Saturday, October 15, 2011

ANCESTRAL PRIDE, Eleison Comments • CCXXII (222)

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By Bishop Richard Williamson, SSPX
Eleison Comments • CCXXII (222)


Maurice Pinay said...

'Rorate Caeli' via Twitter, regarding this column, sez:
"Bishop Williamson's latest 'Eleison Comments' so over the top he's basically daring HE Fellay to boot him from the Society."

I welcome any of the pundits of 'Rorate Caeli' to come explain how this column deviates in any way from the tradition they're attempting to kosher co-opt.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Williamson’s latest column mirrors the traditional Roman Catholic teaching on the Jews.

If it’s “over the top” then so is St. Paul, St. Jerome, St. John Chrysostom, etc. etc.

He has said nothing wrong, unless the traditional Catholic faith has been replaced by the faith of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. In that, case Bishop is over the top — of the revolution!

Maurice Pinay said...

'Rorate Caeli' suggests by implication that the Bible and the greater portion of popes and saints would be "booted" by Msgr. Fellay. Perhaps they're correct in such reasoning ...

What ignorance, cowardice and general corruption of character must prevail for these hucksters to maintain their audience.

Anonymous said...

TRADITIO has correctly exposed these johnny-come-lately phony Traditionalist blogspots who hook Latin phrases from old Latin-English missals.

Anonymous said...

For years the Rorate Caeli blog has been in the iron grip of Novus Ordo neo-Pharisees dressed up in traditionalist drag.

Anonymous said...

Rorate Caeli contains good and bad aspects, like Maurice Pinay’s blog. Everything in Maruce Pinay’s blog is not perfect and holy.

Rorate Caeli gives us inside news analysis without extremist over-statement and leaps of logic which are Pinay’s negatives. There is a lot of cultural reporting. They give us hope by discussing Catholic art, piety architecture.

Pinay’s blog is bitter and hopeless. He might say that’s the truth of the times, but the saints have always offered us hope. Pinay lives in despair. He doesn’t very often publish a good prayer or a good sermon to give us hope.

On the negative side of Rorate Caeli, they reflect the Bishop Fellay wing of the SSPX and they take a modernist view of the Jews. But it is a blog and doesn’t claim objectivity.

I say the same for Pinay. Sometimes he comes up with news that can’t be found anywhere else.

To be an informed Catholic takes all the resources the Internet has to offer. I read Rorate Caeli and Maurice Pinay.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Anonymous 9:46 AM, this blog is about telling the unvarnished truth about scoundrels in high places in the spirit of Jesus Christ and his disciple St. Stephen. We know how the world welcomes such people: with hammers, nails and stones. I submit that you may be granting the world's standard too much credence in forming your opinion.

Am I bitter? Perhaps towards men to whom much has been given. I expect much of them but they're less accountable than the least of us. Then, the 'extreme' chastisements of Jesus and St. Stephen for the Pharisees are perceived as 'bitter' by many. Whose standard are these judgements made according to?

If you think I'd have put any effort into this work without hope, your judgement is quite flawed. I have hope in God. So long as I continue, rest assured, that is the case.

Now, regarding these serious charges that I engage in "extremist over-statement and leaps of logic," I expect you to cite examples.

Maurice Pinay said...

I'd be interested to see if you could submit a stable, coherent definition of this "extremist" term you employ. Does it mean, kinda like "over the top"?

Forgive me for not being up on the kosher traditionalist lingo. This tradition changes so fast ...

Anonymous said...

"TRADITIO has correctly exposed these johnny-come-lately phony Traditionalist blogspots who hook Latin phrases from old Latin-English missals."

Nobody in their right mind believes anything Traditio says.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in their right mind believes anything Traditio says.

And yet they read it. Yourself included?

Anonymous said...

"....Nobody in their right mind believes anything Traditio says...."

Is this site run by Fellay?

Anonymous said...

I have learned alot about Catholicism from, from Our Lady of the Rosary Library, reading websites and blogs, and of course by going to Mass and praying.

Anonymous said...

Imagine. I never thought I would see the day when I would hear Catholic people say that the gospel story of the crucifixion is "over the top." Is this not proof that their "fear of the Jews" is "over the top"