Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Church Council Up for Discussion, Not "The Holocaust"

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SSPX Superior, Bishop Fellay has given an 'interview' in his familiar style intended to dispel suspicions raised by his secretive negotiations with the suspicious characters in Rome where "there is no lack of indiscretions!" The 'interview' doesn't accomplish its goal.

The 'interview' is largely unremarkable: reassuring words, summary deflection of justified suspicion and criticism, summary dismissal of internet channels not under Fellay control, redirection of focus back onto an apparition claimed by 3 children in Portugal 100 years ago, reemploying the busywork of tens of millions of rosaries--all very familiar and predictable. The 'interview' can be read here:

One item mentioned in the 'interview' is very relevant to us here. I quote:

"... leeway has been allowed for a 'legitimate discussion' about certain points of the [Second Vatican] Council."

Note that the Novus Ordo Church allows 'discussion' of its own teaching. In this context, 'discussion' concerns doubts and outright denials. The SSPX denies that certain points contained within the authoritative documents of the Novus Ordo Church's Second Vatican Council can be reconciled with the perennial teaching of the Catholic Church. The Novus Ordo has allowed the SSPX to present its case to this effect in doctrinal 'dialogues' over the past two years. The Novus Ordo is now negotiating an arrangement to bring the SSPX into 'full communion' while allowing discussion of doubts of its own authoritative teachings. This was also stated in a February 2009 statement from the Pope's Secretary of State:
"... the Holy See will not fail, in ways judged opportune, to engage with the interested parties in examining outstanding questions, so as to attain a full and satisfactory resolution of the problems that caused this painful rupture."

Note, however, that this typically lenient allowance pertaining to the Novus Ordo's own teachings is immediately followed by a mandate in absolute terms virtually unseen in Rome in the past 100 years:

"The positions of Bishop Williamson with regard to the Shoah are absolutely unacceptable and firmly rejected by the Holy Father ...

In order to be admitted to function as a Bishop within the Church, Bishop Williamson must also distance himself in an absolutely unequivocal and public way from his positions regarding the Shoah ..."
Nota bene, it is not demanded that Bishop Williamson absolutely and unequivocally publicly distance himself from his doubts regarding relativistic Novus Ordo teaching on religious liberty, collegiality, ecumenism. No, these "outstanding questions" are open to "examination." No such questions or examination can be countenanced in the absolutist realm of "The Holocaust," however. Here we see the resurrection of the old ipse dixit and anathema that are otherwise entirely unheard of from Catholic prelates for nearly 100 years.

This is remarkable, is it not? In light of this, perhaps readers may understand where Rabbi Michael Berenbaum is coming from when he says, “As I observe young people in relativistic societies seeking an absolute for morals and values, they now can view the Holocaust as the transcendental move away from the relativistic, and up into the absolute ..." How opportune for Rabbi Berenbaum and "The Holocaust" that the authorities of the Catholic Church hold "The Holocaust" to be absolute while Church teachings are ever increasingly relativised away.

Bishop Fellay certainly knows how to go with the relativist/absolutist flow of the Noahide Novus Ordo. Soon after the February 2009 statement from the Pope's Secretary of State was issued, Bp. Fellay was interviewed in Der Speigel saying that he would cast Bp. Williamson out of the SSPX if he "denied" "The Holocaust" again:

SPIEGEL: So why don't you exclude Williamson from the society?

Fellay: That will happen if he denies the Holocaust again.

Bp. Fellay was just blending in with Pope Benedict who a month earlier had admonished Catholics to not "forget or deny" "The Holocaust," and Archbishop Reinhard Marx who proclaimed, “Every denial of the Holocaust must be punished harshly,” Cardinal Vingt-Trois who exclaimed, "Being a Catholic is radically incompatible with denying the Holocaust," Cardinal Kasper announcing, "No Holocaust denial can be allowed or permitted, It's absolutely clear that a Holocaust denier can't have a room, a space in the Catholic Church."

There may be space between the SSPX Superior and the Novus Ordo on religious liberty and a number of other matters, but where "The Holocaust" is concerned, which Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum said "replaced Golgotha" and Pope John Paul II said was "The Golgotha of the modern world," Bp. Fellay and the Novus Ordo sing in perfect unison.

It seems to me a case of swallowing a very large camel while straining out gnats.


Anonymous said...

Fellay is a hoax. It was known that the excommunications would be lifted months in advance of the event. Yet he hinted that it was due to the Rosary Crusade he had foisted upon his followers. In one of those "Rosary Crusades", India, with just a handful of Traditional Catholics, managed to chalk up a million plus Rosaries!
After lying low for a month, Fellay is going to drag us back into his world of deceit and phony cooked up interviews. Will this sort of guy save the Catholic Church?

Michael Hoffman said...

One of the best columns you have ever penned.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, it seems more than justified to ask: Is Bp. Fellay an infiltrator?

While it is an unpleasant thought, it is an incontrovertible fact that those who brought us to this inhospitable place would never be so stupid as to let up once the sheep have scattered into the wilderness. Some of those who present themselves as the shepherds of Traddieland are, in fact, wolves. Who? While that remains, for the most part, to be determined, we can take it to the Vatican bank that there are infiltrators within traditional circles -- and have been since the beginning. Hold fast. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

We can now expect a new series of stage-managed Fellay interviews:
"Vee are Cat-o-leek" is his excuse (to join Marrano-Rome)

Anonymous said...

The greatpurification, the French website has claimed that, among others, Fellay and Schmidberger are infiltrators and that Abp.Lefebvre was warned about them.

Anonymous said...

You have hit the nail squarely on the head!

Maurice Pinay said...

The Novus Ordo and Fellay-run SSPX have been infiltrated by a devastating error and as a result both organizations now function as enforcers for the rabbis' "Holocaust" tyranny more effectively than they serve any Catholic purpose.

Did the popes and saints react to heresies and errors of the past by ignoring them and instead speculating and debating endlessly as to what secret societies certain adherents of the errors may have belonged to?

We have all the proof we need that we've entered a new dispensation where "The Holocaust" is the absolute that the most fundamental formerly absolute doctrines of the Catholic Church are now relative to. I've documented this teaching coming from the mouth of a Vatican II peritus--that we must reinterpret the Gospel "because of The Holocaust;" that "after The Holocaust" Christians, not "Jews" must convert. I've documented a Pope proclaiming Auschwitz is "the Golgotha of the modern world." I've documented a pope saying that the traditional liturgy had to be changed because it was "hurtful" to "The Jews" and that is unthinkable "after The Holocaust." I've documented the Pope's Secretary of State relaying within the same breath that Novus Ordo teachings are open for discussion while "The Holocaust" is not. I've documented many Cardinals proclaiming that "deniers of The Holocaust" have no place in the Catholic Church, all to little effect in the traditionalist world.

None of this is speculation. It's all documented. I don't care what secret societies these people may or may not belong to. They do the work of the rabbis no less.

Traditionalists have to get beyond their 19th century approach. One need not have formal membership in a lodge to think and act like a Noahide Mason anymore. Today initiation comes by uncritically watching TV, reading the newspaper, going to college, or seminary for that matter.

The fruits of all this is that the average nominal Catholic fears "The Holocaust" more than his Creator. This is as much the case in the SSPX as the Novus Ordo in my observation. These are the worst kind of fruits and we know who planted them and who cultivates them.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago the SSPX Asia superior blessed a Jewish cemetery when passing it. Traditional Catholicism?

Anonymous said...

In 1969 Paul VI did away with the Latin Mass (1962 Missal & earlier) but it is still around. Likewise, in 1972 he abolished many of the Minor Orders, but the Ecclesia Dei societies still have these. As you say, apart from a certain issue, everything else is flexible!

Anonymous said...

This a matter of prudence reserved to the Holy See, not dogma. It has been said that Pius XII privately doubted the Shoah narrative as it stands, but he never said so publicly lest he bring even greater persecutions on the Church.

Beware then making the Shoah the point of departure for a new personal sect.

Maurice Pinay said...

My friend, if you'd read and understood the 'Shoah' theology, exhortations and anathemas preached by the popes, bishops and theologians of the past 50 years you would see that the departure is with them.

I'm over here where Catholics were before the dawning of the man-made 'Holocaust' dispensation.

You say Pius XII was silent; yes, he didn't publicly voice his doubts of 'Holocaust' propaganda which had not yet developed its more pernicious theological aspects in his time.

BXVI and his predecessor have been far from silent. One of JPII's very first papal acts was to make a highly visible 'pilgrimage' to Auschwitz and proclaim, "I kneel at this Golgotha of the modern world." One would hope that Pius XII would have silenced Wojtyła if he had witnessed this absurd blasphemy. Whatever the case, I'm not waiting for papal permission or example to oppose this mockery of the only means of salvation.

There is one Golgotha for all times and places and even the suggestion otherwise from a man supposed to represent He who was crucified at Golgotha is an outrage of the very worst kind.

Silence "for fear of 'The Jews" has no place for Christians on this side of God's true dispensation which came to us through Golgotha and the Pentecost. It's shameful for you to suggest otherwise. I wholly reject your bad advice.

Anonymous said...

How can Pius XII have been expected to condemn a holocaust that didn't exist? Apparently it never occurs to anyone that this is the cause of his "silence" on the matter!