Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don Curzio Nitoglia: The "Judeo -Christian" Lie

Updated 11/30/11

In Italian:


Google translate renders it fairly coherent.

The essay is largely based upon a book authored by Pope Benedict XVI's favorite rabbi and one of the world's most respected authorities on Orthodox Judaism, Rabbi Jacob Neusner titled, Jews and Christians: the myth of a common tradition.

The lengthy introduction is in English at Google books here:

Jews and Christians: the myth of a common tradition

The thesis of the book is stated plainly at the outset in refreshingly direct and concise language:
The thesis of this book is that Judaism and Christianity do not form a common tradition, "the Judeo-Christian tradition." They are not compatible ... only now, for reasons of politics and sociology, have some representatives of Judaism maintained otherwise.
While I agree with the learned rabbi in his statement of fact that Judaism and Christianity are entirely incompatible, I must add proselytism to the 'Noahide' religion to his list of reasons that some representatives of Judaism would claim otherwise (even Maimoides suggested that Christianity and Islam could be viewed as directing 'the Goyim' towards the 'Noahide laws') and I observe this 'Noahide' proselytism beginning many centuries prior to the "only now" of 2001 (the date Neusner's claim was published) that Neusner identified as the genesis of a claimed "Judeo-Christian tradition." In Neusner's book, Historical Synthesis, he references the 18th century Brit-ish Rabbi Jacob Emden and his thesis that the Gospels were written to teach the 'Noahide Laws' to 'Gentiles.' Perhaps it was for political or sociological reasons that Neusner overstated his case here. Perhaps it is for the same such reasons that he has more recently apparently softened the hard line evident in his 2001 thesis.


Malleus Haereticorum said...

Contrary to ersatz ecumenism, the claim that Christian and Jewish (and Islamic) monotheism implies the worshipping of a "common God" is intellectual, theological, and historical gibberish. Worse, it's heretical. Such sentimentalized religious indifferentism and syncretism ultimately leads to atheism and self-worship.

Jews, by definition, don't accept that Jesus is the Messiah. And that lack of acceptance implies a concomitant and inevitable rejection of the Trinity. Jews don't recognize, let alone worship, the Triune God -- the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The three Persons in one Godhead is the Christian God, the one true God. If Jews don't worship Him, and they don't, then their "worship" consists of empty ritualism and downright idolatry.

Anonymous said...

Even with the clumsiness of Google Translate, the closing lines are eloquent:

"It's sad, but to know the Catholic doctrine on the relationship between Christianity and Judaism, have to go to 'Catechism' by Rabbi Jacob Neusner, while for Judaizing, just listen to 'midrash' of Benedict XVI. What this strange era, the jew teaches catechism, while not believing that you, the Catholic priest says the Midrash, and perhaps even believe, or at least pretends to believe it.

"Finally, the hatred of Rome and features common to Judaism and Lutheranism is indicative. The alternative, therefore, is either Rome or death! If it falls (by contradiction) Rome, Tel Aviv and New York triumph. The current state of degradation of humanity is the result of Jewish-Americans on world domination. The salvation and the restoration of man, the family and society, will be the result of the miraculous triumph of Rome "immortal of Martyrs and Saints"! Our Lady of Fatima promised us: "At the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph." Cor Jesu Adveniat tuum regnum, Adveniat for Mariam.

"Don Curzio NITOGLIA"

Malleus Haereticorum said...

The Church's post-conciliar hierarchy teaches (albeit not magisterially, of course) that monotheistic Christianity, Judaism, and Islam worship the same God. Any Catholic worthy of the name knows that the contention is an appalling blasphemy. Catholics worship God; Jews and Muslims, unbeknownst to them or not, pay homage to the Devil.

Anonymous said...

Well it is said that most of today's Jews are the descendants of non - semitic Khazars. These Khazars also settled in India between the 6th and 8th Centuries AD. There they are known as Gujjars, or more popularly as Gujaratis as their base is the state of Gujarat where more than 50 million of them live. It is ironic that their deep involvement in business has given them the nickname of "Jews of India". A common Gujarati name, found in commerce the world over, is "Patel".

Jack said...

Good point, Malleus Haereticorum.

You might want to read this article by an Orthodox priest. I'm sure you will find very little, if anything, with which you will disagree.


||Well it is said that most of today's Jews are the descendants of non - semitic Khazars.||

That would be just the Ashkenazim. I once asked a priestmonk who had lived for years, if not decades, in the Holy Land if he believed in the Khazaric origin of the Ashkenazim. He replied, "Do you believe in the solar system?"