Monday, November 22, 2010

In Benedict's Own Words: His Latin Good Friday Prayer

An except from Pope Benedict XVI's new book, Light of the World:
... naturally what happened in the Third Reich struck us as Germans, and drove us all the more to look at the people of Israel with humility, shame, and love.

In my theological formation, these things were interwoven, and marked the pathway of my theological thought...

A change also seemed necessary to me in the ancient liturgy. In fact, the formula was such as to truly wound the Jews, and it certainly did not express in a positive way the great, profound unity between Old and New Testament. For this reason, I thought that a modification was necessary in the ancient liturgy, in particular in reference to our relationship with our Jewish friends. I modified it in such a way that it contained our faith, that Christ is salvation for all. That there do not exist two ways of salvation, and that therefore Christ is also the savior of the Jews, and not only of the pagans. But also in such a way that one did not pray directly for the conversion of the Jews in a missionary sense, but that the Lord might hasten the historic hour in which we will all be united. For this reason, the arguments used polemically against me by a series of theologians are rash, and do not do justice to what was done.

Obviously, this prayer is not a papal masterstroke and I don't anticipate a retraction of The Remnant's sugar coating of this poisonous prayer even after the Pope himself has admitted its intention is entirely eschatological and does not desire conversion at the present time.

I stand by what I wrote of this prayer in February 2008:

... The problem with the new prayer, despite its hearkening to Romans 11;25-26, is that it takes the present-time intention of the original prayer and thrusts it into the realm of mystery and prophesy dealing with the future. The intention and meaning of the original prayer was perfectly clear: Christians pray for the conversion of the Jews here and now. Romans 11;25-26 deals with a mystery prophesied to take place in the future at the last days. The message seems to be that we should pray for the end-times to come quickly so the "Jews" will convert, and that they don't need Christ in the meantime. This is not, nor has it ever been the position of the Church. The Church always sought the conversion of Jews--real and fake "Jews" alike--not just at the second coming, but from the Pentecost until the time of the Second Vatican Council--at all times. St. Vincent Ferrer and all of the evangelists knew nothing of the new theology of the "elder brothers." Apparently, he was wrong?

Benedict wrote a new prayer as a means of remedying what he viewed in the traditional prayer's intention of present time conversion as "a wound to the Jews." What he has done is severely wound Jesus' mission and His Gospel and the spiritual welfare of these 'Jews' that he calls 'elder brothers.' If the Pope's role as shepherd and vicar of Christ has any meaning at all it is to seek the salvation of ALL souls. But he has contrived a dispensation from the Church's mission for a particular class of people just as Vatican II peritus Gregory Baum said should be done at a 1974 B'nai B'rith conference titled, "Auschwitz: A New Era?":

After Auschwitz the Christian churches no longer wish to convert the Jews. While they may not be sure of the theological grounds that dispense them from this mission, the churches have become aware that asking the Jews to become Christians is a spiritual way of blotting them out of existence and thus only reinforces the effects of the Holocaust. The churches, moreover, realize the deadly irony implicit in a Christian plea for the conversion of the Jews; for after Auschwitz and the participation of the nations, it is the Christian world that is in need of conversion.

Benedict says that his German 'Holocaust' "humility and shame," among other things, "marked the pathway of [his] theological thought" causing him to see traditional prayer for the conversion of "the people of Israel" as "a wound to the Jews" and so, "a modification was necessary." There's little difference between what Benedict XVI says and what Gregory Baum says other than the degree of subtlety. The message is clear: Because of 'The Holocaust' Christians, not "Jews," must be converted. The intention within Christian prayer must change.

It's not Christian to await the conversion of a remnant of Jews in the last days and to disregard the spiritual welfare of real or counterfeit Jews until then. Any Christian who buys this message will have been converted, and that would be a satanic masterstroke.


Tacitus said...

Well said, Maurice.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a 'counterfeit Jew'? a Khazar?

Anonymous said...

Well done, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

...because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity....Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.

2 Thess 2:10-14

Anonymous said...

"the spiritual welfare of real or counterfeit Jews until then."
Whom do you mean by counterfeit Jews?

Maurice Pinay said...

Whom do you mean by counterfeit Jews?

People who call themselves "Jews" on the basis of descent from adherents of Rabbanism.

a.layman said...

And based on that (correct) definition, most of today's "Jews" are indeed counterfeit.