Thursday, June 9, 2011

Economic Terrorism and Population Transfer in Ireland

At around 8:40 the topic of the exodus of the native Irish population comes up. The other side of that terrorism is that the Judaic fellow recently installed as commissar over the Irish government's most critical functions has come up with a plan which allows people from 14 nations from East Europe, Asia and the Middle East to enter Ireland without a visa. So, to recap: native Irish out; poor, uneducated foreigners in. There's no other way of describing this than savage, tribal warfare. The war is fought with financial and legal instruments rather with spears and machetes, but it is savage tribalism nonetheless.

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meredith said...

Thanks for this item. It looks like the only hope for Ireland is a strong reaction from the Church. And that is not terribly likely. In fact, if anything, the Church will probably help this process for destroying Ireland along.

Best regards, Meredith

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Ireland! The IMF has been doing this to third world countries for a long time, helping them to build "roads" to nowhere. All the money that they lend to third world countries ended in NY and FL banks, or some Swiss bank account.

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots:

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