Monday, March 15, 2010

Israeli "Rebranding" Efforts Failing

Rebranding the country without addressing the conflict is just plain stupid ... Unfortunately, Israeli governments tend to deal with this type of policy dead end by escalating the conflict or going to war.


Israel Punks Itself: With Benjamin Netanyahu's ridiculous new global PR campaign, Israel just tells itself lies.

Let history record that Pope Benedict XVI played the lead role in the futile effort to gloss over Israeli barbarity.


"Israel" Hopes Papal Visit Will Help Polish International Image In Wake of Gaza Massacre

Will Benedict's "Pilgrimage" Boost "Israel's" Image or Destroy His Own?

Benedict's Hasbara Mission

Benedict XVI, Hexagram Hat Make Cover of Foreign Policy Magazine

Papal-Rabbinic Fraud at the Rome Synagogue January 2010

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truth seeker said...

You guys are extraordinarily delusional...caught in some toxic cesspool based on idiotic mythology.