Saturday, November 5, 2011

'Holocaust' Holy Man, Elie Wiesel: "It always adds up to 6,000,000"


Elie Wiesel on why its always 6,000,000

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Malleus Haereticorum said...

It can't be gainsaid -- "six million!" is a tiresomely obsessive-compulsive Jewish mantra. More, it's the very root of a self-indulgent whine and rant, and of vulgar and blatant emotional blackmail. Jews have been crying "six million!" for decades to cut off debate, silence dissent, and fill their coffers with guilt-stained shekels. Elie Wiesel's invitation to his fellow Jews to revel, with a sort of smug masochism, in victim status is repellent in its self-serving cynicism.

And woe to those who dare to stand up to the likes of Wiesel, Abe Foxman, Morris Dees, and other Jewish activists and their enablers, and the powerful organizations they represent. They have been and continue to be relentless in their vilification and dishonest discrediting of any and all who fight the good fight, who name the Jewish agenda for the foulness that it is. The late Joe Sobran was hounded by these haters, as continue to be Pat Buchanan, Mel Gibson, and Bishop Richard Williamson, among many others.

Not even their own are sacrosanct. About five years ago, Ariel Toaff -- a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel and son of the former chief rabbi of Rome -- published "Bloody Passover: Jews of Europe and Ritual Homicide". The thrust of the professor's book was that Ashkenazi Jews had indeed kidnapped and crucified Catholic children -- e.g., Saint Simon of Trent -- using their blood for religious rituals, particularly at Passover.

You needn't imagine the reaction, because here are just some of the details: Members of the Knesset demanded that Toaff be tried, and there were calls for civil suits because Toaff had damaged "historic truth and the reputation of the Jewish people." Also, Bar-Ilan University condemned their professor's "attempt to justify the awful blood libels against Jewish people." Toaff initially held firm, but quickly gave way to the pressure and threats (some of a physical nature). Within a week of publication, Toaff apologized, halted the book's distribution, and promised to donate all profits to the ADL.

As Catholic scholar Marian Horvat has pointed out: "We are simply supposed to dismiss as anti-Semitic ranting any argumentation, even data presented by a serious Jewish scholar, which would uphold that the Catholics could have been justified in their claims that Jews in the Middle Ages practiced blood libel, Kabbalitic black magic, and child crucifixions." And why? Because of characteristically Jewish "reasoning", that's why: "If it is against the Jews, it is wrong, that's all there is to it," says Horvat.

A cautionary tale, indeed.