Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Progressive Judeomania, Part 2

Judaic Anti-Zionist Progressives, you're making asses of yourselves with comments like this:

"... I have lost most of my remaining respect for [Rabbi Andy Bachman] after reading him denounce Allison Benedikt's writing her own hagaddah as a crime against the Jewish people by invoking the one true science, numerology. Who is he, Louis Farrakhan?"

Judaism, the religion Rabbi Bachman represents, is so rotten with numerology (Gematria) it's difficult to imagine that anyone with even the most cursory understanding of the religion wouldn't know this. And this remains true to this day, even in its 'progressive,' 'Reform' branch. Reform Rabbi Andy Bachman's numerology: "The structure of the Seder is built on the number 4 (4 questions, 4 cups, 4 children)" is in itself proof of this.

So what sense is there to wheeling in Louis Farrakhan as a reference when Rabbi Bachman's numerology stems directly from rabbinic Judaism's very own, very rich numerology traditions? For anyone even wondering, it's progressive tribal megalomania.

It matters not that Louis Farrakhan's use of numerology is negligible compared to that of any given rabbi; facts be damned! Jack Ross needs a low point of reference to measure Reform Rabbi Andy Bachman's numerology against and that's where the hated "Goy" Louis Farrakhan comes in; in other words, "Rabbi Bachman, you're a 'Jew,' you should be living up to the progressive, ethical, lightsome, perfect standards of Judaism, not acting like those backwards 'Goys' with their backwards numerology." What a laugh!

It's pretty obvious that many of these people don't know much about Judaism. They just know it must be super because it came from "The Jews"* and not from "the Goyim."

Silly ruses like the above serve only to shelter precious Judaic egos from the self-reflection that is second-nature to non-Judaic people of the West; they shield the religion of Judaism from critical analysis that Christianity has been subject to for centuries. Judaism, even in its 'progressive' 'Reform' guise is saturated with backwards traditions including numerology, but none so backwards as its tribal megalomania.

Judaism, and "The Jews," your enlightenment is centuries overdue. It used to be possible to hide this fact but since you've come to the forefront of the establishment, your business has become our business and we see clearly that the self-chosen 'progressive' emperor and arbiter of everything 'democratic' and 'enlightened' has no clothes.

*Actually, the origin of Judaism is the ancient pagan traditions of the East augmented by savage tribalism, extreme narcissism and paranoia--the distinct contribution of the rabbis--with all of this barely camouflaged by a paper-thin Biblical veneer.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Italian Children to the Guilt Chambers

Israel will Train Italian Teachers to Teach About Holocaust

Gil Ronen - Arutz Sheva

June 13, 2011

Education Minister Gideon Saar and his Italian counterpart, Mariastella Gelmini, signed cooperation agreements Monday for training Italian teachers in Holocaust education, and for bilateral youth exchanges. The agreements were signed in the course of today's joint Israeli-Italian government meeting in Rome.

The agreement on training Italian teachers in Holocaust education is the first of its kind. The Italian Education Ministry will, on an annual basis, select teachers to attend special training at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. These teachers will then teach the subject in Italian secondary schools. Previous training in teaching the Holocaust has been carried out in non-governmental frameworks.

Minister Saar said that, "Enhancing Holocaust studies around the world, especially in Europe, constitutes a bulwark against forgetting and denying the Holocaust.

According to the second agreement, a joint steering committee will be established to work on advancing bilateral youth exchanges. Education Minister Saar said that, "It is important to strengthen the deep links between Italy and Israel by boosting the brave friendship between our peoples. Friendly meetings between youth will help guarantee future relations."

Another agreement signed Monday between Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his Italian counterpart, Franco Frattini, also provides for the advancement of bilateral cooperation in the fields of education, research and higher education.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

U.S. Politics Descends to New Depths of 'Noahide' Fanaticism

Skull and Bones Bill Buckley's process of "draining the fever swamps" and making conservatism "respectable" has reached its final destination in complete, slavish depravity.

And by the way, Michele Bachmann is the representative for Minnesota's 6th congressional district which happens to be the home of 'traditional Catholic' journal The Remnant which we last heard from when its editor Michael Matt was making himself utterly irrelevant, wailing of an imminent Sharia law takeover of the U.S.

Andrew Cuomo and the "Democratic Process"

Here's a look at Hasidic Democracy.

During his recent campaign, Andrew Cuomo ingratiated himself with the Satmar Rebbe. The Satmar is the largest Hasidic sect in New York with a population of around 45,000 (0.23% of the New York State population of over 19 million, which makes it negligible in a truly democratic election):


Andrew Cuomo ingratiates himself with the Rebbe of the much smaller Vienner sect.

Andrew Cuomo ingratiates himself with Rebbe of the even smaller Pupa sect:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progressive Judeomania

Gilad Atzmon: I guess that the difficulties involved in resolving the tension between the universal and the tribal explains why so many progressive Jews prefer to operate in intellectual, ideological and political exclusive ‘Jews only’ cells where these questions are never raised, never asked, and never answered.

Our project of following the progressive, Judaic anti-Zionist movement is ever interesting. It's clear that for a lot of these people getting high and listening to Bob Marley and the Grateful Dead occupied more of their formative years than learning the actual teachings of their rabbi-following ancestors. I lost some time in my youth as well but still managed to learn the teachings of my Catholic ancestors, and later, to learn Judaic traditional teachings which is the foundation from which I write here.

Philip Weiss must have been too distracted from youth until present to learn about rabbinic Judaism, but not too distracted to not absorb the megalomania at its core, unless there's some other way of accounting for him associating Benjamin Netanyahu's barbaric rhetoric with Islam instead of the rabbinic Judaism passed down by Netanyahu's grandfather Rabbi Natan Mileikowsky; or explicitly associating Catholicism with pedophilia (which Catholicism wholly condemns) rather than rabbinic Judaism which explicitly allows pedophilia in its most authoritative texts (See: Judaism Discovered, pp. 422-425, 436).

Does Phil perhaps think that just because The New York Times front page hasn't reported the rampant pedophilia in the synagogues and yeshivas that it doesn't exist? It's fortunate for Phil that he hasn't spent much time in the synagogue or perhaps he'd know from personal experience that the rabbis have granted themselves permission to rape children and contrived 'moser' laws forbidding victims from informing non-'Jews' about it. Apparently, The New York Times is obedient to the halakha of the 'moser' (how liberal!), but I digress.

Facts are no obstacle to actualized Judeomania, and no atrocity is terrible enough to sideline Judeomaniacal self-interest, even temporarily, which is why I emphatically say that I side with any person of Judaic ancestry who has put the savage tribalism of Judaism behind them and wishes to make repair for its ravages--in genuine benevolence--and why I will continue to critique the religion of Judaism in every guise it reinvents for its self-preservation.

As Zionism's ugliness is increasingly manifest to the world, the sane of the world are increasingly voicing their disgust, thank God. But let no one be fooled that Zionism has 'hijacked Judaism' and that we need to 'return to the ethical teachings of Judaism.' There is no such thing. And if my opinion isn't weighty enough, read what Thomas Jefferson wrote on the topic and keep it in mind when anyone tells you 'its un-American to criticize a religion' which strange unwritten law only seems to strictly apply to the religion most deserving of criticism.

And now, I present, Progressive Judeomania:

Gilad Atzmon: Jews & Their Self Interest-An Interview with Philip Weiss

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Israeli Death Squad Commander Testifies on Israeli Television

Israeli undercover agents boast of killing Palestinians on TV

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Undercover Israeli intelligence officers appeared on national television Saturday to talk about assassinating Palestinians in a program broadcast on Israel's Channel 10.

Oren Beaton presented a photo album of Palestinians he killed during his time as a commander of an undercover Israeli unit operating in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Beaton explained that he kept photos of his victims.

"This is a photo of a Palestinian young man called Basim Subeih who I killed. This is another young man. I shredded his body, and the photo shows the remnants of his body," he said.

The TV program also featured an undercover agent referred to as "D", who openly admitted killing "wanted Palestinians."

He complained of suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and said that the state had rejected his demands for compensation.

The Channel 10 presenter appealed to the Israeli government to meet the agent's demands.

"Those are the Shin Bet agents we only hear about and never see, and thanks to them we live safely," she said.

The report was filmed in the Palestinian territories, and showed agents wandering around the streets of Ar-Ram in occupied East Jerusalem with handguns under their shirts, illustrating that the agents were still operating in Palestinian cities.

The agents, who speak fluent Arabic, are shown surrounded by masked Palestinian collaborators secretly deployed to the area to protect them.

The program provided previously unconfirmed details about the operational methods of undercover agents.

The report explained that officers conducted surveillance before an assassination, investigating the target's friends and classmates.

Agents would even ask about the target's favorite meals and habits at home, the report said.

In this way, agents would put together an image of the target's behavior and routine.

Agent "D" said officers would then "seize the target and wait until the commander arrives to confirm his identity. Then we shoot him."

This confirms previous accounts from Palestinians who have said they witnessed Israeli agents shooting Palestinians at point-blank range.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Time for Camp

We've been discussing Judaic fanaticism and one of the most critical links in the chain of transmission of Judaic fanaticism undoubtedly is Judaic summer camp. This very important topic gets little coverage and it's time for that to be remedied.

I'm linking to a testimonial titled, "Life After Zionist Summer Camp" from Allison Benedikt, an editor at The Village Voice. I'd like to preface it with a few comments.

I sincerely appreciate the author's earnestness which reminds me of the same in Phillip Weiss' testimonials. This will probably be taken solely as gratitude for ammunition provided, but that is not so. I view these people as fellow human beings who have the terrible misfortune of having been indoctrinated with a terrible ideology from youth.

The author briefly mentions Hadassah which is the parent organization of a large percentage of Zionist summer camps. Hadassah was founded by Henrietta Szold, the daughter of Rabbi Benjamin Szold. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica among other sources Rabbi Benjamin Szold, from Hungary, was expelled from Vienna for his involvement in the 1848 'revolution.' He later studied at the University of Breslau rabbinic seminary where he came under the influence of Zacharias Frankel, Heinrich Graetz, and (the son of Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob Bernays) Jacob Bernays. We touched on the very influential, very revolutionary Bernays family HERE.

Rabbi Szold advocated a Judaism which allowed innovation in ritual practice but not in basic tenets. He advocated Zionism publicly from 1893. Rabbi Szold had no sons so his daughter Henrietta Szold "received the level of attention and education from her father that was usually reserved for a son." Henrietta Szold was, essentially, a rabbi.

Here we must review a topic touched on before. Like Moses Hess, Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob Bernays and other figures of the fake Judaic enlightenment (Haskalah), Rabbi Benjamin Szold also advocated a Judaism every bit as ferociously tribal as its Orthodox rabbinic root, only relieved of much of the crippling rituals and conspicuous identifying marks to facilitate its participation and advancement in the rapidly modernizing world. His daughter Henrietta Szold is the matriarch of Hadasssah which passes that brand of Judaism along to untold numbers of Judaic children at the many summer camps and youth programs it oversees. Within the Judaic community, pressure is very high for children to be sent to these summer camps. Money is not an obstacle.

According to the Encyclopedia Judaica:

Young people are drawn into the orbit of Jewish community through Hadassah programs like the Training Wheels Al Galgalim program which teaches parents and toddlers about Jewish traditions. Other programs for American Jewish youngsters include Young Judea clubs, summer camps, summer and year abroad programs in Israel, and campus based programs.

Hadassah ... was recognized in 2001 when the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) conferred on Hadassah special consultative status as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Coincidentally (can you believe it?), Hadassah made money from the Madoff ponzi scheme:

Hadassah Reveals $130 Million Windfall From Madoff

Stewart Ain, The Jewish Week

“We’re looking for an opportunity to recover [from the Madoff and stock market losses],” says Hadassah President Nancy Falchuk. “Three hundred thousand women own this organization and we will come through this.”

Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, may have lost $90 million invested with Bernard Madoff, but over the last 20 years it withdrew $130 million from that account, The Jewish Week has learned.

“We had no idea how much we had pulled out until a few days ago,” said a source close to the organization.

The source said Hadassah “went back through its books, year by year, to check all the records” to learn how much was withdrawn after receiving many calls from members upset with the $90 million loss.

“There are a lot of angry people out there,” the source said. “When we checked, we found that we did quite well — $130 million was withdrawn” since 1987 ...

full article:

Now, a testimonial from a soul fortunate to be leaving the orbit of the Hadassah racket:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anthony Weiner's Satanic Rebbe

Weiner is not the only congressman with deep ties to Rabbi Pinto. Rep. Michael Grimm (R-S.I.) and Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) have both met with Pinto multiple times and collected thousands in contributions from the rabbi's followers.

Sexting pol Anthony Weiner often seeks counsel with Rabbi to the Stars Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto

Reuven Blau • New York Daily News

Rep. Anthony Weiner might want to turn to his rabbi for more than spiritual support.

The embattled Queens-Brooklyn Democrat is a follower of Rabbi to the Stars Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, a self-proclaimed kabbalah scholar who puts death curses on his critics.

The 37-year-old Pinto comes from a long line of Moroccan rabbinical royalty, only speaks Hebrew and refuses to meet with women. Weiner regularly stops by his classes and holiday gatherings, sources said.

In return, the rabbi has instructed his wealthy, largely Israeli, followers to hold fund-raisers for the pol, a staunch supporter of Israel and Jewish causes.

The list of Pinto-tied money bundlers includes high-powered lawyer Morris Missry and developers Zina Sapir and Haim Binstock. They held fund-raisers for Weiner that gathered $343,800 for his runs for mayor in 2009 and other elections, records show.

The rabbi grabbed headlines last summer when a picture of LeBron James holding his hand surfaced shortly after the basketball star chose to sign with the Miami Heat. James consulted with the rabbi for business advice.

Weiner also has occasionally attended classes given by the rabbi at his tony upper East Side headquarters on E. 58th St. off Lexington Ave., around the corner from Bloomingdale's.

In their private discussions, "they would talk about Israel," a member of Pinto's inner circle said. "They'd ask [Weiner] why Obama wasn't more supportive."

The Israel-born rabbi is also not immune to bad press. His townhouse is facing foreclosure, a top aide was linked to the porn business and a real estate broker on whom he placed a death curse plunged to his death from the 19th floor of the Jumeirah Essex House last June.

Solomon Obstfeld had rented at least one luxury apartment to the rabbi at a below-market rate, but the two men began feuding over late payments shortly before Obstfeld's sudden death.

Weiner is not the only congressman with deep ties to Rabbi Pinto. Rep. Michael Grimm (R-S.I.) and Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) have both met with Pinto multiple times and collected thousands in contributions from the rabbi's followers.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's time to tell the truth about who the children of Abraham really are!

New Trifold Flyer by Michael Hoffman Available For Mass Distribution:

It's time to tell the truth about who the children of Abraham really are!

Economic Terrorism and Population Transfer in Ireland

At around 8:40 the topic of the exodus of the native Irish population comes up. The other side of that terrorism is that the Judaic fellow recently installed as commissar over the Irish government's most critical functions has come up with a plan which allows people from 14 nations from East Europe, Asia and the Middle East to enter Ireland without a visa. So, to recap: native Irish out; poor, uneducated foreigners in. There's no other way of describing this than savage, tribal warfare. The war is fought with financial and legal instruments rather with spears and machetes, but it is savage tribalism nonetheless.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pope Appoints Fanatical Zionist to Church's Highest Court

... from which position he will serve counterfeit Israel.

When Jaeger was asked [by the Israeli press] yesterday whether he feels Israeli, he replied, "at least as much as you do," adding, "I'm just like any Israeli citizen who works for an international organization situated outside the country - just like there are Israelis at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, the UN in New York or UNESCO in Paris. I am in a supra-national international body, that's the only the difference."

"I'm a loyal and patriotic son of our people and our country," he said. "After all, that was the whole point of the Jewish people's emancipation in the 19th century, that we would become a nation, not a religious minority among gentiles."

For a clear understanding of Zionist Jeager's statement, "that was the whole point of the Jewish people's emancipation in the 19th century, that we would become a nation, not a religious minority among gentiles," please see Revisionist History Newsletter No. 40 on Moses Hess or the pages on Moses Hess in Judaism Discovered.

Israeli Jew turned Catholic priest named head of papal court

David Maria Jaeger, a native of downtown Tel Aviv who converted to Catholicism, will become a prelate auditors of the Roman Rota, one of the chief papal law courts of the Catholic church.

Tomer Zarchin - Haaretz

David Maria Jaeger, a Catholic priest who converted from Judaism, will be installed this morning as a prelate auditor of the Roman Rota, a papal law court that serves as the chief appellate court of the Catholic Church.

Jaeger has come a long way from his youth in downtown Tel Aviv. He attended Bilu Elementary School, at that time a school for Tel Aviv's religious Zionist bourgeoisie, studied at the Zeitlin religious high school and from there, went all the way to the Holy See's highest court.

His sister Leah flew in from Israel yesterday morning for the event, bringing a special sculpture made especially for the new auditor by Menashe Kadishman. The artist hammered out the image of Jesus on the cross, with his head on the upper edge of the cross and his hands bound to its sides.

Attorney Chaim Stanger, a close friend of Jaeger's from their days together at Bilu, was also invited, but will be unable to attend because he has been under house arrest for the last few months.

Jaeger's appointment to the Holy See's highest judicial body - comprising 20 auditors hand-picked by the pope and headed by Dean of the Rota Antoni Stankiewicz - is considered a personal sign of appreciation by the pope for Jaeger's years as legal adviser to the delegation that negotiated the Vatican's Fundamental Agreement with Israel. This pact, signed in 1993, enabled the establishment of diplomatic relations between the parties the following year.

Jaeger, 56, was born in Tel Aviv to Gershon, a legendary history teacher at the Ironi A High School, and Dvora, who served as Brazil's deputy consul in Israel.

"He was a genius, physically large, an intellectual at a young age," Stanger said. "He spoke unusually maturely for his age. And children abused and hurt him."

As a teenager, Stanger continued, "Jaeger disappeared for six years." When he returned, at 22, he met Stanger and told him, "You know, I'm now in the church."

"I have a black hole regarding the period between the ages of 16 and 22," Stanger said. "He returned a doctor of theology and never spoke of the process he underwent. He told me, 'Chaim, when the time comes, we'll talk.'"

In the 1980s, Stanger came to his friend's aid, defending him in a report that Channel 1 television did about Jaeger. Rabbi Shlomo Goren, at whose north Tel Aviv synagogue Jaeger's father prayed, had attacked the younger Jaeger, terming him a meshumad - a derogatory word for someone who converts away from Judaism that literally means "destroyed."

Jaeger asked Stanger to defend him, and the latter told Channel 1, "A person cannot be wiped out, his soul cannot be killed."

Stanger noted that Jaeger's father acted "as if he didn't know his son had converted to Christianity, because as I understood it, this wasn't something they spoke about. But he was loved by both his parents; his mother also gave him support and love."

Another person who became Jaeger's friend is Prof. Arie Nadler, a former dean of Tel Aviv University's School of Social Sciences. The two met several years ago at a university symposium on the subject of prejudice.

"He came dressed as a Franciscan priest, but he was immediately familiar to me," Nadler said yesterday. "He looked just like his father, who was my admired history teacher at Ironi A and a significant and special figure in my life. He began to tell us about himself, and it was very exciting to me. We met several times, in Rome as well, and we became friends.

"He is a special man," Nadler continued. "He's told me about his deep ties to Israel. We didn't delve deeply into the reasons for his Christianity. He only gave hints."

When Jaeger was asked yesterday whether he feels Israeli, he replied, "at least as much as you do," adding, "I'm just like any Israeli citizen who works for an international organization situated outside the country - just like there are Israelis at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, the UN in New York or UNESCO in Paris. I am in a supra-national international body, that's the only the difference."

"I'm a loyal and patriotic son of our people and our country," he said. "After all, that was the whole point of the Jewish people's emancipation in the 19th century, that we would become a nation, not a religious minority among gentiles. A person can live according to his conscience, he can not believe in any religious faith or believe in one rather than another, all according to his own intellectual conscience."

Jaeger held two important positions en route to this appointment: legal adviser to the Holy See in the negotiations with Israel and, in the 1990s, head of the Diocesan court of Austin, Texas, which rules on issues of canon law such as marriage annulments.

Over the past two decades, he has divided his time among Israel, Rome and the United States. He will hold his new post until age 75.

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"Fanaticism" vs. Fanaticism

When Irish Catholics came to the northeast U.S. in the mid-19th century they were greeted by 'nativist' Know Nothing mobs led by Lewis Charles Levin, the first Judaic man elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, who used his power and influence to 'suppress' Irish Catholic 'religious fanaticism' and 'loyalty to a foreign power.'

160 years later, the U.S. faces a very real threat from very real fanatics with a very real loyalty to a foreign power. Irish Catholics never did anything remotely approaching the damage Zionists are causing to this nation, yet, to 'suppress their fanaticism' they were attacked and their churches were burned by a mob led by a fanatical 'eternally persecuted,' self-chosen, Lewis Charles Levin.

I'm one of those Irish Catholic 'fanatics' who doesn't want mob violence or synagogues burned, but this Judaic fanaticism has to stop if there's to be any hope for this country and for our children. Nothing good can come of this for anyone.

THIS is what fanaticism really looks like.

And this: