Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Lesson in "Globalism"

Preservation; distinction for "The Jews." Evisceration; diversity for "The Goyim."

What is this wild-eyed woman Barbara Spectre talking about when she says "Europe won't survive" unless "The Jews" play a leading role in creating a multicultural amalgam out of it and why doesn't the same multicultural mandate apply to "The Jews" and "Israel"?

Compare the message in the video above with the message in the video at this link:

This organization "Paideia" is a branch of an Israeli state-based "European Jewish Fund." While these organizations eviscerate European religion, culture and tradition, they simultaneously build up Judaic religion, culture and tradition in Europe:

The European Jewish Fund Leadership Program at Paideia combines an in-depth and comprehensive education in the texts that constitute the bedrock of Jewish civilisation, traditional study methodology (Hevruta), an academic approach to interpretation and applied project development, making it a unique program in Jewish studies. It provides the participants with the knowledge and the tools they need to become driving forces in strengthening Jewish community life throughout Europe.

In fact, in its mission statement, the "European Jewish Fund" says it was established:
"... for the very specific goal of strengthening Jewish life in Europe.

To achieve this goal, the Fund focuses on young people and their connection to Judaism and their communities by supporting programmes aimed at building Jewish identity and Jewish pride, especially by re-connecting young people with their rich and vital Jewish past ... The Fund is also focused on addressing such serious threats to Jewish life in Europe as assimilation, anti-Semitism and racism.

Assimilation is without a doubt an existential threat to European Jewry that is becoming ever graver. The threat must be addressed in a serious manner with programmes that are aimed at reconnecting people with Jewish life."

So, in brief, while this "Israel"-based Judaic organization attacks European identity by promoting multiculturalism and diversity, it simultaneously fights assimilation for Judaic persons by promoting Judaic religion, tradition and culture.

The chairman of the "European Jewish Fund" is multi-billionaire "Russian" oligarch, Moshe Kantor who is also the head of the "European Jewish Congress."

Find the "European Jewish Fund" representative for your European nation here:

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Anonymous said...

What Ms. Spector *really* means when she says, "The current wave of antisemitism in Sweden will pass" is that more Swedes must be incarcerated for "holocaust denial".