Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bernard-Henri Lévy Indicted for Playing the Great Game

Bernard-Henri Lévy Indicted!


On January 28, activists belonging to the PIR (Parti des Indigènes de la République) are organizing a trial of Bernard-Henri Lévy in the old PCF/CGT stronghold of Saint Denis. Norman Finkelstein and myself are the only non-French who are giving evidence against BHL. The trial will commence at 6.30pm at the Bourse du Travail de St-Denis. 9-11 rue Génin, Saint Denis. Metro 13 - Porte de Paris.

Note that among the counts of indictment are Bernard-Henri Lévy's ushering of the infidel into France and then inciting conflict between them and the natives:

Order for the indictment of Bernard-Henri Lévy before the Assize Court, and for his arrest:

We have determined that whereas investigation has established the following facts concerning the accused:

- His unrelenting promotion of imperialism and Zionism,

- His intellectual fakery, symptom of philosophical nullity amid the accumulation of capital and power,

- His leveling of false accusations and calumnies against Iran,

- His warmongering and advocacy of “humanitarian imperialism,”

- His aiding in the creation and promotion of SOS Racisme to smother autonomous immigration movements,

- His dissemination of false news likely to sow social and religious discord between Christians and Muslims.

For these reasons, we rule that there is sufficient evidence against Bernard-Henri Lévy that he committed such acts, punishable under the Criminal Code, in regard to Articles 175, 176, 181, 183 and 184. We order the indictment of Bernard-Henri Lévy, to be lodged at the Court of Assizes of the department of Seine- Saint-Denis to be tried according to law.”

Executed in Chambers, December 18, 2010.”

In a great media spectacle in 2008, Pope Benedict baptized another player of this game, Magdi Allam, who seems to be connected with that other player of the game, Michael Ledeen HERE, HERE, HERE HERE and also through his wife Valentina Colombo, HERE.


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