Monday, March 15, 2010

Pharisee Tzvee

A rabbi, Tzvee Zahavy, who operates under the guise of a scholar, has written a comment on a text thought to be a lost section of St. John Chrysostom's homilies on the Jews:

Christian Anti-Semitism Goes Back a Long Way

Kevin at biblicalia has posted the Ending of Second Oration Against the Jews: Roger Pearse [weblog HERE] has posted and released to public domain a translation of the until recently missing ending of the Second Oration Against the Jews by St John Chrysostom [HERE]."

The text from the "Silver[sic] Tongued" orator (died 407 CE) contains such gems as, "Now then, let me strip down for the fight against the Jews themselves, so that the victory may be more glorious—so that you will learn that they are abominable and lawless and murderous and enemies of God. For there is no evidence of wickedness I can proclaim that is equal to this."

We can only reiterate that scholarship aside, it is always hurtful for us to revisit how far back Christian antisemitism goes and what grave and unfathomable damage it has done to our ancestors.

What Rabbi Zahavy (evident in his censorship tactics) does not want discussed is the fact that the great sages of his religion, rabbinic Judaism, have taught hatred that has no parallel in the Christian canon and that many of these teachings originate centuries before the golden-tongued Church Doctor, St. John Chrysostom, when Christians were a fledgling minority persecuted by the synagogues. The great Rabbi Zahavy is well aware of the genocidal, racial-supremacist dictums of the monumental sage of rabbinic Judaism, Shimon ben Yohai, the Birkat ha-Minim and other hateful teachings of the rabbis which date as early as the 1st century A.D. But he doesn't want the am-haaretz discussing those those things because they interfere with the illusion he attempts to create of rabbinic Judaism as blameless, ultimate good and opposition to it as ultimate evil and insanity.

It seems to me that if Rabbi Zahavy is due sympathy for hurt caused by the writings of St. John Chrysostom which he suggests he experiences as he plays golf, writes, forms young minds at prestigious American universities and relaxes in the comfort of his New Jersey home, then the Palestinians of Gaza are due at least as much sympathy for the hurt they experience as their homes are destroyed and their family members are killed by Israeli soldiers ever more informed by the hateful teachings of the sages of Rabbi Zahavy's religion, rabbinic Judaism.

Isn't there a double standard at work here? Can it be that rabbinic Judaism is not an enlightened tradition; that it cannot withstand the same scrutiny commonly meted out to Christianity and Islam? Is that why the rabbi expects that his criticism of Christianity stand unchallenged? I've taken the time to study the matter and I believe the answer is yes.

It takes a special kind of Pharisaic chutzpah for a representative of the hateful religion of rabbinic Judaism to attack the Christian Fathers as hateful, but Rabbi Zahavy has it, and he seems able to persuade others to go his way, and I doubt it is by means of reason. But this will change, and indeed, it is changing. The internet is not Rabbi Zahavy's classroom.

(Matthew 6:2, Matthew 6:5, Matthew 6:16, Matthew 15:7, Matthew 22:18, Matthew 23:13, Matthew 23:14, Matthew 23:15, Matthew 23:23, Matthew 23:25, Matthew 23:27, Matthew 23:29, Matthew 24:51, Luke 13:15)

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Unknown said...

I submitted your column as a comment at

I will not hold my breath that it will see the light of day.

Michael Hoffman said...

Always the double standard. That is the very essence of the Talmudic mentality.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

This post is antisemitic and insulting to me, to my people and to my religion. I am obliged to ask you please to remove it from your blog.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Rabbi Zahavy, you've accused St. John Chrysostom of preaching "hate" and myself of writing "antisemitism." If there's anything of substance that you're attempting to communicate, feel free to clarify, sans newspeak, in precise language befitting a scholar.

Drastic Plastic said...

Many thanks for the post!

Would you mind linking to the text? It's here. Announcements regarding this and other translations in progress appear here.

Maurice Pinay said...

I've added a link. Many thanks for your translation Mr. Pearse.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Let me use your words then. I pray you repent of your "Pharisaic chutzpah" and cease being such a "hypocrite." Kindly remove your post from the Internet as a first step.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Rabbi Zahavy, it's hypocritical to accuse St. John Chrysostom of "hate" while upholding Shimon ben Yochai.

If you adhere to the traditions of rabbinic Judaism then you curse my people in your daily "prayers," therefore it's hypocritical to suggest that you pray for my benefit. For the sake of a baseless attempt at irony, you've dug yourself deeper into a pit of hypocrisy.

If you had anything of substance to say on St. John Chrysostom or myself, you would say it, precisely, rather than resorting initially to disreputable, vague, smear language (e.g. "antisemitic," "hate").

Tzvee Zahavy said...

if it weren't so fruitless i'd engage you in further discourse and cast back at you the rhetoric that you defend to call you one of the "abominable and lawless and murderous and enemies of God" a la your friend St John. but you'd just echo back your constant refrain that i lack whatever sounds pithy that instant and that i do not lack hubris or hypocrisy or some such slur. to close this matter, we have sent in to the vatican a nomination for your sainthood. you meet the apparent primary criterion richly represented by the actual st john chrysostom and the nominated for sainthood pope pius xii. may you enjoy the fruits of your own karma.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Rabbi Zahavy, you'd likely say it's "hateful" to acknowledge the fact that you're unwilling or unable to assess the teachings of Shimon ben Yochai by the same standard which you apply to the rhetoric of St. John Chrysostom.

If you uphold the murderous teaching of Shimon ben Yochai, ("even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed,") then you might also be considered a "holy" "zaddik" of rabbinic Judaism, as he is, but I must echo St. John Chrysostom in saying you would be abominable and lawless, and yes, an enemy of God for it.

May God judge you mercifully for espousing the false doctrine of "karma," "elder brother in the faith."