of all a commemorative monument against hatred, a heartfelt call for purification and forgiveness, a plea for love."

Benedict XVI added, "This very monument against human sin lent greater significance to my visits to the places of the faith and made their unaltered relevance today even more perceptible."

He thanked the king of Jordan for working in an "exemplary manner" for the peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims.

The Pope expressed gratitude toward the Israeli authorities for their work "to ensure my visit could take place peacefully and securely."

He also thanked the Palestinian Authority for the opportunity to celebrate a public liturgy in Bethlehem, and to observe the "suffering and the hopes present in their territory."


Anonymous said...

Please, somebody remind me why I am not a sede vacantist yet!

Anonymous said...

Did not MILLIONS of Catholics die at the hands of the communists? Why do we never hear a peep of sympathy from the Holy Father for them?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason we never hear a word of sympathy for the millions of Christians tortured and murdered by Bolsheviks is that it doesn't pay dividends to the Shoah
Business. When Bernake says he is
doing God's work, you must understand that Judaism has its own form of transubstantiaion; our
filthy goy lucre is suddetnly and
miraculously transmuted into manna from Heaven as soon as it hits the hands of a lying two-faced phoney
back-stabbing cabalist cretin. So,
before you donate your hard earned money to one of the supposed Judaic
converts to Christianity who set themselves as our saviours, to warn us about all evils, except their own, think twice, unless you want your hard earned depreciating dollars to be trasmuted into Mammon

Maurice Pinay said...

When Bernake says he is
doing God's work ...


That was Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Could we please keep the comments on topic ...

Anonymous said...

There's Noah business like Shoah

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asked, to paraphrase: Did not millions die at the hands of the Communists;
why do we never hear about that? The Talmudic Transubstantion theory was in response to that comment and
is topical in that it shows why the
Novus Ordo Talmudists and Jewish
Supremacists put infinately more weight upon the spilling of Jewish blood as opposed to Gentile blood;
and PERHAPS, why Ratzinger puts inordinate focus on the Holocaust as opposed to other genocides that exacted a far greater death toll.
Talmudic Transubstantiation suggests that the double-standard's
is two-fold: 1) greed, i.e., it sheers the sheepfold fo fatten
the billfolds of the eternally persecuted ones, not to mention the added clout it gives them;
however, this greed is rationalized through the Talmudic
dogma of tikun olam, or the fixing of the world via the holy judaic
people -- the belief that the world will only be redeemed when the Jews assimilate the world's wealth and usher in the Moshiach,
in which case, it is not only morally permissable but an imperative duty, in the eyes of
the Talmudists, that they appropriate the world's resources;
2) racial pride
that's premised upon the rejection of Catholic Transubstantiation,
i.e., the daily sacrifice of the mass, where
the bread is transmuted into
the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ, who shed His
blood for "whomsoever" might believe in Him, thus
imputing infinate value to all humans of EVERY RACE.

I fail to see why this is off-topic insofar as it seeks to explain the obvious double-standard that the Anonymous commentator points to. Given the
great weight that the Novus Ordo puts on the jewish Holocaust as opposed to the gennocides perpetrated against Gentiles,
the unbalenced weights and measures are obvious and require
explanation. It appears that the Jewish Holocaust is considered by the Novus Ordo and Judaism to be
the greatest crime in history. In
fact, the whole point of Holocaustianity, as Hoffman points out, is to supplant crucifixion of
Christ with the Holocaust as the
world's worst crime.

As for
Pinay's observation that it was not Bernake but some alter-ego
of the same fat-head theology, I stand corrected and am grateful for the correction.

If, as the anonymous commentator
alleges, there is a double-standard,
whereby the Novus Ordo puts more weight upon spilt Jewish blood than
Gentile blood, does this not implicitly deny the holy sacrifice of the daily Catholic mass and
uphold as rightous the self-righteous teachings of the Pharisees? If so, that is a
blood libel against the blood of
Christ and a sin against the
blood covenenant of the NT which I want no part of.

That is indeed a damnable apostasy,
and I go so far as to think it is an abomination that causes desolation, fruitless divisions, deicide, and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit of love and truth and grace. it pits
race against race, Jew against Gentile, in an inextricable death-struggle, etc.
It is noxious, evil, hypocritical, and
arrogant, and Father Feeney,
among others, evidently understood that and
suffered for saying so. If that's not topical, then the topic be damned with the fratricidal fraudsters who put a pretty face on

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:23

You have given me much to ponder.

Thank you.