Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is Vatican II "Religious Freedom"


Bernadette said...

Who is the bishop in the picture? If ever a picture spoke a thousand words,I'm seeing it...not a flattering picture, not a comforting figure, not a holy looking man...

Maurice Pinay said...

"Munich’s Archbishop Reinhard Marx said Williamson’s comments were “unspeakable, unacceptable…” and added “Every denial of the Holocaust must be punished harshly.”


INRI said...

What a tragedy it is to have the Enemies of Christ to have engineered the capture of the Church in Vatican II.
Most readers of this blog will be familiar with Malachi Martin's selling of his soul to the Jews for his pieces of silver.

This book by a Northwestern University Professor is MUST reading for those who wish to know the truth instead of the PROPAGANDA forced upon humanity.

Trends in the Church are.....serious, especially to those accustomed to find in it a solace and a 'pax' in times of temporal trouble, and not just another arena of strife and change.
JRR Tolkien

Anonymous said...

All I have to say to that comment, is:


The Khazarians are not my God.

-Fr. John

Anonymous said...

So many times the behavior of young German men at various tourist destinations in Africa and Asia is arrogant and obnoxious. The German theologians, over the years, have not hesitated a second to try and mold the Catholic Church according to their ideas. Yet, when it comes to the Jews, the entire German race is reduced to quivering and groveling jelly!