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Deepening the Judeo-Supremacist/'Noahide' Servant Relationship

U.K. Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks:

"[The Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson] told me exactly what he wanted me to do … he gave me a whole set of instructions which have directed my life from that day to this. Almost everything I've done, I've done because he asked me to."

Using his platform at the BBC, [Rabbi Sacks] took up the [Lubavitcher] Rebbe's campaign and began reaching out to non-Jews, teaching the Seven Noahide Laws.

Also see Rabbi Sacks eulogize Chabad's dead Messiah, Menachem Schneerson (who came and went in his own name), at the International Conference of Chabad Shluchim (agents; apostles) on November 27, 2011 (Rabbi Sacks was the keynote speaker at this event):!

The article below prefaces an audio interview with Rabbi Sacks in which virtually every word he speaks to his non-Judaic listeners is a lie. That is all the analysis this fraud from this smooth-tongued Lubavitch evangelist deserves. This comes in conjunction with Sacks' well-timed economic deceptions.
The Pope and the Rabbi: deepening the relationship

2011-12-12 Vatican Radio

Lord Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the Commonwealth, met with Pope Benedict on Monday to discuss interfaith relations and their common concern for the decline of spiritual values within European culture.
Rabbi Sacks, who has been spiritual leader of the mainstream Orthodox Jewish communities in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong since 1991, said faith, in the modern world, has no political power but it does have a great deal of influence - especially among those who question the kind of value system they want for their children. Asked about a rise in anti-Semitism in Europe, the Rabbi stressed that Jews cannot fight anti-semitism alone, "the victim cannot cure the crime, the hated cannot cure the hate." He said he will fight for the right of Christians anywhere in the world to live their faith without fear, "but I need them to fight for the right of my people to live their faith without fear."

Asked if the current political stalemate in between Israelis and Palestinians could be behind this resurgent anti-Semitism, Sachs said "we must not allow ourselves to import a message of conflict from the Middle East to Europe.

Rabbi Sacks played a supporting role in a November 22, 2011 BBC piece intended to create nostalgia for Victorian-era Rothschild economic predation as an alternative to the predation of our times:

Also see:
"For a Jew like Rothschild, as the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explained to me, what for a Christian is charity, was rather stricter. Philanthropy is duty. You have to do it. It's ten per cent [of your earnings] and we're not saying it would be a nice idea; we're saying you do that - and if you don't, we ostracise you."

So they weren't driven by profit? "I think they probably were, but what they did was to create a public position for banking in which it was deemed that you are meant to be responsible, philanthropic and honest rather than, it's the Wild West boys, Big Bang time, fill your boots. That wouldn't have been acceptable. Nat Rothschild refused to bank with the Russians because of their attitude to the Jews. There was ethical banking going on.

"But philanthropy is good for you. If you're from the very wealthiest, to be seen giving away large portions of your wealth is good politics."

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Pharisaic 'Christmas'

Pictured is Bishop Oscar Cantu, of the Opus Pharisaei line of succession [he was consecrated by Opus 'Dei' Bishop José Horacio Gómez who we documented also lighting a menorah with Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg HERE]. Rabbi Scheinberg expects this kind of slavish 'Noahidism' from his 'Christian' subordinates. Rabbi Scheinberg is 'Noahide' fanatic, John Hagee's handler.

We recently looked at the Pharisaic musings of the Opus 'Dei' prelate, Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz, who SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay's representatives have been 'dialoging' with for the past two years on the Vatican II documents HERE. In a news article published on the SSPX website it is reported that the rabbi-concocted Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate, was not even on the table in the two years of this 'dialogue.'

Bp. Fellay seems to favor a 'personal prelature,' the kind of arrangement Opus 'Dei' has.
Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg (center, with beard) and Bishop Oscar Cantu (left) light a menorah Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011 at the San Fernando Hall during a Catholic and Jewish celibration of Hanukkah.

From the San Fernando Cathedral bulletin:


“Everyone is welcome to attend the Mass on Saturday, June 26 at 10:00 am, honoring St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei."

The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Oscar Cantú and concelebrated by Very Rev. Eduardo Castillo.

Following a profound spiritual retreat, Fr. Josemaría Escrivá founded Opus Dei in Madrid on 2 October 1928, opening a new way for the faithful to sanctify themselves in the midst of the world through their work and fulfillment of their personal, family and social duties. Fr. Josemaría Es- crivá de Balaguer helped numerous people discern vocations to the priesthood and religious life, both active and contemplative. In 1943, he founded the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, an association inseparably united to Opus Dei, to which belong thousands of diocesan priests around the world.

Pope John Paul II proclaimed Josemaría Escrivá a saint on October 6, 2002. He told those present at the canonization, “ the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, was chosen by the Lord to proclaim the universal call to holiness and to indicate that everyday life, its customary activities, are a path towards holiness. ... in the case of Opus Dei, to spread through every sector of society a deep awareness of the universal call to sanctity and apostolate, and more specifically of the sanctifying value of ordinary work.”

Sunday, December 18, 2011


A report from the Netherlands:

What Rorate Caeli does not mention [in its blog posting titled, "The Church that led the Vatican II 'Rhine reforms' was rotten,"] are two facts that have been reported on Friday, December 16, 2011, at the frontpage of the the Dutch 'quality newspaper' NRC Handelsblad (with Lux et Libertas in it's logo) and that you will find, with video presentations in Dutch, on

'De onderzoekscommissie deed nauwgezet onderzoek en concludeert dat Simonis als bisschop van Rotterdam en later als aartsbisschop van Utrecht niet altijd zorgvuldig handelde. Zo drukte hij de wijding door van priesters ‘die ongeschikt bleken en zich aan misbruik overgaven’. Ook bezorgde hij ontspoorde en soms veroordeelde priesters nieuwe aanstellingen. Dat deed ook de opvolger van Simonis in Rotterdam, monseigneur Bär, die volgens de commissie ‘opmerkelijk veel’ homoseksuele jongemannen tot priesters wijdde.”


"The investigation committee... concludes that Simonis as bishop of Rotterdam and later as archbishop of Utrecht did not always act carefully. For instance, he exercised pressure so that priests were ordained 'who turned out to be unfit and indulged in abuses.' This was also done by Simonis's sucessor in Rotterdam, Mgr. Bär, who, according to the committee, 'ordained remarkably many gay boys.'"

This looks like a concerted action of the type mentioned by Randy Engels in The Rite of Sodomy. If this be true, it might show that the ties between the Sons of Darkness and the Dutch RC Church are tight and long existing. Many of the sex scandals date from the time before Vatican II, so they cannot be all attributed to the false Conciliar Church.

But it might be possible that seed has been sown by the enemy before Vatican II to make sure that the people would one day hate the Church with more hate than ever. Anyway, a Catholic who loves his Saviour and looks forward to Heaven in my opinion should not have problems with the 6th and 9th commandments, or any of the others.

Simonis is spending his old age a few miles from where I live, in the former Mariencroon Cistercian Monastery ( It was a very fruitful monastery, the biggest of the Cistercians, until, some 40 years ago, a new abbot was installed, who disliked dogma and made most Fathers leave. This abbot has handed a nearly empty monastery to the false oecumenistic Focolare movement, that has turned the monastery into a Mariapoli. It is in this milieu that Simonis feels most at ease, presumably.

Mgr. Bär started as a monk of the Chevetogne monastery, (, a breeding place of false oecumenism in the hands of Dom Beaudoin, friend of Roncalli's: "At the news of the death of Pius XII, the old Dom Lambert Beauduin, a friend of Roncalli’s (the future John XXIII) confided to Father Bouyer: “If they elect Roncalli, everything would be saved; he would be capable of calling a council and of consecrating ecumenism.” (

In 1993 Mgr. Bär and the pseudo-conservative Limburg Mgr. Gijssen stepped down after rumours of scandals involving the two (separately), the first thought to have a gay lover, the second thought to have watched his seminarians in quite personal circumstances.

I hate to stir all this mud but it is important to know what kind of people we are dealing with.

God help us - and them.

Yours sincerely,

P. V. I.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Opus Pharisaei

Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz, the Vicar General of Opus "Dei" (Opus Pharisaei, in truth) is one of Pope Benedict's representatives in the theological discussions that took place between the SSPX and Rome from 2009-2011. The day after we commented on Bp. Fellay's recent 'interview' and pointed to the discrepancy in Rome's allowance for discussion of Vatican II teachings while anathematizing discussion of 'The Holocaust,' a work of artifice from Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz was published in the Pope's journal, L'Osservatore Romano HERE.

This document contains a formula which amounts to relativistic tyranny:

The [Second Vatican] Council’s [innovative] doctrinal teachings require of the faithful a degree of assent called “religious submission of will and intellect”. Precisely because it is “religious” assent, such assent is not based purely on rational motives. This kind of adherence does not take the form of an act of faith. Rather, it is an act of obedience that is not merely disciplinary, but is well-rooted in our confidence in the divine assistance given to the Magisterium, and therefore “within the logic of faith and under the impulse of obedience to the faith" ...
... A number of innovations of a doctrinal nature are to be found in the documents of the Second Vatican Council ... These innovations in matters concerning faith or morals, not proposed with a definitive act, still require religious submission of intellect and will ...
I take this as an answer to Proud Pharisee David Rosen's self-interested insistence that Nostra Aetate and Lumen Gentium be considered "fundamental doctrines of the Church," and that it be impossible to question them "without challenging the authority of the church."

Those who know the religion of Judaism know what's going on here. The rabbis "don't listen to heavenly voices." They say, "the Torah is not in heaven." Their god says, "my sons have defeated me." Their god is mutable; nothing more than a totem the possession of which gives them absolute, tyrannical authority which they use to innovate and enforce doctrines as needed, or to destroy and blot out problematic doctrines.

Expect much more of this kind of relativisation of perennial Church teaching enforced by absolute authority (at the service of the rabbis) as long as religious relations with the rabbis continue. And play close attention to how that authority is selectively enforced.

Also see:

Benedict's "Hermeneutic of Continuity" and the Rabbinic "Genius"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Church Council Up for Discussion, Not "The Holocaust"

Traducción parcial al Español aquí: Radio Cristiandad

En Italiano: Andrea Carancini

SSPX Superior, Bishop Fellay has given an 'interview' in his familiar style intended to dispel suspicions raised by his secretive negotiations with the suspicious characters in Rome where "there is no lack of indiscretions!" The 'interview' doesn't accomplish its goal.

The 'interview' is largely unremarkable: reassuring words, summary deflection of justified suspicion and criticism, summary dismissal of internet channels not under Fellay control, redirection of focus back onto an apparition claimed by 3 children in Portugal 100 years ago, reemploying the busywork of tens of millions of rosaries--all very familiar and predictable. The 'interview' can be read here:

One item mentioned in the 'interview' is very relevant to us here. I quote:

"... leeway has been allowed for a 'legitimate discussion' about certain points of the [Second Vatican] Council."

Note that the Novus Ordo Church allows 'discussion' of its own teaching. In this context, 'discussion' concerns doubts and outright denials. The SSPX denies that certain points contained within the authoritative documents of the Novus Ordo Church's Second Vatican Council can be reconciled with the perennial teaching of the Catholic Church. The Novus Ordo has allowed the SSPX to present its case to this effect in doctrinal 'dialogues' over the past two years. The Novus Ordo is now negotiating an arrangement to bring the SSPX into 'full communion' while allowing discussion of doubts of its own authoritative teachings. This was also stated in a February 2009 statement from the Pope's Secretary of State:
"... the Holy See will not fail, in ways judged opportune, to engage with the interested parties in examining outstanding questions, so as to attain a full and satisfactory resolution of the problems that caused this painful rupture."

Note, however, that this typically lenient allowance pertaining to the Novus Ordo's own teachings is immediately followed by a mandate in absolute terms virtually unseen in Rome in the past 100 years:

"The positions of Bishop Williamson with regard to the Shoah are absolutely unacceptable and firmly rejected by the Holy Father ...

In order to be admitted to function as a Bishop within the Church, Bishop Williamson must also distance himself in an absolutely unequivocal and public way from his positions regarding the Shoah ..."
Nota bene, it is not demanded that Bishop Williamson absolutely and unequivocally publicly distance himself from his doubts regarding relativistic Novus Ordo teaching on religious liberty, collegiality, ecumenism. No, these "outstanding questions" are open to "examination." No such questions or examination can be countenanced in the absolutist realm of "The Holocaust," however. Here we see the resurrection of the old ipse dixit and anathema that are otherwise entirely unheard of from Catholic prelates for nearly 100 years.

This is remarkable, is it not? In light of this, perhaps readers may understand where Rabbi Michael Berenbaum is coming from when he says, “As I observe young people in relativistic societies seeking an absolute for morals and values, they now can view the Holocaust as the transcendental move away from the relativistic, and up into the absolute ..." How opportune for Rabbi Berenbaum and "The Holocaust" that the authorities of the Catholic Church hold "The Holocaust" to be absolute while Church teachings are ever increasingly relativised away.

Bishop Fellay certainly knows how to go with the relativist/absolutist flow of the Noahide Novus Ordo. Soon after the February 2009 statement from the Pope's Secretary of State was issued, Bp. Fellay was interviewed in Der Speigel saying that he would cast Bp. Williamson out of the SSPX if he "denied" "The Holocaust" again:

SPIEGEL: So why don't you exclude Williamson from the society?

Fellay: That will happen if he denies the Holocaust again.

Bp. Fellay was just blending in with Pope Benedict who a month earlier had admonished Catholics to not "forget or deny" "The Holocaust," and Archbishop Reinhard Marx who proclaimed, “Every denial of the Holocaust must be punished harshly,” Cardinal Vingt-Trois who exclaimed, "Being a Catholic is radically incompatible with denying the Holocaust," Cardinal Kasper announcing, "No Holocaust denial can be allowed or permitted, It's absolutely clear that a Holocaust denier can't have a room, a space in the Catholic Church."

There may be space between the SSPX Superior and the Novus Ordo on religious liberty and a number of other matters, but where "The Holocaust" is concerned, which Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum said "replaced Golgotha" and Pope John Paul II said was "The Golgotha of the modern world," Bp. Fellay and the Novus Ordo sing in perfect unison.

It seems to me a case of swallowing a very large camel while straining out gnats.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bishop Mark Davies Considers "the Theological Significance of 'The Holocaust' to the Christian Mind"

Excerpted from Bishop Mark Davies'"Holocaust Study Day" address (24 November, 2011) to an audience gathered in Menorah Synagogue in Sharston, Manchester:
Thank you for your invitation to join you on this Holocaust Memorial Day. I have been asked in these opening words to address the importance of the Holocaust specifically for Christians and to thereby consider the theological significance of the Holocaust to the Christian mind. As Blessed John Paul II expressed this, “no one is permitted to pass by the tragedy of the Shoah …” and no Christian can pass by the Holocaust without profound reflection. A Christian reflection might focus upon the mystery of evil, upon the sins of Christians and the need of repentance on the heartfelt prayer of Blessed John Paul II that our relationship “be healed for ever”. However, today in this short address I wish to focus upon the significance to the Christian mind of the attempted annihilation more than 60 years ago of that people who were called by the Lord, “before all others”.

I can only begin this reflection from silence, the silence often remarked upon at the scenes of the Holocaust where it is said the birds no longer sing ...

Oh brother ...

Bishop Davies' entire 'Jews'-worshiping "Holocaust Memorial Day" synagogue address in its ponderous entirety here:

Anti-Christ 'New Testament' Published

This would rightly be viewed as a continuation of the millenia-long Orthodox Judaic tradition of mocking the Gospel; a "Toledoth Jeshu" in scholarly guise. The Gospel-mocking "Toledoth Jeshu" has never been retracted or apologized for. It is still published by the Pope and bishops' brothers in the anti-Christ faith.

Orthodox adherent of Rabbinic Judaism, Amy-Jill Levine

Dr. Levine ... attends an Orthodox synagogue in Nashville ...
"Yimach sh'mo v'zikhrono (May [Jesus'] name and memory be blotted out)”

The book [Orthodox Judaic subverter of Christianity in the disguise of a scholar of Christianity, Amy-Jill Levine] has just edited with a Brandeis University professor, Marc Zvi Brettler, “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” (Oxford University Press), is an unusual [allegedly] scholarly experiment: an edition of the Christian [New Testament] edited entirely by [so-called] Jews. The volume includes notes and explanatory essays by 50 leading [scholars of rabbinic Judaism], including Susannah Heschel, a historian and the daughter of the [Rabbi] Abraham Joshua Heschel [who wanted to attack Christian souls]; the Talmudist Daniel Boyarin; and Shaye J. D. Cohen, who teaches ancient Judaism at Harvard...

Dr. Levine ... attends an Orthodox synagogue in Nashville ... (Mark Oppenheimer, "Focusing on the Jewish Story of the New Testament," The New York Times, November 25, 2011)

Full article:

Canadian Catholic School of Theology to House Rabbinic Seminary

‘Coming of age’ for Canadian Jews: Jewish seminary set to open in Catholic institution

Charles Lewis - National Post

Nov 25, 2011

... the first mainstream Jewish seminary in Canada [Canadian Yeshiva and Rabbinical School] will be housed inside a Catholic school of theology and be part of seven Christian schools that comprise the Toronto School of Theology ...

The school, which will be officially launched at a ceremony Sunday on the University of Toronto campus, will be housed inside the University of St. Michael’s College, on St. Joseph Street, a school renowned for its graduate program in Catholic theology.

Professor Ann Anderson, the school’s president and a Catholic nun, sits on the rabbinical school’s board and was instrumental in bringing the Jewish seminary to the campus ...

The new rabbinical school will follow a form of the religion known as Classic Judaism — a decision that will make it distinct from the American Jewish experience...

The linking of the rabbinical school with Christian institutions fits with a greater trend of Christians seeking out the roots of their faith through Judaism and the Old Testament. Pope Benedict has made it a large part of his teaching to emphasize the Jewish roots of Catholicism.

The yeshiva is now operating and acts as a place for the Jewish community to learn more about their faith. The actual rabbinical school will open at the earliest in September but it could be later, Rabbi Tanenbaum said.

Alan Hayes, director of the Toronto School of Theology, said moving from just Christian schools to a multi-faith milieux completes a process started in the 1960s.

After Vatican II Catholic schools were allowed to share space with Protestants, which took place very quickly in Toronto, he said ...

full article:

also see:

"Opus Dei members helped me, right from the beginning of my [rabbinic] seminary studies, to persevere in my [rabbinic] vocation and I have also seen them do it with other rabbis..."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mossad vs Assad? 'CIA death squads behind Syria bloodbath'

Also see:

"Targeting of Christian Syrians and Black Libyans: The 'Clash of Civilizations' is on the march," by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

A Christian exodus is being planned for the Middle East by Washington, Tel Aviv, and Brussels. It has been reported that Sheikh Al-Rahi was told in Paris by President Nicolas Sarkozy that the Christian communities of the Levant and Middle East can resettle in the European Union. This is no gracious offer. It is a slap in the face by the same powers that have deliberately created the conditions to eradicate the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East. The aim appears to be either the resettling of the Christian communities outside of the region or demarcate them in enclaves. Both could be objectives. This is meant to delineate the Arab nations along the lines of being exclusively Muslim nations and falls into accordance with the Yinon Plan.

Don Curzio Nitoglia: The "Judeo -Christian" Lie

Updated 11/30/11

In Italian:

Google translate renders it fairly coherent.

The essay is largely based upon a book authored by Pope Benedict XVI's favorite rabbi and one of the world's most respected authorities on Orthodox Judaism, Rabbi Jacob Neusner titled, Jews and Christians: the myth of a common tradition.

The lengthy introduction is in English at Google books here:

Jews and Christians: the myth of a common tradition

The thesis of the book is stated plainly at the outset in refreshingly direct and concise language:
The thesis of this book is that Judaism and Christianity do not form a common tradition, "the Judeo-Christian tradition." They are not compatible ... only now, for reasons of politics and sociology, have some representatives of Judaism maintained otherwise.
While I agree with the learned rabbi in his statement of fact that Judaism and Christianity are entirely incompatible, I must add proselytism to the 'Noahide' religion to his list of reasons that some representatives of Judaism would claim otherwise (even Maimoides suggested that Christianity and Islam could be viewed as directing 'the Goyim' towards the 'Noahide laws') and I observe this 'Noahide' proselytism beginning many centuries prior to the "only now" of 2001 (the date Neusner's claim was published) that Neusner identified as the genesis of a claimed "Judeo-Christian tradition." In Neusner's book, Historical Synthesis, he references the 18th century Brit-ish Rabbi Jacob Emden and his thesis that the Gospels were written to teach the 'Noahide Laws' to 'Gentiles.' Perhaps it was for political or sociological reasons that Neusner overstated his case here. Perhaps it is for the same such reasons that he has more recently apparently softened the hard line evident in his 2001 thesis.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fanatical Judaic Con Man Tells of Insider Role In NATO's Purim Vengeance Against Libya

Holocaustian Megalomaniac, Bernard-Henri Levy likely overstates his role in setting up NATO's Purim 5771 ritual vengeance against Libya, and understates his knowledge of the background of the terrorist "rebels" he hooked NATO up with.

This insufferable clown is pawned off as a "Philosopher;" a "French Intellectual" by 'Noahide' France's overlords

My corrections to the following puff piece for this charlatan are interspersed:
French intellectual tells of insider role in Libya war

Dave Clark and Herve Rouach (AFP) – Nov 9, 2011

... That [Bernard-Henri] Levy played a role [in the Zionist takeover of Libya euphemized as] Kadhafi's overthrow has been known since the first days of the [Zionist hostilities] in March, but the extent of his involvement was revealed this week in his new book on the war and in an interview with AFP.

He describes how ... he met [terrorist] leaders in Benghazi and, on the basis of the briefest of meetings, decided to introduce them to Sarkozy.

With his trademark hand-made white shirts open to the chest, constant media appearances and celebrity lifestyle, Levy -- or "BHL" as he is known in Paris -- is [justifiably, but not often enough] mocked as a showman rather than a serious thinker [which he clearly is not].

He [claimed] that in March he had little idea who the men behind the rebel National Transitional Council were, having only talked briefly with its [known terrorist] leader [with Zionist intelligence agency ties] Mustafa Abdel Jalil, but he nevertheless decided France must support them [because they said they would support Counterfeit Israel].

"I don't really know who Abdel Jalil is, but I know what a massacre is. I have seen many in by life," [claimed] Levy, a [pseudo-]intellectual activist [instigator of Zionist massacres] ...

On March 5, Levy met leaders of the fledgling NTC in the hours after they formed the body to unite revolutionary forces against [Libya] ...

Levy grabbed a satellite telephone and called Sarkozy.

"My plan is to bring a delegation from the council that was just formed to Paris ... Would you agree to meet, personally, with this delegation?" he asked Sarkozy. "Of course," the president replied, according to Levy's book.

Five days later Levy brought a delegation to the Elysee. To general astonishment, France immediately recognised the rebel regime [suggesting that they already had the word on these spooks].

French and British diplomats worked swiftly to secure a UN resolution authorising force to [steal Libya's resources and kill Libyan civilians while claiming to] protect Libyan civilians. On March 19 [Purim, on the rabbinic calendar, the same day of the rabbinic year that the 2003 assault on Iraq was launched] a salvo of US cruise missiles marked the start of a [Zionist] bombing campaign.

But Levy's role was not over. He made more trips to Libya, visiting rebels in the Djebel Nafusa highlands and the besieged port of Misrata, and arranging more high-wire [gunboat] diplomacy.

He introduced CNT military leader Abdel Fatah Younes to Sarkozy in midnight talks in Paris on April 13. France sent military trainers and large quantities of weapons to the front, turning the course of the [attempted takeover].
[Levy's] role was shifting. He had become a player in the [hostilities], helping the rebels draft public statements and attending talks between Younes and Sarkozy in which strategy and weapons drops were discussed in detail ...
Full uncorrected puff piece

Also see:

Bernard-Henri Lévy Indicted for Playing the Great Game

What Got Sprung on Libya?

'Western' Interest in 'Arab Spring' is, inter alia, about Sending Arab Children to the Guilt Chambers

"Operation Mermaid Dawn"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nun-Accomplice to Counterfeit Israel's 'Holocaust' Proselytism to Speak at College of Saint Elizabeth

Sr. Gemma lives in [Counterfeit] Israel since 1975, and has led seminars at Yad Vashem [Counterfeit] Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem for more than 20 years as an educator at the international School of [Counterfeit] Holocaust Education. Her association with Yad Vashem began in 1987 when she approached the administrators with her idea to host seminars for Catholic educators in response to Pope John Paul II’s call to recognize the significance of the [Counterfeit] Holocaust.

"Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves."

Leading Holocaust Educator Sister Gemma Del Duca Speaks at the College of Saint Elizabeth, November 16, 2011

Fran Sullivan - Morristown Green

November 10, 2011

Internationally known Holocaust educator Sister Gemma Del Duca, S.C., leads an interfaith dialogue entitled, Teaching Catholics about the Holocaust, Wednesday, November 16, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., in Dolan Performance Hall, College of Saint Elizabeth, 2 Convent Road, Morristown, N.J. The event, which is free and open to the public, is sponsored by the CSE Holocaust Education Resource Center.

Well Respected Leader in Holocaust Education Addresses College Audience
Sr. Gemma is the founder and co-director of Seton Hill University’s National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education, Greensburg, Pa., and she is also the former chair of the history department at the university.

Sr. Gemma lives in Israel since 1975, and has led seminars at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem for more than 20 years as an educator at the international School of Holocaust Education. Her association with Yad Vashem began in 1987 when she approached the administrators with her idea to host seminars for Catholic educators in response to Pope John Paul II’s call to recognize the significance of the Holocaust. The seminars are intended for groups of Catholic educators and clergy, primarily from the United States. According to Yad Vashem’s records, hundreds of educators have taken part in the seminars. Her presence as lecturer and coordinator of the program is one of its most important components, according to Ephraim Kaye, who works with international educators at Yad Vashem.

“(Sr.) Gemma is the person who opened the door here to bringing Catholic educators to Yad Vashem,” said Kaye, “They have been a real dedicated and determined group of people who take back what they have learned here. We have (Sr.) Gemma to thank for that. It is really not to be taken for granted.”

In 2007, Yad Vashem honored Sr. Gemma with the Award for Excellence in Holocaust Education. She is the first non-Jewish and non-Israeli recipient.

Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Convent Station, New Jersey, the College of Saint Elizabeth enrolls more than 2,100 full- and part-time students in more than 25 undergraduate, 10 graduate and one doctoral degree programs. For information on other activities or programs, visit the College of Saint Elizabeth web site at

Friday, November 4, 2011


SSPX Bishop Williamson

Eleison Comments - Number CCXXIV (224)

29 October 2011


The imminent collapse of global finance, and/or the advent of global finance on the way to global government which that collapse has been designed to bring on, should be making souls think : how did we get into this mess, and how do we get out of it ? If Almighty God has had no part to play in such a serious crisis, then obviously he is not serious but just a feel-good Sunday pastime. On the other hand if he is as important as once the builders of medieval cathedrals obviously thought, then neglecting him will have had a central part to play in today’s triumph of finance over reality.

Indeed one must go back to the Middle Ages to understand where today’s disaster has come from. As the Faith began to droop after the high Middle Ages, so men became more and more interested in Mammon, the other great motivator of their lives (Mt.VI, 24). Thus money, natured to be the servant of the exchange of real goods and services, was unhooked from nature to become modern finance, master of the global economy. A key step in this process, leading directly to today’s mountains of unpayable debt in all directions, enslaving the world to the visible bankers, or rather to their invisible controllers, was the post-medieval spread of fractional reserve banking.

When money serves the economy, a wise State will ensure that its total quantity in circulation goes up and down with the total quantity of real goods to be exchanged in that economy, so that its value will remain steady. Too much money chasing too few goods will mean its value drops by inflation. Too little money pursued by too many goods will mean its value rising, by deflation. Either way its changing value destabilizes all exchanging of goods. Now if banks, in which depositors deposit real money, need keep only a fraction of that real money in reserve to back a much larger quantity of paper money which they can put into circulation, then by putting too much or too little into circulation, they can play with the value of money and make fortunes by lending out cheap money and demanding back expensive money. Thus financiers can take over control from the State.

Worse, if fractional reserve banking enables banks to disconnect money from reality and fabricate it at will, and if they can charge even slight compound interest on their funny money, then logically they can – and do ! – suck all real value out of an economy, reducing most depositors to borrowers and most borrowers to hopeless debt-slaves, or mortgage-slaves., taking care only not to kill off completely the goose laying the golden eggs for their benefit. The divinely inspired wisdom of the law-giver Moses was to put brakes on all lenders’ power by cancelling all debts every seven years (Deut.XV,1-2), and by restoring all property to its original owners every 50 years (Levit.XV, 10)!

And why did Moses, great man of God and therefore man of deep “spirituality”, concern himself with such materialistic questions ? Because as bad economics can turn men to despair, towards Hell, away from God – look around you, today and above all tomorrow – so good economics make possible a wise prosperity which in no way worships Mammon, but makes it rather easier to trust in the goodness of God and to worship and love him. Man is soul and body.

Moses would surely have smashed fractional reserve banking, like he smashed the Golden Calf !

Kyrie eleison.

Suppressed SSPX Great Britain District Newsletter

District Superior's Letter November 2011

My dear brethren

The meeting of the Society’s superiors took place at Albano on 7-8th October as announced in last month’s newsletter, and Bishop Fellay did indeed use this opportunity to discuss the ‘Doctrinal Preamble’ text as received from Cardinal Levada on 14th September.

The first day of the meeting covered three issues: an overview of the contacts with Rome since 1987; a summary of the doctrinal discussions; and an oral exposition of the Doctrinal Preamble document itself.

With regard to the doctrinal talks it was disappointing to note that the Roman commission failed to acknowledge the break between traditional and conciliar teachings. Instead it insisted upon the ‘hermeneutic (interpretation) of continuity,’ stating that the new teachings included and improved the old!

It was interesting to learn that the 14th September meeting had not touched upon the doctrinal talks at all, but rather was dedicated to expounding possible practical solutions for the Society.

So it was perhaps not surprising to learn that the proposed doctrinal basis for any canonical agreement in fact contained all those elements which the Society has consistently rejected, including acceptance of the New Mass and of Vatican II as expressed in the New Catechism. Indeed, the document itself conveys the impression that there is no crisis in the Church...

Hence the stated consensus of those in attendance was that the Doctrinal Preamble was clearly unacceptable and that the time has certainly not come to pursue any practical agreement as long as the doctrinal issues remain outstanding. It also agreed that the Society should continue its work of insisting upon the doctrinal questions in any contacts with the Roman authorities.

In many ways we can see the hand of Providence in this meeting, falling as it did on the Feast of the Holy Rosary, given the clarification of Rome’s persistence in the modern errors, and the consequent necessity of continuing with the fight against modernism through fidelity to Catholic Tradition.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to its original theme, that of communications and the media.

* * *

The Assisi III meeting is taking place on the very day I write these few lines, at which occasion we are holding a day of reparation here at St George’s House, with all-day exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

The scandal of this inter-religious gathering can be resumed into three points:

i/ It commemorates and celebrates the scandal of Assisi I;

ii/ It replaces the Faith with religious liberty as the means to obtain world peace;

iii/ It promotes on a practical level relativism and religious indifference.

Original cached at:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pope Foxman is Deeply Disturbed

The Kvetching Pope, Abe Foxman has issued another of his kvetching edicts, this one titled, "ADL Deeply Disturbed by Archbishop's Remarks Likening Politicians in Trinidad and Tobago to Jews":
... Port of Spain Archbishop Edward Gilbert was reported to have [likened Trinidad and Tobago politicians to Jews] during a Jubilee Mass held October 24 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church in San Fernando to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Roman Catholic mission there.

"The Jews were compassionate and caring for their own, they were compassionate and caring to the people of their nation, to the people of their race, to the people of their ethnic communities. However, that wasn't enough for Jesus. Jesus took that teaching and universalized it," Archbishop Gilbert told his congregation, according to a news report. "In many cases in this country, there are people who love one another, who are compassionate, but they have the mindset of the original Jewish people. They are good to their own ... but they have not universalized the concept of love."

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, said the archbishop's statements as reported were "a disturbing repackaging of ancient anti-Jewish canards and supersessionist beliefs."

"Archbishop Gilbert devalues Judaism over and against Christianity," said Mr. Foxman. "The false notion that Jews only care about themselves and don't care enough about others is one of the major pillars of classical anti-Semitism."

"While the Catholic Church has made tremendous strides in countering anti-Jewish notions such as the belief that the advent of Christianity superseded Judaism, Archbishop Gilbert's statements show that he has not internalized the important reforms of Vatican II."
I agree that Pope Foxman is deeply disturbed and I would be happy to illustrate one of the many reasons why.

Above we see Pope Foxman in his edict to the Goyim proclaim that it's a damnable "major pillar of classical anti-Semitism" to recognize the fact that Judaism is not a universal religion but a tribal religion which teaches its adherents to favor the tribe over outsiders.

But over here, in Foxman's inter-office memo to the tribe not meant for Goy eyes to see, Foxman admonishes the tribe to not love universally because to do so is "Judaism lite" which "brushes past the theological significance of acting on behalf of Jews."

“What I’ve been critical of is those who have sold Judaism as, ‘All you have to do is love universally and that’s Judaism,’ ” Foxman said. “It’s not—it’s ersatz Judaism. It’s Judaism lite.” It also, Foxman added pointedly, has the potential to elevate political action on behalf of others while brushing past the theological significance of acting on behalf of Jews.

Tikkun Olam is a Tribal, not Universal, Concept
Evidently, Pope Foxman is deeply disturbed because he wants to enforce his tribal racket while defining it a damnable heresy for any outsider to recognize that fact. To paraphrase St. Augustine, by doing so, his madness, not innocence, is manifest.

I have often marveled at the word-magic I've read in pseudo-scholarly post-graduate volumes as they circle around the white elephant of Judaic tribalism (euphemized as "particularism") for hundreds of pages dedicated to mesmerizing the reader into the false belief that Judaism is a universal, progressive, enlightened religion.

The deeply disturbing part of it is the deception and browbeating of observers into not acknowledging what is plain before their eyes--that Judaism is the most un-universal religion in existence, if not in history. Every sane person knows it. Everyone who has lived among followers of the rabbis has experienced it. There are individual exceptions among "Jews," but as Foxman says in his inter-office memo, they are not really living according to true Judaism.

That this even has to be decoded is a testament to the state of degradation we've descended to. Of course Judaism is tribal; the word plainly means tribe-of-Judah-ism. It's about sustaining the tribe of counterfeit Judah at all costs. It's not about loving and serving God; loving ones non-Judaic neighbor as oneself or any such universal value.

Pray for Pope Foxman that God will relieve him of his deeply disturbed state and that he will cease his attempts to inculcate the same in us. Until he is miraculously healed, tell your friends, family and clergy to ignore the disturbed ravings of the self-chosen Pope Foxman.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pope Stern's Inquisition

Certainly, notorious anti-Semites[*] such as Bishop Williamson must not be granted a place in the Catholic Church,” [WJC Deputy Secretary-General Maram] Stern declared.

World Jewish Congress urges Rome to sideline opponents of Catholic-Jewish reconciliation

24 October 2011

Ahead of the interfaith meeting later this week in Assisi, Italy – hosted by Pope Benedict XVI and to be attended by 300 religious leaders from around the Globe – the World Jewish Congress (WJC) has urged the Vatican to forcefully oppose attempts to blame Jews collectively for the death of Jesus. Deputy Secretary-General Maram Stern, the WJC official in charge of inter-religious dialogue (pictured right at a meeting with the pope in 2010), said: “Last week, Catholics were treated to another despicable tractate by Bishop Richard Williamson whose point was to derail Catholic-Jewish reconciliation and to revive age-old anti-Semitic canards such as that of Jewish deicide. This was a timely reminder that there are still many clerics out there who vehemently oppose and actively undermine dialogue and reconciliation between Catholics and Jews.”

“Unfortunately, some Catholic splinter groups such as Williamson’s Society of St. Pius X continue to defend and propagate medieval anti-Jewish teachings. It is therefore important not to jeopardize the enormous achievements made in Catholic-Jewish dialogue over the past decades by allowing preachers of hate in again through the back door. Certainly, notorious anti-Semites such as Bishop Williamson must not be granted a place in the Catholic Church,” Stern declared.

Last week, Williamson – who in 2009 publicly denied the existence of gas chambers in Nazi death camps and was convicted by a German court earlier this year of Holocaust denial – wrote on his web blog: “Only the Jews (leaders and people) were the prime agents of the deicide” [of Jesus Christ], and not Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate. Williamson also alleged “a continuity amongst Jews down the centuries”, indirectly blaming today’s Jews for Jesus’ death.

Maram Stern, who will represent the World Jewish Congress at the Assisi gathering, said Jews around the world valued that Pope Benedict XVI, like his predecessor John Paul II, “is sincerely committed to strengthening inter-faith dialogue.” Stern urged the Pope to reiterate statements he made earlier this year in his book on Jesus and turn them into an article of faith of the Church.

* As Joseph Sobran aptly noted, "The word has no precise definition. An “anti-Semite” may or may not hate Jews. But he is certainly hated by Jews."

Also see:

WJC President Alexander Mashkevich

Papal Ambiguity has a Clear Trajectory

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pope Foxman Says SSPX Has No Place in the Church

Rabbis Demand Papal Condemnation of Bishop Richard Williamson's Preaching of the Gospel

[The Pope] must clearly show that there is no room in the Catholic Church for purveyors of hate.

Translation: "We rabbis hate Jesus Christ and bishops who uphold the plain teaching of his Gospel. We will not bloody our hands in destroying these figures we hate. We demand that some third party do our dirty work. This is the tradition of our Pharisaic ancestors which we uphold. The Gospel warns the Goyim of this method of ours so we must destroy it, or at least make it impossible for its plain teaching to be understood. But among ourselves we revel in our vengeance against Jesus and all those we hate. We will continue to use this method, and others until our hate is completely unopposed."

Enough from these hypocritical commissars of hate! We also ask, when will the Pope condemn their Talmudic hatred and lies? The Pope should support Bp. Williamson's preaching of the Gospel.
Pope called on to condemn bishop’s new anti-Semitic slur

October 19, 2011

BERLIN (JTA) -- A group of European rabbis has called on the pope to condemn the latest anti-Semitic remarks by a Holocaust-denying Catholic bishop.

The Brussels-based Conference of European Rabbis slammed comments by Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson in which he allegedly blamed Jews for deicide. Williamson, a member of the radical Catholic Pius Brotherhood sect, reportedly made the comments in the latest issue of his newsletter, “The Eleison Comments." He has been living in London ...

[Conference of European Rabbis President, Chief Rabbi Pinchas] Goldschmidt called for the Church to "suspend negotiations with extremist Catholic tendencies until it is clear that these groups show a clear commitment to tackling anti-Semitism within their ranks."

In his newsletter, Williamson wrote that “only the Jews were the primary agents of the deicide because Pontius Pilate would never have condemned Jesus if the Jews had not asked for blood.”

Williamson was found guilty of Holocaust denial in Germany in 2010 and fined about $14,000. He has previously denied the existence of gas chambers and the murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication against Williamson, but the Vatican also reportedly declared that "in order to be admitted to episcopal functions within the Church, (he) will have to take his distance, in an absolutely unequivocal and public fashion, from his position on the Shoah, which the Holy Father was not aware of when the excommunication was lifted."

During meetings with Pope Benedict in Berlin last month, German Jewish leader Dieter Graumann said that one of the issues that troubled Jewish-Catholic relations was the Church's refusal to condemn Williamson.

In his statement Wednesday, Goldschmidt said the pope "has shown a commitment to fostering a spirit of positive dialogue with Jews both before and during his papacy. But he must clearly show that there is no room in the Catholic Church for purveyors of hate."

Full article:

Pope John Paul II: Auschwitz "The Golgotha of the Modern World"

Rabbi-Blessed Pope John Paul II kneeling at "The Death Wall" at Auschwitz, June 1, 1979

"Auschwitz, along with so many other concentration camps, remains the horribly eloquent symbol of the effects of totalitarianism. It is our duty to make a pilgrimage to these places, in mind and heart, on this 50th anniversary. As I said at the Mass celebrated in 1979 at Brzezinka near Auschwitz: 'I kneel at this Golgotha of the modern world.'"(Message of John Paul II on 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe, May 8, 1995)
In this outrageous statement the Pope was reaffirming the earlier proclamation of Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum who said, "The Golgotha of modern man is Auschwitz."

Also see:

Pope Francis: "We even have those who deny the Holocaust, which is crazy."

The 'Holocaust' Relics in the Sanctuary of Bergoglio's Cathedral

Pope's Grand Inquisitor: "Denial" of 'Holocaust' "Absolutely Unacceptable"

SSPX Bishop Fellay: If Bishop Williamson 'Denies the Holocaust' again he will be Expelled from the Society

“Every denial of the Holocaust must be punished harshly.”

"It's absolutely clear that a Holocaust denier can't have a room, a space in the Catholic church"

"Being a Catholic is Radically Incompatible With Denying the Holocaust"

"It is clear that one cannot be Catholic if he denies the Shoah."

"Someone who denies the Holocaust, the Shoah, can not be restored to church office"

“To forget ['The Holocaust'] is disastrous, dangerous, and heretical."

Cardinal Dolan's Secret to Worldly Success

Church Council Up for Discussion, Not "The Holocaust"

Bishop Mark Davies Considers "the Theological Significance of 'The Holocaust' to the Christian Mind"

Rabbi, "Holocaust Scholar" Kosher Stamps John Paul II Beatification

Gas chambers replaced Christian cross, says rabbi

"Auschwitz: Beginning of a New Era?"

Vatican II Peritus: Because of "The Holocaust," Church Must Reinterpret Gospel

B’nai Brith Canada Director: "Holocaust' Central to New World Order"

"When each of us comes before the Six Million, we will be asked what we did with our lives."

Bad Advice From the Pope

Pontifical Household Preacher: A Revelation and Obfuscation

Benedict Once Again Bows to Holocaustolatry, Repents

Benedict at Auschwitz

More on Benedict's Holocaust Prostration, Repentance

Catholic Dogma Denier Hans Küng Clings Fast to "Holocaust" Dogma

Chief Rabbis Ask Pope for Holocaust Studies Requirement in Catholic Schools

'Holocaust' Liturgy for Catholic School Children

Pope makes Nazi atrocities part of Stations of the Cross

Priest, Rabbi Ask, “Did God Survive the Holocaust?”

Monday, October 17, 2011

Heavenly Jester

I admit, I'm not up on the new tradition, or maybe there's something I'm missing that would make it virtuous or funny to intentionally deceive people as a setup for a self-serving 'teachable moment.' Evidently, I'm not alone. The implied lesson: believe the "New Catholic" who just deceived you, not Bp. Williamson.

But take "New Catholic's" word for it, "this is very humorous," even if it doesn't seem so. This internet-published claim comes in tandem with his/her admonishment to use discernment in encountering material published on the internet. Indeed! To which I add, be as conscious of what is omitted as what is published, particularly with the Fellay camp's P.R. outlet.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Benedict XVI to Further Alter 1962 Missal

From Chiesa:
"The activity of the Holy See" is a hefty volume that gives a year-by-year account of the actions of the pope and the Roman curia. It is an "unofficial publication," as specified on the frontispiece, but in spite of this it contains not a little information, sometimes rather unusual, that cannot be found in other Vatican sources.

To verify this it is enough to leaf through the latest edition, on the activities of 2010, which has just been printed by Libreria Editrice Vaticana (1343 pp., 80.00 euro).

In it we learn, for example:

... that a joint commission was set up, with experts of the commission "Ecclesia Dei" and of the congregation for divine worship, for the "updating" of the commemorations of the saints and the "possible insertion of new prefaces" into the preconciliar Roman missal of 1962, to which Benedict XVI gave full citizenship in 2007 ...

Full article:
And some context from the pope's brother rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein:

"There still is resistance to the new teachings in some traditional Catholic circles, still much work to be done to erase old ideas." (Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, "The Catholic Church and the Jews," Cross-Currents, July 3, 2009)

"The differences between accepted Church teaching and this group of Latin-speaking extremists are not subject to reconciliation.” (Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Wiesenthal Center, January 23, 2009)

Also see:

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein on Traditional Catholicism

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard of Ecclesia Dei Commission Studying Talmud at NY Yeshiva

Ecclesia Dei Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos Lauded Sheilding of Admitted Sex Predator from Justice

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Suggested Slogans for Occupy Wall Street

Usury is warfare

Debt is slavery

Moneychangers and Pharisees out of our government, churches and schools

Overthrow the tables of the moneychangers

Fractional Reserve Banking = Starvation; Ruin of Nations

Overthrow the Talmudic Prozbul and reinstitute the Biblical seventh year release of debts

Fantasy-economy players are killing the real economy

We won't die so investment banks and hedge funds can live

We won't starve for bankers; let them eat their losses and ex nihilo-created debt

We won't go hungry to feed weapons to the Judeo-Supremacist State

The 1% are 100% pro-Zionism

Banker-serving politicians and civil servants are guilty of treason

"Israel"-first politicians and civil servants are guilty of treason

Confiscate the "Federal" "Reserve" and the tens of trillions they handed out to private banks and corporations

Cancel all ex nihilo-created debt

We don't owe ex nihilo debt-creators anything

Bankers destroy by debt creation

Debt creation destroys God's creation

Greed is not good

Psychopathological greed should be defended against, not admired, protected or rewarded

Hey Mike Bloomberg, our focus is on the predators you enable and profit from, not their 40k/year lackeys

Bloomberg is protecting his multi-billion/year speculator services racket, not the common good

Wall Street CEOs are cruel taskmasters

Jail investment bank CEOs and confiscate their ill-gotten gains

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pope Greets His Brother Rabbis for their Lying, Voodoo Holidays

Lying (HERE), Voodoo (HERE, HERE) Judaism which the Pope wants to draw you closer to. Pope Benedict's brother Rabbi Di Segni, inter alia,  republished the "Toledoth Jeshu" which makes a mockery of Jesus Christ who the Pope claims to represent.

Pope Offers Rosh Hashanah Greetings


October 02, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI sent out a High Holidays message auguring peace, justice and friendship in the Jewish New Year.

In a message addressed to Rome’s chief rabbi, [and liar] Riccardo Di Segni, the pope expressed his hope that “these important feasts may be an occasion for many blessings from on high, and a source of infinite grace.”

The pope added, “May the desire grow in all of us to promote justice and peace in the world, which has great need of authentic witnesses of truth. May God in his goodness protect the Jewish community and allow us to deepen our friendship, both here in Rome and all over the world.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Netanyahu's Messianic Fanaticism Precipitating False-Messiah Catastrophe

Pious, reverent "Bibi" taking orders from his Rebbe to speed the coming of "The Messiah:"

Netanyahu's messianism could launch attack on Iran

Relying on the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his teachings in a speech that was ostensibly in favor of a Palestinian state is like relying on a racist who fervently supports slavery in a speech that is ostensibly in favor of abolition, while also making abolition contingent upon conditions that will never be met.

Sefi Rachlevsky - Haaretz

September 27, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu promised to tell the truth at the United Nations, and the truth was indeed revealed. The prime minister chose in this speech to quote reverently from his meetings with one person only: the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who viewed himself as the messiah.

Neither the source nor the inflammatory quotation was coincidental. Netanyahu was intimately acquainted with the Rabbi King Messiah, and also with the views he expressed from on high. The rebbe's followers stood behind Netanyahu's victorious campaign in the 1996 election, which following the incitement-filled demonstrations and Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, with the slogan "Netanyahu is good for the Jews." And on Sunday, the prime minister's entourage was sent to genuflect at the rebbe's court.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe was famous for his vehement opposition to even the tiniest withdrawal from any territory ever held by the Israel Defense Forces, even in the framework of full peace. He even opposed withdrawing from territory on the other side of the Suez Canal. In his view, not one inch of the Holy Land could be given to the Arabs. He based this opposition on both security concerns - that missiles would be deployed on any vacated territory - and religious-historical arguments. Netanyahu reiterated both claims in his speech to the United Nations.

The most prominent emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - the great rabbi, as Netanyahu termed him at the United Nations - included Baruch Goldstein, perpetrator of the 1994 Hebron massacre, and Yitzhak Ginsburg, the rabbi of Yitzhar, he of the radical books "Baruch the Man" (which celebrates the massacre ) and "The King's Torah: The Laws of Killing Gentiles." Nor was this by chance. The Lubavitcher Rebbe inculcated his followers with the doctrine of "your people are the land's only nation": In the land of the messiah, there is no room for Arabs. Thus racism entered Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations - not "merely" against Islam, but also against Arabs: They, he said, are not like your neighbors in New York.

... [in his speech] Netanyahu relied upon the most radically messianic Jewish theologian of our generation ...

... [Netanyahu] is not interested in peace and compromise. [He] opposed peace with Egypt and the first Oslo accord. He led a campaign of incitement against the Oslo-2 agreement and then refused to implement it. Ariel Sharon, Rafael Eitan and then-Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak were stunned by what they interpreted as his willingness to consider arming doomsday weapons in the face of Saddam Hussein's threats, and they worked to dissuade him. Netanyahu opposed the pullouts from Lebanon and Gaza, and not because he thought they should have been done by agreement. Nor did he respond to Mahmoud Abbas' moderation by taking advantage of the opportunity: Instead, he waged a campaign of incitement to preempt any chance of a deal and a withdrawal.

After all, he is the emissary of the Chabad messiah, the man who taught that this is the Jews' land exclusively. He returned from the United States with the feeling that the American government is a rag to wipe his feet on, with no power to stop his most extremist plans.

This is the background to what must become a global understanding of the issue that is now most important of all, which will also be the main topic of U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's visit. Netanyahu is completely serious in his desire, and also in his preparations to circumvent the warnings of the entire defense establishment in order to implement this desire, which many of those in his inner circle have defined as messianic: to attack Iran before winter. Before the clouds come, anyone who can stop him must do so.

Full article:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cantor to Send House for Week-Long Recess for Rosh Hashanah

It seems to me that the logic here is that with the handlers distracted by their holiday it's best to have the puppets take a break too, lest they do something American ...
Cantor, R-Va., said ... it’s his intention to dismiss lawmakers in the lower chamber to leave Washington for a week-long recess for the Rosh Hashanah holiday. ("Boehner & Cantor Say If FEMA Shuts Down Monday It Is Harry Reid’s Fault," John Parkinson, ABC News, Sep 23, 2011)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Alex Jones Provides Platform to Fanatical Zionist Wall St. Rabbi/Goldman Sachs VP

Wall Street Rabbi, Dovid Bendory

Wall Street Rabbi, Dovid Bendory, in his "Gun Rabbi" guise

This afternoon, September 23, 2011, alternative media host Alex Jones provided an open platform for Orthodox Rabbi Dovid Bendory. "Gun Rabbi" Rabbi Dovid Bendory wears many hats, among them, Vice President at Goldman Sachs. This important detail wasn't mentioned to Alex Jones' listeners because many of them are clued into the Goldman Sachs pirate organization and its role in the world financial collapse.

Rabbi Bendory's byline for an article of his published by the Journal of Talmudic Law and Finance credits him as, "Vice President of Risk Management Technology at Goldman Sachs in New York City where he has worked for the past 15 years." At Onesource his title is given as, "Vice President Pwmgt Information Technology Group of Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing." At the website of his Talmudic Pidyon organization in his autobiography he lists his day job as, "financial strategist at a bank in New York." At another of his Pidyon websites he lists his occupation as, "financial strategist at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York." At the website of the Rabbinical Council of America of which Rabbi Bendory is a member, his occupation is given as, "Software Engineer at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York."

It would be interesting to know if Rabbi Bendory, apparently a software engineer, is involved with the software that Goldman Sachs uses in its "front-running" market-cheating mechanism. The Execution and Clearing division of Goldman Sachs, where Rabbi Bendory apparently works, is where this illegal, predatory software-based scam takes place. Whatever the case, it is evident that Rabbi Dovid Bendory works with one of the most exploitative, predatory financial institutions in the history of the world, Goldman Sachs, and is profiting from its savaging of the world economy. Alex Jones' listeners should be made aware of this; they should know that this deceiver masquerading as a patriot "Gun Rabbi" is really The Wall Street Rabbi (he teaches Talmudic Law (halacha) at the Wall Street Synagogue daily). Rabbi Bendory's "Gun Rabbi" website, which is obviously intended to draw a largely non-Judaic, truth-seeking, right-wing, libertarian  audience, doesn't mention anything about Goldman Sachs or Wall Street for obvious reasons.

The interview Alex Jones gave this Rabbi-Banker, Dovid Bendory can be downloaded HERE and begins at around 10 minutes 15 seconds. The pretense of the interview is that "Gun Rabbi" Bendory is a great advocate of 2nd Ammendment rights but the interview quickly becomes a showcase for Rabbi Bendory's Talmudism and Zionism. Alex Jones even goes along with Rabbi Bendory's ruse of support for blacks, even as he approvingly cites the anti-black racist (and anti-Christian, anti-"Goy"), Rabbi Moses Maimonides (allegedly and strangely) in support of the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Jones invited this predatory banker-rabbi to return to his show for a full hour at a later date. Why is Alex Jones giving this racial-supremacist Orthodox Rabbi and predatory banker a platform to ingratiate himself with his largely non-Judaic audience for his  Judeo-supremacist purposes?

This is yet another case of rabbinic masquerading and deceit and infiltration of the right wing for the purpose of redirecting people of Christian European background into the Zionist, Rabbinic camp. We have documented other cases HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and throughout this blog.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Things First, The Pope Reports to the Kahal in Germany

During the afternoon of the first day of his state visit to his native Germany, September 22, 2011, Pope Benedict met with some 15 representatives of the Judaic Community in Germany. The meeting took place in Berlin's Reichstag Building behind closed doors as is so often the case with Judaic matters. Here is the English translation of the full text of his speech with much needed corrections:

I am glad to be taking part in this meeting with you [rabbis and big machers] here in Berlin. I warmly thank [real estate mogul and] President [of the Central Council of the Self-Chosen in Germany,] Dr Dieter Graumann [formerly of the "sacrosanct" German Central Bank] for his [ostensibly] kind words of greeting [which, in effect, illustrate the fact that the first order of business of any papal trip abroad is to report to the local rabbis]. They make it very clear to me how much [collusion] has grown between the [rabbis] and the [pseudo-Catholic] Church, who hold in common a not insignificant part of their essential [anti-Christian] traditions. At the same time it is clear to us all that a [sinister] relationship of mutual [conspiring] between [counterfeit] Israel and the [pseudo-Catholic] Church--[the psuedo-Church assisting the megalomaniacal aspirations] of [counterfeit Israel]--still has further to grow [due to some small, lingering, residual effect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ] and needs to be built into the heart of our proclamation of the ['Noahide'] faith.

On my visit to the Synagogue in Cologne six years ago, Rabbi Teitelbaum spoke of [compulsive] remembrance [of Judaic fables emphasizing victimhood] as one of the supporting pillars that are needed [to support the Judaic Imperium]. And today I find myself in a central place of remembrance [according to one of those fables], the appalling remembrance that it was from here [the Berlin Reichstag building] that the Shoah, the annihilation of [the Judaic people] in Europe, was planned and organized. [There is no basis in fact for claiming that an annihilation of "The Jews" was planned at the Reichstag but Judaic psychodrama is about creating our own 'reality' and then imposing it upon the masses]. Before the Nazi terror, there were about half a million [Judaic people] living in Germany, [some of whom answered big macher, Samuel Untermyer's call to "holy war" against] German society. [Judaic bankers were financing both sides of the "holy war", as Samuel Untermyer noted]. After the Second World War, Germany was [branded] the “Land of the Shoah”, where it had [allegedly] become virtually impossible [for Judaic people] to live, [even though it was far more hospitable to the countless Judaic lawyers who descended upon it than the conquered German people]. Initially there were hardly any efforts to re-establish the old Jewish communities [because it was intended by Judaic power brokers that the Judaic people of Europe should form a Zionist state in Palestine], even though [Judaic] individuals and families were constantly arriving from the East [putting paid to the lie that post-WWII Germany was inhospitable to Judaic people]. Many of them wanted to emigrate and build a new life, especially in the United States. [Only the Zionist fanatics among them wanted to go to Palestine].

In this place, remembrance must also be made of the Kristallnacht that took place from 9 to 10 November 1938. Only a few could see the full extent of this [misdirected] act of [contempt against the policies and practices of villains like Samuel Untermyer, who were hiding in their castles out of reach of the common people]. Bernhard Lichtenberg, ... cried out from the pulpit of Saint Hedwig’s Cathedral: “Outside, the [synagogue] is burning – that too is the house of God” [a falsehood if there ever was one]. The Nazi reign of terror was based on a racist myth [closely following the racist myth at the foundation of Orthodox Judaism], part of which was the rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ and of all who believe in him [as Orthodox Judaism is a rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ and of all who believe in him]. The supposedly “almighty” Adolf Hitler was a pagan idol, who wanted to take the place of the biblical God, the Creator and Father of all men [just as the “almighty” rabbis are pagan idols, who want to take the place of the biblical God, the Creator and Father of all men]. Refusal to heed this one God always makes people heedless of human dignity as well [and nowhere is this more evident today than in counterfeit Israel and in the policies of the other nations bought off by its controllers]. What man is capable of when he rejects God, and what the face of a people can look like when it denies this God, the terrible images from the concentration camps at the end of the war showed [but not nearly so much as the terrorist atomic bombing of civilian cities in Japan, the Allied terror firebombing of Dresden, the forced starvation in the Ukraine or the Israeli terror bombing of Lebanon and Gaza].

In the light of this ['remembrance' of perpetual Judaic victimhood and coverup of Judaic atrocities], a new development has been seen in recent decades, which makes it possible to speak of [an ascendance] of [Judaic dominance] in Germany [and throughout the West]. It should be stressed that the [Judaic] community during this time has made particularly [fanatical] efforts to [send] Eastern European [emigrants] to [build homes on Palestinian land].

I would also like to express my appreciation for the deepening [monologue falsely described as] dialogue of the [pseudo-Catholic] Church with Judaism. The [true] Church feels [the oppression of] the [rabbis]. With the Declaration Nostra Aetate of the Second Vatican Council [more than less dictated by Rabbi Abraham Heschel], an “irrevocable commitment to pursue the [Masonic] path of dialogue, fraternity and friendship” was made (cf. Address in the Synagogue in Rome, 17 January 2010).  This is true of the [pseudo-Catholic] Church as a whole, in which [rabbi-blessed] John Paul II committed himself to this new path with particular zeal. Naturally it is also true of the [pseudo-Catholic] Church in Germany, which [the rabbis task with] particular responsibility in this regard. In the public domain, special mention should be made of the “Week of Fraternity”, organized each year during the first week of March by local Societies for [pseudo-Christian]-[rabbinic] Partnership.

On the Catholic side there are also annual meetings between [scoundrels in bishops' clothing] and rabbis as well as structured conversations with the Central Council of [The Self-Chosen]. Back in the 1970s, the Central Committee of German ['Noahide'] Catholics (ZdK) took the initiative of establishing a “Jews and Christians” forum, which over the years has issued many [subversive] documents. Nor must we overlook the historic meeting for Judaic-Christian [Talmud study] that took place in March 2006 with the participation of [crypto-rabbi] Walter Kasper. That meeting has continued to bear [rotten] fruit right up to the present time.

Alongside these [blameworthy] initiatives, it seems to me that [Christians must also be increasingly compelled to believe, falsely, that they have some kind of] inner affinity with Judaism. For [true] Christians, there can be no rupture in salvation history [that's why we enemies of Christian salvation put Auschwitz in the place of Calvary]. Salvation comes from the Jews [said Jesus Christ (cf. Jn 4:22) prior to His death and resurrection, and indeed salvation did come through Him--2000 years ago. Salvation does not come from people who call themselves 'Jews' and deny Jesus Christ, but we repeatedly suggest that it does anyway]. When Jesus’ conflict with the [Pharisaism] of his time is interpreted as [it truly was, it's clear that Judaism distorts Old Testament scripture making it] merely as a slavish enactment of rituals and outward observances [which make the word of God of no effect]. In fact, the Sermon on the Mount does not abolish the Mosaic Law, but [fulfills it as Jesus said]. It points us towards [scripture's true meaning because Jesus is its author but I obscure this simple fact as much as possible with Buberesque language].

The message of hope contained in the books of the Christian Old Testament has been [misappropriated] and [made void] in different ways by [rabbis] and [nominal] Christians. “After centuries of antagonism, we now see it as our task to bring [Christians under the rabbinic yoke], if we are to understand [the rabbis'] will and [their] word aright” (Jesus of Nazareth. Part Two: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection, pp. 33f.). This [unjust arrangement will] serve to [bring Christians under a 'Noahide law' tyranny].

All in all, we may conclude that the [terms dictated to the pseudo-Catholic] Church [by] Judaism in Germany have already borne [poisonous] fruits. [An unequal yoke has] been forged. [We say that those who call themselves] Jews and Christians certainly [must play] a shared [role] the [destruction] of society, which always includes a [Talmudic] dimension. May all those taking part in this journey [to oblivion] move forward together [towards a Judaic kingdom based in Jerusalem]. To this end, may the One and Almighty [god of the Talmud--the rabbis], grant his blessing.

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