Thursday, March 24, 2011

Budget Crisis? There's always billions for the U.S. to Police Libya and the Planet


Anonymous said...

Just saw Rick Santorum on EWTN. I dont think he believes that the US should be policing Libya, but he does believe that poor Israel is getting a rough deal from the Obama administration. And yes, Israel is entitled to keep all conquered territory just as past conquerors in history have done.
With views like this, why does he think that the US should not police Libya?

Anonymous said...

An American once told me that the US will never get into any financial crisis because all it has to do is just print money. The whole world needs the US Dollar to do trade with.

I'm not at all familiar with Economics and Finance. Is it true?

Maurice Pinay said...

We are in a financial crisis.

Printing currency disproportionate to production is not sustainable. The economy based upon that overinflated currency collapses as people turn to more stable trade mediums and stores of wealth. That is an opportune time for another currency to take its place.