Monday, October 11, 2010

'Noahide Law' Peddling Rabbi Incites the Mob re:Sharia Law


Anonymous said...

So, sir. What do you suggest? If European Whites don't stand for their culture and Christianity, we shall be overrun by Islam. Surely, God does not want that?

And if we DO stand up for our culture and Cult, then we are considered 'tools' of the Noachides?

You can't have your cake and eat it too. Tell us what you think we should do, and ENTER THE BATTLE yourself.

Only a coward stands on the sidelines.

- Fr. John

Maurice Pinay said...

Only a soon-to-be looser charges into a battle they don't understand.

Unless Europeans start having children they will be a minority on their ancestors' land no matter how hard they fight.

Unless Europeans remove the people who manipulate immigration policy first, any battle against endless streams of Muslim immigrants--who do have children--will be an exhausting, losing battle.

Throwing energy into an establishment-run 'opposition' movement like the tea party, or "English Defense League" is in no way standing up for Christian culture. If you can't detect the deception in a movement that rallies behind a 'Noahide Law' evangelist Chabad rabbi, failure is in your near future no matter what I say or do.

I don't want to live under Sharia Law or "Noahide Law" but I know that until Muslims have the influence in religion, politics, government and finance that the rabbis and their helpers do, there's absolutely no chance that Sharia law will be implemented in the West. The U.S. government and the Vatican have ALREADY, recognized 'Noahide Law.' What are you doing about that?

Shelly said...

To the commentor, it takes balls to be in the watchtower and f time inform others. It also takes a lot of time to research this stuff.

And to Maurice, I don't want either law either. It's radical and murderous.