Friday, August 27, 2010

From "'Holocaust' Denial" to Holocaustolatry

A reader kindly forwarded this:

"American Muslim Leaders" worship at the Dachau idol, August 2010

From The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law website:
The unusual visit to the Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps by a delegation of eight American Muslim leaders at the behest of [Judaic] Catholic University law school professor Marshall Breger has gathered a great deal of media interest so far.

The excursion, which ran from Aug. 8–Aug. 10, was intended to teach the group more about the Holocaust and by extension, to confront what Breger calls “growing Holocaust denial in the Muslim world.”

The Jewish Daily Forward accompanied the visitors. Its subsequent story and photographs stirred up interest up by other leading media outlets and blogs, including:

Fox News, Aug. 16
Israel Matzav, Aug. 18
JBlog Central, Aug. 18

The trip was co-sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a German think tank, and the Center for Interreligious Understanding, a New Jersey-based interfaith dialogue group.

Former Holocaust denier Yasir Qadhi, the dean of academics at Al Maghrib Institute in New Haven, Conn., said the trip was eye-opening.

"Anybody who is a Holocaust denier should deserve a free ticket to see Auschwitz and Birkenau," he told the Jewish Daily Forward, "because seeing is just not the same as reading about it.”

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Anonymous said...

So, why is 1933 the date listed on the prison wall?

Because that was the year that world jewry declared war on Germany?

truth seeker said...

You really believe this??

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you doubt.

My wry question about 1933 was to underscore that the Synagogue of Satan started the trouble. Germany reacted... poorly to be sure, but World Jewry declared themselves enemies of Germany. Never forget that.

As usual, it was the innocents, not the Zionist perpetrators, that reaped the response.

Anonymous said...

How to Kill Goyim and Influence People:

By Max Blumenthal

Israeli Rabbis Defend Book's Shocking Religious Defense of Killing Non-Jews (with Video) A rabbinical guidebook for killing non-Jews has sparked an uproar in Israel and exposed the power a bunch of genocidal theocrats wield over the government.