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Florida Residents Fight Taxpayer Bailout for 'Holocaust' 'Museum'

We've all heard tales of Nazis forcing 'The Jews' to dig their own graves. Today, the Hollywood, Florida mob is scheming to get Florida taxpayers to finance their own guilt chamber.

Harry "Hap" Levy
Rositta Kenigsberg

Hollywood may forgive $1.7 million loan to Holocaust center

Megan O'Matz - Sun Sentinel

July 17, 2011

Hollywood Florida: Holocaust Documentation & Education Center loan

Eight years ago this city embraced the prospect of providing a home in the downtown for a Holocaust museum and education center that would fit nicely into the city's intellectual core: its arts and cultural district.

Like many grand projects, this one ran into unforeseen obstacles in renovating an old building and in raising funds. The center is functional but the museum has yet to open.
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On Monday morning, the City Commission, acting as its redevelopment board, will consider a plan to forgive $1.7 million the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center owes in principal and interest for the purchase of its building, at 2031 Harrison St.

The city, however, is facing a $38 million budget deficit in 2012 and has voted tentatively to increase property taxes and firefighting fees. So the prospect of its redevelopment arm writing off a $1.7 million loan is creating some consternation.

"It looks extremely bad," said retired attorney Sara Case, who edits a blog about city finances.

Leaders of Hollywood's Community Redevelopment Agency stress that redevelopment funds — used to attract and retain businesses — legally cannot be used to offset shortfalls in the general revenue fund, which pay city operating expenses.

But the city's coffers and the CRA's both are financed with tax dollars, making forgiving the $1.7 million loan unappetizing to some.

"It's just not right to give this money away," city activist Peter Brewer said.

CRA officials believe they have a plan that will still safeguard the public's money.

The loan forgiveness comes with a caveat. The center, which has collected thousands of documents, photos, artifacts and oral histories of Holocaust survivors, must open a museum on the ground floor in about 18 months and actively run it for 10 years.

If successful, under the proposal the center eventually will outright own the Harrison Street building, which now houses its offices, library and classroom space. If unsuccessful, however, the building will revert back to the CRA.

"Hopefully this will create the opportunity for them to get going, and if they don't get going then we'll get the asset back," CRA Executive Director Jorge Camejo said.

The only cost to the center: $18,300 in administrative fees spread out over several years.

This is not the first time the CRA has come to the center's rescue. It agreed in 2004 that the center would not have to begin paying back its $1.2 million loan for three years. Then in September 2005, it gave the center a $50,000 grant for roof repairs.

In 2007, the CRA forgave another $500,000 loan for renovations. That same year it gave the center three more years to begin paying on the 2004 loan.

In 2008, the center revised its plans and bought a separate building in Hollywood for $850,000, without city funds, at 115 S. 21st Ave. The center now plans to house its major museum there and install a traveling exhibition gallery on the ground floor of the Harrison Street building.

In October of last year, the center finally was to begin repaying the CRA loan — in monthly payments of $16,026 through 2024 — but told the city it could not because of unexpectedly high renovation costs at the Harrison Street building. City documents state the center spent $4 million on renovations while the appraised value of the building dropped.

By last year, the principal and interest on the loan had accrued to $1.7 million. The center and CRA agreed to renegotiate the terms.

The center's director, Rositta Kenigsberg, said she welcomes the opportunity to work with the city to bring the museum to fruition.

"This is a mutually beneficial partnership, and we look forward to our future endeavors together," she said.,0,861221.story

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Illinois Guilt Chamber Run by 'Progressive' Judaic Publisher of Genocidal Zohar

The Judaic-run guilt chamber in Illinois, the "Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center" has a sub-chamber called the "Pritzker Hall of Reflection:"

The Pritzker Hall of Reflection provides a forum for discussion and contemplation with 18 windows containing a memorial candle symbolic of [Judaic] life.

The multi-billionare Pritzker Chicago mob family that raised the funds for the Guilt Chamber in Skokie, Illinois which they call a 'museum' goes to great lengths to present a cultured, progressive facade to 'the Goyim' while quietly publishing one of the most hate-filled, superstitious, racist and genocidal texts in history, the fundamental Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, a text which prophesies that it's not possible for the Judaic 'redemption' to be complete until a thorough genocide of 'Amalek' has taken place:
"But withal redemption will not be complete until Amalek will be exterminated, for against Amalek the oath was taken that “the Lord will have war against Amalek from generation to generation.” (Zohar, Bereshith, Folio 25b)
On the surface it seems at best a conflict of interest for a family that publishes genocidal texts to self-choose themselves as commissars of genocide education, but there is a logic to it. They themselves are engaged in cultural, mental and spiritual genocide against non-Judaic people and their 'Holocaust' guilt chambers are a means to that end as well as a distraction from it. One of the pioneers of 'Holocaust' guilt, Rabbi Abraham Heschel clearly explained the process HERE.

As always, the establishment press can be expected to grease the skids for the industrial-scale 'Holocaust' guilt machine. My comments and corrections are interspersed:

Truth, Tears and Tolerance: Illinois 'Holocaust' 'Museum' pays tribute to victims, honors survivors

Lois Berger -

June 20, 2011

It all began in the aftermath of the proposed march on Skokie [stage-managed by the Nazi costume-wearing homosexual pedophile of Judaic ancestry, Frank Collin and facilitated by Judaic ACLU lawyer, David Goldberger] in the late 1970s. ['Holocaust' martyrs] living in the area realized they must ensure that [their hagiography is imposed upon] future generations [of non-Judaic children]. [The Skokie 'neo-Nazi' fraud became the pretext for the 'Holocaust education' racket in the U.S.: a 'solution' that created its own 'problem.'] In 1981, the ['Holocaust'] Memorial Foundation of Illinois was established and in 1984, a small [guilt chamber] and resource center opened, making it available to the public, especially [non-Judaic] schoolchildren, who heard [guilt-inducing hagiography from 'Holocaust' holy people].

Then, in 1990, two important incidents occurred: [scoundrel] James Thompson signed the Holocaust Education Mandate into law, making Illinois the first state to mandate [state-run 'Holocaust' guilt inducement] in all public elementary and high schools, and [scoundrel] Richard M. Daley designated ['Holocaust' Guilt-Inducement] Day.

"Each year on ['Holocaust' Guilt-Inducement] Day, we come together to [induce guilt in the non-Judaic population, especially the children]," said Mayor Daley as he hosted his last [HGID] to a [Judaic] standing ovation at the [Illinois Guilt Chamber] in May. "I started ['Holocaust' Guilt-Inducement] Day in Chicago [because the machers told me to]. This day [we bombard non-Judaic people with baseless, undeserved guilt as we do every other day of the year;] we must never forget [to keep the industrial-strength guilt chambers stoked] and [assure that 'the Goyim' are kept docile] for the future."

To continue, in 2000, these [self-chosen 'Holocaust' commissars] reached out, and after years of fundraising, in April 2009—led by [guilt chamber] campaign chair J.B. Pritzker, executive director Richard Hirschhaut and former [guilt chamber] president Samuel Harris—they opened the Illinois ['Holocaust' Guilt Chamber] & [Undeserved Guilt Inducement] Center in Skokie, Illinois.

The facility is housed inside a 65,000-square-foot building, designed by renowned [Judaic] architect Stanley Tigerman, who [enshrined 'The Holocaust'] by building one side black and angular, the other side white and curvilinear. [Victims] enter through the dark, windowless side [where they are led into the depths of the guilt chamber] by a World War II-era German rail car, like those used to transport [many people of various ethic and religious groups] to [concentration camps, like the Japanese were in the U.S. and Christians were in Russia and Germans were in Germany after WWII]. At the end of the tour, they exit on the white side, hopefully [crippled with guilt] by their experience. [Note, the process of initiation described here proceeds from angular darkness to curvilinear light; the induced guilt and self-hatred is associated with 'light'].

"This is the most adventuresome building I've done—not materially, but spiritually," Tigerman says of the center. "A museum such as this holds a belief; I don't care what religion you are, people who believe in something are more committed than those who don't."

"We are indeed committed," explains Fritzie Fritzshall, [alleged former concentration-camp inmate] and president of the [Illinois Guilt Chamber]. "We are committed to [inducing baseless guilt in the] future generation [of 'Goys']. They must [feel guilty for] ['The Holocaust'], [and hear about] the recent atrocities in Darfur, Rwanda and Bosnia, [but they most definitely cannot hear about the Judaic role in atrocities perpetrated in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, etc.]."

And the mission of the [guilt chamber] is succeeding. [Non-Judaic] public and private school students from across the Midwest are [transported to the guilt chamber to] experience [overwhelming, undeserved guilt]. Since the opening of the [guilt chamber], over 100,000 students have [been processed], led by 140 [kapos] who have undergone an 8-month [guilt-inducement and self-hatred] training program.

[At moderate capacity] five or six classes go through in intervals [because the guilt chambers are as coldly efficient as their designers and operators], and all students have earpieces so [the guilt is delivered as directly and efficaciously as possible]. The [mental conditioning] begins with the rise of Nazism in the Karkomi Permanent Exhibition [where they learn that masonic Jehovah's Witnesses were persecuted, but not about the persecution of Catholic priests and nuns].

The visitors hear testimonies from ['Holocaust' zaddikim] and view [holy relics], [holy texts] and [sacred 'Holocaust' images]. Some autographed high school yearbooks particularly move students [as it is specifically calculated to do. No mementos of Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Palestinian, etc., Christian students savaged by Judaic criminals are shown. Empathy for them is not allowed, nor indignation toward the Judaic criminals who killed them. Hatred is encouraged towards and circumscribed to real and imaginary persecutors of the self-chosen]. Many of them wrote, "I'll see you next year"—and of course next year never came for them [anymore than it ever came for the victims of Judaic atrocities whose memory the Illinois Guilt Chamber blots out].

The students learn about the laws in Germany that were promulgated against the [Judaic people, but they're not told about the far more tyrannical rabbi-promulgated 'Noahide Laws' that they intend to impose on non-Judaic people]. Beginning in 1933, [Judaic people] were banned from journalism, music, broadcasting and theater [as 'Holocaust' skeptics , pro-Palestinian activists, Gospel-upholding Christians, etc, are today]. Later, Germany restricted [Judaic] public activities and participation in professions [as 'Holocaust' skeptics, pro-Palestinian activists, Gospel-upholding Christians, etc, are discriminated against today]. [Judaic] life under the Swastika was shocking [as non-Judaic life under the hexagram is today]. [Judaic persons] were in the forefront of culture [destruction], [language subversion] and [Kabbalah disguised as] science [largely due to the tribal networking and shunning of outsiders they are notorious for]. From 1901 to 1933, [Judaic persons living in Germany] were among the thirty Germans who had won the Nobel Prize. With the rise of Hitler, [many Judaic bigshots contrived] the full extent of what was to follow. How could they? [By financial chicanery, blackmail, buying off and promoting the worst turncoats and scoundrels among 'the Goyim,' controlling the media, as usual].

After learning about the horror of the November pogrom, known as Kristallnacht, when storefronts and businesses were destroyed throughout Germany and Austria, [Judaic people] realized that the situation would not get better [until after the war, when, coincidentally, things would be 'better' than they had ever been]. Britain responded with an offer to take some 10,000 children until they could be reunited with their parents. Thus Kindertransport began in 1938. This dilemma told many stories. Some children became so British they could not remember German and did not know their parents when reunited. Others never saw their parents again. A few were taken off the trains at the last minute by hysterical mothers or fathers and [hid] with their parents. [Very touching. I'd be far less cynical if the 'museum' humanized victims of Judaic atrocities in the same way].

As the field trip continues, students hear about and see [sacred images] and [holy relics] of [Judaic 'Holocaust' martyrs] as they were rounded up and moved into ghettos until they were finally deported to concentration camps, where [officially promulgated writ, without a shred of material evidence, dictates that] over 6 million [Judaic persons] and millions of others [not worth identifying because they weren't Judaic] were [put to work but alleged to be] killed in an assembly-line fashion [as 'Goy' children are today led to the guilt chambers--in assembly-line fashion].

Students also learn about the resistance of armed [Judaic] underground groups operating in more than ninety ghettos throughout Eastern Europe and the sad news from the United States. Not believing the annihilation going on [due to no credible evidence of genocide ever materializing, even to this day], but suspecting the anti-[Judaic] treatment, 95 percent of Americans disapproved of the [Nazi] regime [as did Fr. Coughlin who equally opposed the Judeo-Bolshevik regime and its genocide and he was silenced because of it], but fewer than 9 percent supported changing the system to allow more refugees into the country. [Even less supported allowing Russian and Ukrainian Christian refugees of the Judeo-Bolskevik terror into the U.S. as they had never heard a word of it, even to this day. Illinois guilt chamber victims are not told of The New York Times' silence and therefore complicity in the Judaic Bolshevik atrocities in Russia and the Ukraine].

Then there were the [non-Judaic] rescuers. They offered shelter and assistance, often at the risk of [death]. Almost no one [avoided concentration camps] without [non-Judaic] assistance. One of the highlights of the visit refers to the fact that the [Judaic] people, through Yad Vashem—[Counterfeit] Israel's National Memorial to ['The Holocaust']—have honored more than 20,000 rescuers, naming them Righteous Among the Nations [who nevertheless are not 'Jews,' only have animal souls and are therefore deemed to be of a lower life form according to the Kabbalistic texts published by the Pritzker family].

There are [sub-chambers] throughout the [main guilt chamber], such as the Room of Remembrance [of the Self-Chosen], which pays special homage to those [Judaic] persons and millions of others [not worth identifying specifically because they're not Judaic] [allegedly] murdered during ['The Holocaust']. Names of [Judaic alleged] victims line the walls in [an idolotry of Judaic suffering]. The Pritzker Hall of Reflection [funded by the Judaic Pritzker Chicago mob family that publishes the genocidal, anti-Goyite Zohar] provides a forum for [contrived and controlled] discussion and contemplation with eighteen windows containing a memorial candle symbolic of [Judaic] life [as taught in anti-Goyite genocidal Kabbalah]. Then there is the interactive Miller Family Youth Exhibition space, where [non-Judaic] children ages 8 to 11 learn to combat bullying [of establishment-anointed victims which doesn't include Europe-descended Catholics, or Arabs of either Christian or Muslim belief], counteract indifference [except where Judaic atrocities are concerned in which case indifference, if not silence is mandatory] and stand up to injustice by way of games and scenarios [which portray only Judaic victims and whatever other minority is expedient to portray Christians as villains against]. The amazing [in its depth of guilt inducement] Legacy of Absence [chamber] focuses on contemporary artistic responses to genocidal actions and other atrocities [excluding all Judeo-perpetrated atrocities] through various presentations.

The museum's motto is "Remember the Past [Except Where Judaic Persons are Blameworthy], Transform the Future [of Goy Masses Guilt-Bashed into Hating their Ancestors, Traditions, Culture and Religion]." In this perspective, the trip depicts what [mobsters like the Pritzker family would like Goys to believe] so that [it's impossible to learn anything meaningful or relevant from history]. At the end of the [state-mandated guilt chamber internment], there is [an additional guilt-processing] video, narrated by ['Holocaust' priestess] Barbra Streisand [who Miles Davis thought wasn't a good singer], and instead of the well-known phrase "Never Again," [which only strictly applies to Judaic persons] the words the students leave with are "Now, it's up to you [to spread the mind virus you've been inflicted with at this guilt chamber]."

Finally, according to [son of an Irgun terrorist and anti-Goyite bigot; fellow Chicago mobster] Rahm Emanuel, "It is essential that future [Goy] generations [have their minds and souls crushed by 'Holocaust' guilt. By promulgating 'Holocaust' guilt we keep 'the Goyim' subjugated so that we can go about building our 'Jewish' kingdom without the opposition these people would raise if they were thinking clearly]." He adds, "In the years to come, I will carry out [the work our Goy frontman Richard Daley started for us while we stayed in the background] to make sure that [the 'Holocaust' guilt is unrelenting]." The Illinois [Guilt Chamber & 'Holocaust' Guilt-Inducement Center] will make sure as well.

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Massive California Freeway Project Works Around Backwards Eruv Tradition of Judaism

"The level of help we've had, from the Roman Catholic permit people at Caltrans … to the Muslim line inspector along the freeways who gave us engineering help.…The level of deference and courtesy and kindness — it makes you feel good that you live in America," [Chabad Lubavich eruv inspector Howard] Witkin said.

Orthodox Judaism is a ghetto religion by the dictates of its rabbinic founders as you will see in the article below. In the U.S. where 'Jews' are as free as they've ever been at any time in history in the West, they form their own ghettos [eruvim] at great inconvenience to the non-Judaic 98% majority and thank them by pushing for legislation that would make them second rate citizens in their own land under a rabbinic 'Noahide law' tyranny. I give one example of the two-tiered tyranny of Orthodox Judaism's 'Noahide law' from the Talmud as translated by Chabad Lubavitcher, Adin Steinsaltz (also the Nasi (head) of the Israeli Sanhedrin). This is the kind of two-tiered legal system Chabad Lubavitch would repay American courtesy and kindness with if they were able:

"A non-Jew is put to death on the basis of a decision given by one judge [no jury], and on the basis of testimony given by a single witness, and even if he was not given a proper warning prior to the commission of his offense. He is put to death on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a man but not on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a woman, and the man who testified or decided against him can even be a relative.

"A Jew can only be put to death by a court of twenty-three judges, and on the basis of the testimony of two male witnesses who are not disqualified from testifying on account of kinship, and after being properly warned against committing the transgression. But none of these rules apply in the case of a non-Jew." (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b, Steinsaltz edition, vol.18, page 110)

Chabad Lubavitch strongly adheres to the racial supremacist mysticism of Orthodox Judaism as explained by Chabad's Robert Kremnizer:

In The Ladder Up (Building Block No. 6) it was explained that Jews have a neshamah [an extra higher soul that is connected to God]. This is the functional difference between Jews and non-Jews. There is no Jew alive, no matter how he denies his Judaism, who has not felt an affinity for another Jew which he cannot explain. On board a ship, in a hotel, on an airplane, Jew will acknowledge Jew. People imagine this to be an emotional need for mutual recognition. Not so. What is being expressed is the spiritual need of neshamah recognizing neshamah.

We can describe the neshamah. It is explained in Tanya that the neshamah is a part of HaShem [God] enclothed in the nefesh (soul) of a Jew. This is the specific difference between Jews and non-Jews. Jews have a neshamah, Gentiles do not. (Robert Kremnizer, The Curtain Parted)

Chabad Lubavitcher, Howard Witkin mentioned in the article below teaches the 'ethics' of Judaism. Of the 'ethics' of Judaism, Thomas Jefferson said, "It was the reformation of this `wretched depravity' of morals which Jesus undertook."

And now, a feel-good piece on the 'right wing' Chabad sect of Orthodox Judaism from the 'liberal' Los Angeles Times with my comments and corrections interspersed:

Massive 405 Freeway project respects the boundaries of a Jewish tradition

Metro and Caltrans are working with Orthodox Jews to maintain the thin 'walls' of a vast Westside eruv during work on the 405 Freeway.

Mitchell Landsberg - Los Angeles Times

July 4, 2011

Carmageddon, schmarmageddon. [oh, I get it, that sounds Yiddish, I guess it's expected that I smile politely and knowingly and most of all with deference]

Like just about everybody else, Orthodox Jews in Los Angeles have their issues with the 405 Freeway widening project. Unlike most people, however, their primary concern is not necessarily the impending closure of a stretch of the freeway on the July 16-17 weekend.

Their problem is that the 405 construction project keeps messing up their eruv.

Some explanation [hasbara] is probably in order.

An eruv is a ritual enclosure surrounding a [Judaic] neighborhood. It can be a fence, a wall, a piece of string — or a freeway. And it must be unbroken [because that's what the rabbis--not the Bible--mandate, among billions of other such non-biblical rules].

Its purpose is legalistic, a [rabbinic] loophole, some [do] say [and rightly so]. [According to the rabbis it] allows observant Jews to perform certain actions on the [rabbinic] Sabbath— carry a tray of food or push a baby stroller, for example — that [rabbinic] law prohibits in public on that day [among a myriad of other such prohibited acts].

In effect, it creates an entire zone that is considered communal [or to put it more succinctly, it creates a Judaic ghetto].

Some eruvs can be fairly small, enclosing a tight-knit [Judaic] neighborhood. Brooklyn, for instance, is checkered with relatively small ones. It is perhaps not surprising that Los Angeles, the city that practically invented urban sprawl, is home to one of the largest eruvs anywhere, a vast enclosure 40 miles in circumference, surrounding much of the Westside and spilling over into the San Fernando Valley.

Its boundaries are, roughly, Western Avenue on the east, the 101 Freeway on the north, the 10 on the south and — yes — the 405 on the west. In portions, such as along Western, the boundary consists of fishing line strung along the tops of utility poles. It's hard to spot, even if you know it's there [or so they would prefer, given the inherent synagogue/state issue].

But for much of its length, the eruv consists of freeway fences or the freeways themselves.

"We always look for the simplest possible path," said Howard Witkin, [a Chabad Lubavitch racial supremacist fanatic and] insurance executive who volunteers as an eruv [ghetto] administrator.

Ever since the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and California Department of Transportation began work in late 2009 to widen the 405 to 10 lanes, maintaining the eruv has been anything but simple [and a major headache and resource drain to the state, towns, businesses and private landowners involved] .

The freeway widening has meant that seemingly permanent structures such as fences and freeway walls are constantly being breached, torn down or moved. The volunteers who inspect the eruv weekly and maintain it as needed have suddenly found their workload multiply [due to their fanatical adherance to a backwards tradition which should have been reformed centuries ago during the so-called 'Haskalah' (Judaic enlightenment) which was no enlightenment].

"It used to be a once-a-week thing," said Daneil Mayer, a college student who fixes breaks in the boundary. "But since the construction began, it's four times a week."

One recent day, Mayer was standing with Witkin in the parking lot of the Bad News Bears baseball field, beside the freeway near Ohio Avenue in Westwood. In the background, cars and trucks lumbered past, the 405 not yet clogged by the afternoon rush. But Mayer's interest was in the foreground: a scattering of construction equipment, a temporary fence and concrete K-rails, the modular, low-slung traffic dividers that are a familiar part of highway repair projects.

"There used to be a fence where that K-rail is," Witkin said, pointing. The fence had formed part of the eruv. When it was torn down, Mayer put up 15-foot poles and ran fishing line between them for about 500 feet along Cotner Avenue, which runs along the freeway. [That's 4 paragraphs dedicated to evoking empathy for those poor racial-supremacists for their troubles in following the rabbis' backwards traditions]

Mayer pointed to the space between the poles. Sunlight glistened off 250-pound test fishing line.

With the two men was Dan Kulka, community relations manager for Kiewit Infrastructure Group, the construction contractor on the 405 project. His job involves keeping the community happy about the project, or at least not bitterly unhappy. He recalls his puzzlement when he first learned about the eruv [likely because he probably was laboring under the heavily promoted delusion that 'Jews' live in ghettos because Christians force them to live that way, a notion handily shredded by this article].

"I got an email from Metro [which was likely strong-armed by some Chabad lobbyist], which said we have to work with the [Chabad Judaic] community on this, and I didn't have a clue," he said. "I had to look it up." [If only he would look up "Noahide Laws"]

Once he caught on, he called a meeting with his construction supervisors. "They're looking at me like, 'What?'" ["We're going to loose a ton of time and money because of these superstitious fanatics! They must have some powerful friends"]

Witkin and Mayer had nothing but praise for the contractor and government agencies for their [coerced] sensitivity. In some cities, eruvs have been met with hostility [as one would imagine] and become battlegrounds over [synagogue]-state issues. That has not so far been the case with this project [due to the fact that the Synagogue has triumphed over the Church and State in California].

"The level of help we've had, from the Roman Catholic permit people at Caltrans … to the Muslim line inspector along the freeways who gave us engineering help.…The level of deference and courtesy and kindness — it makes you feel good that you live in [modern, bolshevik, 'Noahide'] America," Witkin said.

Kulka could not estimate how much the contractor has spent on eruv-related issues [which was not compensated by Chabad]. "It doesn't cost a lot," he said [because he knows that's what he's supposed to say], although some labor has been expended [but 'the Goyim' paid for it]. Marc Littman, a [Judaic] spokesman for the MTA, insisted that there had been no extra cost to [the] taxpayers [who paid for this idiocy. They say the Kosher racket doesn't cost the public anything either. Lies]. "This outreach is part of their job," he [claimed] of the contractors [which accounts for their perplexed reaction above?]

Witkin estimated that 40,000 to 50,000 [observers of Orthodox Judaism, 0.13% of the California population] depend on the eruv each [rabbinic] Sabbath, when [rabbinic] law prohibits working from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. He said there was no violation of church-state rules, any more than installing a crosswalk in front of a church [a ridiculous comparison. Crosswalks protect people from serious physical injury or death. Eruvim are in no way a safety measure. They constitute a rabbinic dispensation from rabbinic laws both of which exist only for enforcement of tribal cohesion. Further, the expense of safety crosswalks for churches is justified by the Christian majority of taxpayers. The tax funds of the 0.13% Orthodox Judaic population of California doesn't justify catering to their superstitious tribalism, and it's hardly a safe assumption that they even pay taxes].

Although [most] might find the whole idea to be overly legalistic, even absurd, Witkin said it was all about the [rabbinic] philosophy of translating spiritual ideas into action, giving physical form to [rabbinic] commandments, or mitzvot.

"If you treat [rabbinic] mitzvot as [the] mindless rituals [that they truly are], then you've blown it," he said. "But if you recognize that you're taking [the rabbis'] deepest philosophical principles and trying to translate them into physical action … with the idea of transforming who I am [into what the rabbis want me to be], then you [understand Chabad's mystification of what essentially is legalistic, rabbinic tyranny over the tribe]."

Original here:,0,4051439.story

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