Thursday, October 27, 2011

French Catholic Resistance to Jesus-Mocking 'Theatre' Doubling Each Day

"It started with a dozen or so Catholics from Renouveau Francais. Then more came along to replace those who had been arrested. By Tuesday night there were more than 150. Last night there were more than 300. The riot police treat the French Catholics with brutality, and arrest everyone in sight including priests, but every night the number of protesters has doubled. Doubtless there will be an even larger number tonight."

Each is liable, under Article 431-1 of the French Criminal Code, for penalties ranging from one to three years in prison for defending the image of Jesus from feces. Had they been defending the Talmud or the gas chambers they would be lauded as heroes. What is now most sacred in the West, Christ or Antichrist?

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Anonymous said...

We see what contradiction means, when kids take to the stage for Christ. Before this, there was no contradiction. Business as usual: mock Jesus. Now there is an interruption to that smooth flow of sewage.

The French state will crack down hard. Everyone can then see what the French state is: good food and wine and denigration of Christ. Whoever interrupts that food chain is going to be jailed.

Where is the pope, the cardinals, the bishops? Probably on the other side, wishing these Catholics would just be silent.

Maurice Pinay said...

"Where is the pope, the cardinals, the bishops?

They're preoccupied sanctifying "The Holocaust:"

Anonymous said...

It's pure evil. The devil is working overtime worldwide. In Ireland there is blaspemous art exhibit titled " Our Lady and other queer santas" mocking our Lady of Guadalupe. In America, the recent blasphemy is Corpus christi play where Jesus and deciples are depicted as being is a world wide epidemic. per who is protesting the above and more (and I believe they are a novus ordo group.) At least they are taking action too. they also have Faith,tradition, property website and newsfeed to email.

Yes, good question where is the Pope, the cardinals, and the bishops??!!

While Bishop Levbrevr and many other Catholics were excommunicated for offerring the true Sacrifice of the Mass, Rome allowed rapists, , molestors,thieves, and other hypocrite to remain in their parishes. How many novus ordo priests broke vows of chasity to be with girlfriends and/or boyfriends...??? And for mainly in novus ordo, it is just a job and many priests could care less about ant anti-Catholicism and are indifferent to sin as long as they get a paycheck and continue to live hollywood lifestyles and party with rich people of community which includes going to black tie affairs. And many priests have lost their faith. Rome is lukewarm. They are the ones who closed down many pre-vatican churches and schools.

Malleus Haereticorum said...

Inspiring. I wonder if America's Catholic youth would behave with equal dignity, resolve, and courage. I believe that those either homeschooled or educated by SSPX priests and nuns would demonstrate the same ardor. I certainly hope so. One must pray that the upcoming generation will prove itself to be more knights in armor than their elders. I'm sure I'm not the only who's noticed how weak-kneed has become the current crop of defenders. For example, Michael Matt, editor of "The Remnant", has been quaking like a little girl sent to bed without her Raggedy Ann ever since the slime-drenched Southern Poverty Law Center named the publication a hate group back in 2006. The periodical's ever-dwindling readership has had to satisfy itself for some time now with the thin gruel of Timothy Cullen's agricultural adventures in Argentina (which doesn't exactly read like H. Rider Haggard, I can tell you).

Today's traditional Catholic youth are tomorrow's priests, nuns, heads of households, homeschooling mothers -- the last bastion against Masons, Jews, Judaizers, Zionists, homosexuals, secularists, atheists, modernists, heretics, schismatics, apostates, indifferentists and syncretists...the gamut of fiends who hate Holy Mother Church and seek her humiliation and ultimate destruction. Time's run out: It's the upcoming generation -- or no one.

Jack said...

I cannot read French. I have not seen this play, though I have heard unsavory things about it.

But I do have a serious question. Remember the furor over the movie LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST?

Do these protests serve the purpose of arousing popular outrage against dramatic works like this, leading to their soon closing?

Or do they merely draw public sympathy for them in the name of free speech and artistic liberty?

Dan said...


An excellent comment, sir.

Anonymous said...

Feces on Our Lord? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yes. There is the the talmud.....that Our Lord Jesus Christ is burning in hell in his own excrement. I could not understand how they came up with this foul blasphemy. .....And then I remembered. It is an old and foul blasphemy, now sprung new

Anonymous said...

La FSSPX fonce tête baissée dans le piège de la ‘christianophobie’ : un immense service rendu à la ‘Sacerdophobie’

Anonymous said...

"Catholic" St. Joseph's (Jesuit) University in Philadelphia, Pa-USA us celebrating Pro-homosexual celebration called Rainbow Week. "Catholic" University of Notre dame, Indiana-USA has Gay and Lesbian Club under the direction of a nun. Why isn't Rome correcting any of these sins and errors. A Majority of novus ordo priests and bishop, cardinals are homosexual going to gay bars and parties...

Anonymous said...

Rome isn't doing anything because maybe Rome is just as bad. A
Catholic publishing company is making a fortune by selling over 2,500 porn and satanic titles. Rome did know about this because many holy lay people have been protesting for over 10 years.

Here in America we have Catholic organizations hosting comedy shows of cussing, filth and other vulgar which goes against the teachings of the Catholic church. This is happening in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. Recently, a church in southern New Jersey held a day of charity called Mitvah.

How can these novus ordo catholics hold anything ecumenical when they don't even know their own faith.

No wonder Ireland just closed the vatican embassy in Ireland.
Ireland is becoming liberal especially novus ordo. I was surprised that they eat meat during Lent.

Does the SSPX still want to sign the document and join this mess?

Also, the sSPX is busy getting ready for the Youth pilgrimmage to Rome where there is much danger and protesting and violence. Even statues of the Blessed Mother were destroyed during riots.

We pray for everyone, including All Saints and All Souls!

SSPX can try to correct the errors, sins and apostacy of Rome by example. Bishop Fellay can go back to work and send a delegate in his place. That's what a good leader does.

We pray for a strong leader..a strong Pope to do battle against the devil.