Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Defamation: Israeli Film on the ADL Protection Racket

The film titled Defamation by Israeli director Yoav Shamir is flawed in many ways but it's important for the glimpse into the paranoia of Judaism it gives to outsiders. Despite the angle of the filmmaker, persecution paranoia is not a problem only for "secular" "Jews." The rabbis and their followers have been teaching their children the "law of nature" that "Esau hates Jacob" for millennia. Abe Foxman only runs a larger, more high-tech ghetto than the rabbis of old.

While the filmmaker probes the "antisemitism" delusion, he cannot bring himself to contemplate the role which "antisemitism" paranoia has played in shaping the "Holocaust" "narrative" as it has come to be canonized, much less question any of the specific "Holocaust" claims to which the film makes reference--for instance, the Soviet wartime propaganda claim that, in the space of two days, 30,000 "Jews" dug their own grave and then waited to be shot to death at Babi Yar, an incredible tale unsupported by any material evidence. The claim that the evidence of such a massive crime could be entirely erased is even more incredible than the tale of the alleged crime itself.

And, the ADL is only one of a myriad of organizations which serve the same ends.

This film only scratches the surface of the delusion of Judaism's persecution complex, but it's a start.

Defamation (2009)


astonished said...

Almost 30 years ago, the Rhineland Evangelical Church Synod (1980) declared that “the continuing existence of the Jewish people, its return to the Promised Land and the creation of the State of Israel . . . [are] a sign of God’s faithfulness to his people.”1

Anonymous said...

So we shouldn't be astonished that Germany doles out billions to "Israel" ... 500m euros are in the pipeline for 30000 'Jews' who were forced to work for the Nazis.

This is expensive stupidity to say the least!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion , Jews both love and hate Christianity .
Love , because , Christians are easy pickins for the supremacist religion of the Jews . Christians are taught that the meek shall inherit the earth and that one should turn the other cheek when he has been taken advantage of .
Christianity contains within it all of the ideals of levelling egalitarianism which Jews are not subject to . It's a good way for Jews to handicap their competition .

Hate , because , Christianity is actually a means of exposing the fact that Jews killed Christ in order to conduct their religiouis agenda of supremacy over all of the world and it's peoples . That Christianity is the exacy opposite of Judaism .
But , the Jews are smart people
( eugenics) and they have made a religion of manipultating Christians and the Christian religion .

Christians have a religious duty to further Christ by not playing the role of the easily beaten loser .

Citizenfitz said...

As they say, "before there was antisemitism, there was semitism".

Apparently the rumbling from Mount Goyim has reached a decibel that is beginning to worry world Jewry. With this movie they seem to be using the tactic of misdirection: admitting to lesser sins in order to divert attention away from the really big ones.