Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Irish Leaders Castigated As Greatest Traitors Of All Time

Irish Leaders Castigated As Greatest Traitors Of All Time


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I won't hold my breath that this will see the light of day on Gabriel Donohoe's blog:

Eamonn says:
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January 14, 2011 at 2:30 pm

Ireland, like virtually the entire world, has abandoned the Faith. No wonder then that so many foolishly fall prey to—and even assist—the synagogue of Satan’s genocide and economic and other crimes against humanity.

The 40-year-old Novus Ordo “faith” would not be recognizable to any pre-Vatican 2 Pope, Doctor, Saint, or Catholic collegiate or kindergartener, Irish or otherwise. Yes, these are the times of the great revolt (2 Thessalonians 2), involving even that Judaizing modernist “subsisting in” the Chair of Peter.

Can that toady “subsisting in” the Chair of Peter be truly oblivious to the fact that the Chief Rabbi of Rome Riccardo Di Segni republished the Toledoth Yeschu, the perverse, yet “orthodox,” tract mocking and blaspheming Jesus?

It was republished under the misleading title “Il vangelo del ghetto” (”The Gospel of the Ghetto”), subtitled “”storie di Gesù” (the history of Jesus) and described as “leggende e documenti della tradizione medievale ebraica” (legends and documents of the medieval Jewish tradition).

What is that “Jewish” tradition?

The Toledoth Yeschu embellishes the Torah’s blasphemous mockery that Jesus was a “mamzer” [bastard] conceived adulterously in “niddah” [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a]. Schafer documents much more, including the Talmud claim that the Sanhedrin justly executed Jesus because he was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a] who worshipped a brick [Sanhedrin 67a], even boasting that the Sanhedrin overcame Roman opposition to the execution of Jesus [Sanhedrin 43a].

In their eyes you are not even human:

“You are adam ["man"], but goyim [gentiles] are not called adam ["man"].” Kerithoth 6b

“The seed of the goyim is like an animal.” Sanhedrin 74b

“All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamoth 98a


The Jews murdered over 60 million Christians in the USSR:

and the genocide in Palestine goes on.

Jewish swindlers are causing worldwide suffering:

Wake up to the wickedness of those that Jesus called “…the synagogue of Satan, those who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.”

The “man of sin,” the Anti-Christ, is near.

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Dear Maurice - I thank you and congratulate you for your courage in publishing this blog. Quite clearly, you get the plot!