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Suppressed SSPX Great Britain District Newsletter

District Superior's Letter November 2011

My dear brethren

The meeting of the Society’s superiors took place at Albano on 7-8th October as announced in last month’s newsletter, and Bishop Fellay did indeed use this opportunity to discuss the ‘Doctrinal Preamble’ text as received from Cardinal Levada on 14th September.

The first day of the meeting covered three issues: an overview of the contacts with Rome since 1987; a summary of the doctrinal discussions; and an oral exposition of the Doctrinal Preamble document itself.

With regard to the doctrinal talks it was disappointing to note that the Roman commission failed to acknowledge the break between traditional and conciliar teachings. Instead it insisted upon the ‘hermeneutic (interpretation) of continuity,’ stating that the new teachings included and improved the old!

It was interesting to learn that the 14th September meeting had not touched upon the doctrinal talks at all, but rather was dedicated to expounding possible practical solutions for the Society.

So it was perhaps not surprising to learn that the proposed doctrinal basis for any canonical agreement in fact contained all those elements which the Society has consistently rejected, including acceptance of the New Mass and of Vatican II as expressed in the New Catechism. Indeed, the document itself conveys the impression that there is no crisis in the Church...

Hence the stated consensus of those in attendance was that the Doctrinal Preamble was clearly unacceptable and that the time has certainly not come to pursue any practical agreement as long as the doctrinal issues remain outstanding. It also agreed that the Society should continue its work of insisting upon the doctrinal questions in any contacts with the Roman authorities.

In many ways we can see the hand of Providence in this meeting, falling as it did on the Feast of the Holy Rosary, given the clarification of Rome’s persistence in the modern errors, and the consequent necessity of continuing with the fight against modernism through fidelity to Catholic Tradition.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to its original theme, that of communications and the media.

* * *

The Assisi III meeting is taking place on the very day I write these few lines, at which occasion we are holding a day of reparation here at St George’s House, with all-day exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

The scandal of this inter-religious gathering can be resumed into three points:

i/ It commemorates and celebrates the scandal of Assisi I;

ii/ It replaces the Faith with religious liberty as the means to obtain world peace;

iii/ It promotes on a practical level relativism and religious indifference.

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Misere said...

It is also covered in the Catholic Herald:

Lawrence said...

The comment was lost when I clicked send. I left a comment and pressed the button for send and it took me to this extra box to fill in again.

Good info but the new look is not good. Its confusing.

Maurice Pinay said...

Thanks for the comment. With this new layout at the top left there are choices for different views that anyone can choose, "Classic" is the least cluttered. I switched it to come up that way by default. Anyone can choose the other views if they like.

Reluctant Pessimist said...

Dear Mr. Pinay: Thank you for posting Father Morgan's letter, about whose contents, I am somewhat abashed to say, I have been indecently curious since the commenting habitués of Rorate Caeli began howling in pained fashion about what, I gather, was its very brief appearance there. Subsequent excursions to Angelqueen and Ignis Ardens revealed similar hurried deep-sixing. At that point, feeling keenly the brevity of this earthly life, I didn't even bother checking the UK SSPX site.

Now that I have read the letter thrice, I am left scratching my head in puzzlement that something so anodyne could have provoked such a ruckus. I grant that paragraph 6 has the vague scent of pillow talk about it, but good Lord, did anyone really think that an official Vatican communication, especially one reeking of Gnostic, kabbalistic secrecy and emanating from a dicastery run by that monster Levada, would provoke anything but revulsion among true Catholics--as most SSPX priests surely are!

I believe that those who counseled Bishop Fellay to issue the follow-up communiqué served him ill. Simply pulling the District Superior's letter and saying no more about the matter, publicly at least, would have been a course of action far less fraught with repercussions.

As for your site's new look, congratulations are in order. I am sure that I am not alone in wishing that nothing had changed, but confusing preference for the familiar and dislike of seeing virtually anything change with a reasoned response to someone else's desire for a fresh start is a mistake I'd wish to make as seldom as possible.

Anonymous said...

This was on the Ignis Ardens forum:

Someone is telling a bare-faced lie. But who?

Bishop Fellay?
The journalist?
Fr. Morgan (along with Bishop Tissier de Mallerais and Fr. Rostand, both of who affirmed at the Angelus Press conference that the preamble had been rejected by the assembled SSPX hierarchy)?

Bishop Fellay quoted by Vatican Insider journalist:

"We have NOT rejected the text of the Statement issued to us by the Holy See", assured Fellay.

«Non abbiamo rigettato il testo che ci è stato presentato dalla Santa Sede», assicura Fellay.

Giacomo Galeazzi
Citta' del Vaticano

I lefebvriani non hanno rifiutato l’offerta Vaticano, parola di Bernard Fellay. Il superiore della fraternità San Pio X è intervenuto per fermare le fughe di notizie circa una rottura con il Vaticano sulle trattative per il rientro del gruppo scismatico ultra-tradizionalista nella Chiesa. «Non abbiamo rigettato il testo che ci è stato presentato dalla Santa Sede», assicura Fellay.

John McFarland said...

My reading of Bishop Fellay's comment is simply that the SSPX has made no official response to the Vatican. That is the point of the recent communique; he wants no jumping of the gun.

It is a foregone conclusion that the SSPX will not accept the Preamble. The SSPX to a man does not believe that there is any continuity between pre-1962 doctrine and practice, and so it cannot accept anything that pretends there is such continuity.

But that leaves the question of the appropriate response. It looks as if Bishop Fellay is trying to figure that out, and hasn't done so yet.

The decision isn't made any easier by the character of the Preamble: a supposed summary of Catholic doctrine presented -- under confidentiality. It is like something out of a bad satirical novel.

The logical thing would be to give a confidential response to this confidential act of the conciliar magisterium. But everyone with any kind of interest in the matter is looking over the Society's shoulder, and a confidential response could fairly be expected to give rise to an orgy of speculation, conjecture -- and falsification. Bishop Fellay is clearly fearful of generating scandal.

So I would suggest that those who believe in Bishop Fellay's good faith pray that he makes the best decision in the circumstances.

As for those who believe that Bishop Fellay is a one-chinned Bishop Rifan, I would suggest that they pray for his conversion, and then that he makes the right decision.

P.S. My experience was the same as Lawrence's, both before and after clicking "classic."

Pablo the Mexican said...

Father Kenneth Novak has been replaced at the Angelus Magazine in favor of a Headquarters Rep... no suggestions for articles are being taken from the peanut gallery of Faithful; everything printed must be authorized by headquarters. Everything.

The Superiors of the SSPX were not given copies of the letter from the Vatican..., it was kept 'Secret' (read: only Holy Roller Wealthy Donor Whitened Sepulchers had copies).

The Vatican issued a statement after hearing this claiming it had no 'Secrets'.

Bishop Williamson is still kept under house arrest save a U.S. visit to attend a funeral for a Padre that died recently while cleaning his gun.

So, as the SSPX Headquarters tries to do damage control and spin, the Truth continues to be neglected.

I am certain Headquarters will want to do a Mass of Reparation for Assisi.

Voodoo Witch doctors signing hymns to demons in front of an altar even creeps me out.

Even though that sort of thing would probably go over big in the U.S., especially the Los Angeles area.

I would like to recommend that someone mention the SSPX could do some Reparation of its own abuses of the graces God has given it:

1). Reparation for the Criminal Background checks it authorizes against 'Parasites' that do not bow before its' Wealthy Donors (these background checks are done without the consent and knowledge of the Faithful being attacked);

2). Reparation for the murder of Faithfuls reputation through unfounded accusations against them (i.e. accusing a certain Faithful of leaking 'Secret’ e-mails) and malicious gossip and falsehoods about some of the Faithful through the SSPX grapevine;

3). Reparation for prosecuting Faithful in Criminal and Civil Courts that is entirely none of the SSPX's business other than to cause the greatest harm to those ‘problem’ Faithful;

4). Reparation for allowing the SSPX Whitened Sepulchers to use Government Agencies to harass and hinder the lives of the Faithful (such as the Internal Revenue Service, County Health or Building Inspections and so on).

On and on, these are just quick suggestions, more could be added later.

His Eminence Bishop Fellay has painted himself into a corner.

The only way out is to resign, and allow someone completely outside of the Hierarchy come in and drop the ax on each and every Headquarters career bureaucrat, and Office Help, and take the SSPX back to where Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre left it when he died.

Reparation having been made, the Dispenser of Divine Graces surely will once again be pleased with the SSPX.

“I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.

Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

98% of SSPX reject the Doctrinal Preamble according to
9th November 2011

98% de la FSSPX rejette tout accord avec la Rome moderniste. Mgr Fellay mis en minorité et acculé à la démission. Le sursaut d’Albano a tué le « processus » de ralliement

Anonymous said...

Another priest says the SSPX rejects the preamble.

Anonymous said...

The writing is on the wall! To the ordinary layman, Bishop Fellay's intentions seem pretty clear. Its a pity that apart from the USA, SSPX chapel goers have pretty much no where else to go.