Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Light of Recent Events ...

Israel is not to be accused of pederasty. (Babylonian Talmud, Kiddushin 82a)

It's worth recalling Ratzinger's talmudic attitude vis a vis investigation into the Church's horrific sex predator problem by am haaretz:

In 2002 Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, slaps ABC reporter Brian Ross when asked about pederast founder of the Legionaries "of Christ" Marcial Maciel

It seems, now that "the brothers in the faith" have pretty much all they need from the Vatican, there's little left to bargain with for media protection. I doubt Benedict's effeminate hand slaps can stem the outrage he deserves to face now.

I propose that "Church militant" "traditionalists" who heed the call to "defend the 'holy father'" against "his attackers" ask themselves a simple question: if "the holy father" is able to change ancient Catholic tradition and teaching to suit "the brothers in the faith" in a matter of weeks and months, then why, even after decades pass, is it not possible to protect the souls of Catholic children from sex predators in "the holy father's" employ?


HallnOates said...

The pope brought this on himself as did the whole Vatican II "Church" which has received this plague of pederasty. (Apoc. 18:4). They have received these plagues for having partaken in sin.

Priests who wanted to offer the True Mass and simply believed what the Church has always taught were sadly not given the same forbearance by the Vatican II "Church" that child molesters were given.

Ambivalence rears its head though when one knows that the Christ-hating media is motivated by hatred of Christ, the Church, and the media in its reporting of these events. Not all the media are motivated by hate and the Churchmen should be held accountable for their failures, and such failures are justly brought to the light of day.

Intelligent people though can make a distinction between (a) the failures of the pope, which have justly brought down upon him and upon the Vatican II "Church" these plagues and (b) the hatred of the Church that everyone knows exists in the media and motivates its reporting. One can attack the errors and sins of the modernist pope and hierarchy while also attacking the sinful motivations of the media and the occasions when they unfairly or unjustly attack the pope.

The pope and the Vatican II "Church" have reaped what they sowed, and God in His justice as well as His mercy has permitted them to be at the "mercy" of the media who is comprised of His own enemies.

The pope better know the tree by these fruits while he still has time.

Anonymous said...

How apropos that you reference as "traditionalist" in quotes.

The convert who runs the site, "New Catholic" and many of his confreres (e.g., "Jordanes," likely to be Prof. Ralph Mathisen, ) are unbearable neo-Judaizers.