Monday, March 28, 2011

Talmud Study in South Korea

I recall hearing reports of this in 2005 from a person teaching English to schoolchildren in South Korea. This person also said that The Diary of Anne Frank is required reading in South Korean schools. The evangelists of double-standard 'Noahidism' in the East are primarily Chabad.

I suspect that much of this is based in awe and suspicious beliefs about Judaic power and wealth. Having nearly non-existant Judaic populations and little practical experience to base an informed opinion on, these people aren't learning real Talmud any more than 'Madonna' is. They're learning the P.R. version of Talmud intended for 'Noahide' consumption. The Palestinian people have much practical experience with actualized 'wisdom of the Talmud.'

As I understand, Judaism and Zionism are not as highly regarded in Japan.


Talmud Study in South Korea

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Gleesing said...

And, just as amongst the united suicides of amerika, so is another 'Noahide' practice:

Gleesing said...

As to the postmodern Nipponese situation vis-à-vis the abominable:

The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

Mr. Pinay

I thought you might be interested in this photo of of Cardinal Shehan with Zachariah Shuster.

Lifted from this book:

Maurice Pinay said...

Thank you for that. "Spiritual Radical" is an important book. I've referenced it numerous times here.

Thank you for your invaluable work at your blog.