Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NY Archbishop Dolan: "The Holocaust" "Demands" "Memory," "To Forget is Heretical"

When is the last time you heard a modern prelate mention the term, heresy, in its proper context, in relation to the perennial teachings of the Church?

In a recent ceremony commemorating Pope Benedict's visit to a synagogue during his U.S. visit in 2008, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York spoke on the importance of Catholic-Jewish relations, stressing that the two must focus on their commonality and work together to preserve the “memory” of the faith.

Archbishop Dolan gave his remarks at the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at Park East Synagogue in New York City on April 22 ...

“Both of our traditions reverence memory,” he asserted. “'To forget' is disastrous, dangerous, and heretical. We both worry about an amnesia that seems a part of today’s existence, to live only for the now, unconscious of our roots, our foundations.”

“It is my hope that in the many years God may give me as Archbishop of New York, our Catholic-Jewish dialogue may be marked by a practice of 'memory' which never fails to hold us mutually accountable to the honesty and transparency demanded by the tragedy of the Holocaust, but also to a 'mutuality' of concern for each other which places our friendship first, and our grievances second. Our dialogue must never be reduced to one of exchanged grievances.” ("Archbishop Dolan: Catholics and Jews must work to preserve 'memory' of faith," Catholic News Agency, Apr 27, 2010)

In fact, "our dialogue" is an arrangement in which one side "remembers" and expresses its grievances for which it offers no forgiveness while the other makes unending concessions from which even core beliefs are not spared. This is not dialogue and it's not friendship. It's enslavement.

Will traditionalists stand against the enslaving modernist dogma of Holocaustolatry which has been enshrined in the Catholic Church?

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This is a documentary made by a Jewish man named David Cole, where he travels to Auschwitz and debunks the myth that Jews were gassed there: