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First Things First, The Pope Reports to the Kahal in Germany

During the afternoon of the first day of his state visit to his native Germany, September 22, 2011, Pope Benedict met with some 15 representatives of the Judaic Community in Germany. The meeting took place in Berlin's Reichstag Building behind closed doors as is so often the case with Judaic matters. Here is the English translation of the full text of his speech with much needed corrections:

I am glad to be taking part in this meeting with you [rabbis and big machers] here in Berlin. I warmly thank [real estate mogul and] President [of the Central Council of the Self-Chosen in Germany,] Dr Dieter Graumann [formerly of the "sacrosanct" German Central Bank] for his [ostensibly] kind words of greeting [which, in effect, illustrate the fact that the first order of business of any papal trip abroad is to report to the local rabbis]. They make it very clear to me how much [collusion] has grown between the [rabbis] and the [pseudo-Catholic] Church, who hold in common a not insignificant part of their essential [anti-Christian] traditions. At the same time it is clear to us all that a [sinister] relationship of mutual [conspiring] between [counterfeit] Israel and the [pseudo-Catholic] Church--[the psuedo-Church assisting the megalomaniacal aspirations] of [counterfeit Israel]--still has further to grow [due to some small, lingering, residual effect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ] and needs to be built into the heart of our proclamation of the ['Noahide'] faith.

On my visit to the Synagogue in Cologne six years ago, Rabbi Teitelbaum spoke of [compulsive] remembrance [of Judaic fables emphasizing victimhood] as one of the supporting pillars that are needed [to support the Judaic Imperium]. And today I find myself in a central place of remembrance [according to one of those fables], the appalling remembrance that it was from here [the Berlin Reichstag building] that the Shoah, the annihilation of [the Judaic people] in Europe, was planned and organized. [There is no basis in fact for claiming that an annihilation of "The Jews" was planned at the Reichstag but Judaic psychodrama is about creating our own 'reality' and then imposing it upon the masses]. Before the Nazi terror, there were about half a million [Judaic people] living in Germany, [some of whom answered big macher, Samuel Untermyer's call to "holy war" against] German society. [Judaic bankers were financing both sides of the "holy war", as Samuel Untermyer noted]. After the Second World War, Germany was [branded] the “Land of the Shoah”, where it had [allegedly] become virtually impossible [for Judaic people] to live, [even though it was far more hospitable to the countless Judaic lawyers who descended upon it than the conquered German people]. Initially there were hardly any efforts to re-establish the old Jewish communities [because it was intended by Judaic power brokers that the Judaic people of Europe should form a Zionist state in Palestine], even though [Judaic] individuals and families were constantly arriving from the East [putting paid to the lie that post-WWII Germany was inhospitable to Judaic people]. Many of them wanted to emigrate and build a new life, especially in the United States. [Only the Zionist fanatics among them wanted to go to Palestine].

In this place, remembrance must also be made of the Kristallnacht that took place from 9 to 10 November 1938. Only a few could see the full extent of this [misdirected] act of [contempt against the policies and practices of villains like Samuel Untermyer, who were hiding in their castles out of reach of the common people]. Bernhard Lichtenberg, ... cried out from the pulpit of Saint Hedwig’s Cathedral: “Outside, the [synagogue] is burning – that too is the house of God” [a falsehood if there ever was one]. The Nazi reign of terror was based on a racist myth [closely following the racist myth at the foundation of Orthodox Judaism], part of which was the rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ and of all who believe in him [as Orthodox Judaism is a rejection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ and of all who believe in him]. The supposedly “almighty” Adolf Hitler was a pagan idol, who wanted to take the place of the biblical God, the Creator and Father of all men [just as the “almighty” rabbis are pagan idols, who want to take the place of the biblical God, the Creator and Father of all men]. Refusal to heed this one God always makes people heedless of human dignity as well [and nowhere is this more evident today than in counterfeit Israel and in the policies of the other nations bought off by its controllers]. What man is capable of when he rejects God, and what the face of a people can look like when it denies this God, the terrible images from the concentration camps at the end of the war showed [but not nearly so much as the terrorist atomic bombing of civilian cities in Japan, the Allied terror firebombing of Dresden, the forced starvation in the Ukraine or the Israeli terror bombing of Lebanon and Gaza].

In the light of this ['remembrance' of perpetual Judaic victimhood and coverup of Judaic atrocities], a new development has been seen in recent decades, which makes it possible to speak of [an ascendance] of [Judaic dominance] in Germany [and throughout the West]. It should be stressed that the [Judaic] community during this time has made particularly [fanatical] efforts to [send] Eastern European [emigrants] to [build homes on Palestinian land].

I would also like to express my appreciation for the deepening [monologue falsely described as] dialogue of the [pseudo-Catholic] Church with Judaism. The [true] Church feels [the oppression of] the [rabbis]. With the Declaration Nostra Aetate of the Second Vatican Council [more than less dictated by Rabbi Abraham Heschel], an “irrevocable commitment to pursue the [Masonic] path of dialogue, fraternity and friendship” was made (cf. Address in the Synagogue in Rome, 17 January 2010).  This is true of the [pseudo-Catholic] Church as a whole, in which [rabbi-blessed] John Paul II committed himself to this new path with particular zeal. Naturally it is also true of the [pseudo-Catholic] Church in Germany, which [the rabbis task with] particular responsibility in this regard. In the public domain, special mention should be made of the “Week of Fraternity”, organized each year during the first week of March by local Societies for [pseudo-Christian]-[rabbinic] Partnership.

On the Catholic side there are also annual meetings between [scoundrels in bishops' clothing] and rabbis as well as structured conversations with the Central Council of [The Self-Chosen]. Back in the 1970s, the Central Committee of German ['Noahide'] Catholics (ZdK) took the initiative of establishing a “Jews and Christians” forum, which over the years has issued many [subversive] documents. Nor must we overlook the historic meeting for Judaic-Christian [Talmud study] that took place in March 2006 with the participation of [crypto-rabbi] Walter Kasper. That meeting has continued to bear [rotten] fruit right up to the present time.

Alongside these [blameworthy] initiatives, it seems to me that [Christians must also be increasingly compelled to believe, falsely, that they have some kind of] inner affinity with Judaism. For [true] Christians, there can be no rupture in salvation history [that's why we enemies of Christian salvation put Auschwitz in the place of Calvary]. Salvation comes from the Jews [said Jesus Christ (cf. Jn 4:22) prior to His death and resurrection, and indeed salvation did come through Him--2000 years ago. Salvation does not come from people who call themselves 'Jews' and deny Jesus Christ, but we repeatedly suggest that it does anyway]. When Jesus’ conflict with the [Pharisaism] of his time is interpreted as [it truly was, it's clear that Judaism distorts Old Testament scripture making it] merely as a slavish enactment of rituals and outward observances [which make the word of God of no effect]. In fact, the Sermon on the Mount does not abolish the Mosaic Law, but [fulfills it as Jesus said]. It points us towards [scripture's true meaning because Jesus is its author but I obscure this simple fact as much as possible with Buberesque language].

The message of hope contained in the books of the Christian Old Testament has been [misappropriated] and [made void] in different ways by [rabbis] and [nominal] Christians. “After centuries of antagonism, we now see it as our task to bring [Christians under the rabbinic yoke], if we are to understand [the rabbis'] will and [their] word aright” (Jesus of Nazareth. Part Two: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection, pp. 33f.). This [unjust arrangement will] serve to [bring Christians under a 'Noahide law' tyranny].

All in all, we may conclude that the [terms dictated to the pseudo-Catholic] Church [by] Judaism in Germany have already borne [poisonous] fruits. [An unequal yoke has] been forged. [We say that those who call themselves] Jews and Christians certainly [must play] a shared [role] the [destruction] of society, which always includes a [Talmudic] dimension. May all those taking part in this journey [to oblivion] move forward together [towards a Judaic kingdom based in Jerusalem]. To this end, may the One and Almighty [god of the Talmud--the rabbis], grant his blessing.

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