Saturday, November 6, 2010

The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous


Anonymous said...

Sir- thanks for linking the video, but Elmer Barnes in the USA wrote of this in the 1950's, and the name of his book, was exactly your title, "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace." So Tarpley's video is only sixty years behind the times.....

And (to be truthful) this concept of 'perpetual war' as it is being used by the NWO on the West, was NOT a British ploy, this was a MARXIST ploy. In short, the jews were behind this philosophy, as they have been behind most (if not all) of the destruction of the Christian West, for centuries.

Also, Tarpley used to be Lyndon LaRouche's right hand man... not exactly a 'credible source' for proving things.

But thanks for stepping out. I appreciate your posts, but wonder if more cogent research by those in the know, that are free of the 'jewsish disinformatia,' (who actually believes Alex Jones' is an impartial source?,-The-Next-Mussolini.html) unlike someone such as Tarpley. Such an individual might serve your readers better.
- Fr. John

Maurice Pinay said...

Out of expedience I used the title "The 'War On Terror' ... Is Meant To Be Continuous," which someone else gave this video clip, which is not an accurate summation and neither are your comments which address that title more than the actual content of the video.

What Mr. Tarpley is commenting on essentially is the deception underpinning the 'war on terror.' The British military and intelligence indeed used such methods long before Marx was born.

Certainly, Judaic people have incited and profited from war and many a Christian nobleman also. Claims that "The Jews" are behind it all are neither accurate or helpful. Herschel the shoe cobbler is not on par with Shimon ben Yohai, "Genrikh Yagoda," or Jacob Schiff. It's hardly a given that any of these so-called "Jews" are actually descendants of Jacob. Such indiscriminate language and thinking only strengthens rabbinic control over "The Jews" and us.

Inclusion of a bit of a person's work on this blog doesn't equate a wholesale endorsement of their every word, deed or past association (I take issue with Tarpley's love for F.D.R. for one). I expect readers to develop and use discernment. Neither am I concerned with pleasing "truth movement" witch hunters, which isn't possible in any case.

Anonymous said...

" It's hardly a given that any of these so-called "Jews" are actually descendants of Jacob. Such indiscriminate language and thinking only strengthens rabbinic control over "The Jews" and us."

You miss the point entirely. Both the Apostles and the undivided Church, even writers knowledgeable of the lack of bona fides re: ethnic continuity with the Davidic Israel, (for what was St. John talking about in Rev. 2:8,9 but this very fact?) still said that 'God hates the Jews forever.' - That was St. John Chrysostom. I trust that the same Talmudic exegisis in effect then, is what modern authors say lies behind ALL forms of Jewish thought today, means that the race is still, as a race, anathema to true Christians...which is why I applaud your exposing Rabbinic evil, and yet find somewhat humorous the unwillingness of you or Mr. Hoffman to 'go the distance' and look for the Exception (the Jew who DOES convert) rather than fear the generalization. Chrysostom, Augustinian Luther, et al. did not.

I only wish there were more of THAT sort of prophet around, instead of the people who avoid saying what we all know to be true, merely for 'fear of the Jews.'

- Fr. John

Maurice Pinay said...

What 'truth' precisely do you accuse me of withholding? That every Judaic person is as damnable as the most powerful and corrupt of them?

Even if the term "The Jews" has been used for expediency in the past it has never validated indiscriminate condemnation.

Please stop citing that lurid caricature of St. John Chysostom as if it was a direct quote. As best as I can tell it originated in the warped mind of some professor of "antisemitism." This is not a forum for suggestions that Christianity can be summed up in 5 word slogans denoting "Jew" hate.

In the Gospel Jesus' condemnations have due proportion; his harshest condemnations are reserved for the Pharisees, scribes and moneychangers. He has mercy on the common people. We should be imitating Him in this. When you indiscriminately condemn Judaic people as if they were damned from birth you drive them into the ghetto of Abe Foxman and the rabbis. You're confirming what they teach: that non-'Jews' are irrational 'haters' who can never be reasoned with.