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For Advent, 'The Remnant' Offers 'Hope' in Rabbinic Fables

In keeping with the traditional Catholic kosher imperative, 'The Remnant' has published an article titled, "Lessons of Hanukkah for 2012" which offers the Talmudic fable of 'the miracle of the oil which lasts 8 days' as hope to neotraditionalists despairing a litany of issues approved for them to despair.

The Chanukah 'miracle of the oil' has its origin in Talmud tractate Shabat 21b and is generally accepted as originating 600 years after the events recorded in Book of Maccabees. Numerous rabbinic scholars have determined that the fable was invented at a time when militant Judaism would be a liability (c.f. the Bar Kochba rebellion), and so the 'miracle of the oil' was contrived and emphasized over the militant theme in the Book of Maccabees to mollify fanatics and thereby avoid backlash. This is an example of Judaic dispensationalism at work. For our time, when fear of backlash is less, we can see that the militant theme of Chanukah is more heavily emphasized (c.f. George W. Bush's White House Chanukah party speeches, Chabad Chanukah literature).

During the Advent season of 2012 we should find hope in anticipation of the commemoration of the Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ who drove the moneychangers from the Temple, chastened the rabbis' pharisaic forefathers, healed the sick, raised the dead and conquered sin by His own death and resurrection, not a silly rabbi-contrived "miracle" that even Judaic people are wont to poke fun at and liken to arriving at a gas station when the fuel gauge is near empty. This kind of regressive bait-and-switch itself would cause despair to any thinking Christian.

Let us find hope in the countless Christians; St. Stephen, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. John Chrysostom, St. Vincent Ferrer, et al, who putting aside "fear of 'the Jews," preached the unvarnished Gospel and converted 'Jews' rather than converting the message to one Judaic sensibilities can tolerate. This is true cooperation of man with the will of God which the true Church was built upon and it's the only way a true restoration of the same can take place.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Founder of American Judaism, Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise: "Masonry founded by Jews as a cosmopolitical institution"

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NOACHIDAE. The descendants of Noah, and the transmitters of his religious dogmas, which were the unity of God and the immortality of the soul. The name has from the earliest times been bestowed upon the Freemasons, who teach the same doctrines. Thus in the "old charges," as quoted by Anderson (Const. edit. 1738, p. 143), it is said, "A mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the moral law as a true Noachidae." (The Symbolism of Freemasonry: Illustrating and Explaining Its Science and Philosophy, its Legends, Myths and Symbols, Albert G. Mackey)

TALMUD. The mystical philosophy of the Jewish Rabbins is contained in the Talmud ... In the Talmud much will be found of great interest to the masonic student. (The Symbolism of Freemasonry: Illustrating and Explaining Its Science and Philosophy, its Legends, Myths and Symbols, Albert G. Mackey)

CABALA. The mystical philosophy of the Jews. The word which is derived from a Hebrew root, signifying to receive, has sometimes been used in an enlarged sense, as comprehending all the explanations, maxims, and ceremonies which have been traditionally handed down to the Jews; but in that more limited acceptation, in which it is intimately connected with the symbolic science of Freemasonry, the cabala may be defined to be a system of philosophy which embraces certain mystical interpretations of Scripture, and metaphysical speculations concerning the Deity, man, and spiritual beings. In these interpretations and speculations, according to the Jewish doctors, were enveloped the most profound truths of religion, which, to be comprehended by finite beings, are obliged to be revealed through the medium of symbols and allegories ... (The Symbolism of Freemasonry: Illustrating and Explaining Its Science and Philosophy, its Legends, Myths and Symbols, Albert G. Mackey)

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The Rothschild-Gutmann Money Behind the SSPX Kosher Imperative

Traducción parcial al Español aquí: MAS DE LA FUNDACION JAIDHOF

(All images below may be enlarged by clicking on them)

'The Remnant' has published an 'interview' with SSPX lawyer and asset manager Maximillian Krah in which he makes a statement regarding his involvement with a Jaidhofer Foundation:

Siscoe:  Another company name that is mentioned is Jaidhofer Foundation. Can you discuss this company?
Krah:  Yes, this is linked with the SSPX ... There is a family in Austria which wanted to donate to the SSPX, but did not want to donate directly. They wanted to establish a foundation that would support the SSPX.  And in every foundation you need some trustees.  It’s a kind of trust, and I am one of the trustees.  I was chosen by the family who established the foundation ...  This foundation is supporting the SSPX and using the money which was donated by this family. As an example, it is supporting the new Seminary project in Virginia ...
Below is a picture of Maximillian Krah at Jaidhof with members of the Austrian Gutmann family he describes above as benefactors of the SSPX:

From the Rothschild family archive we find some background on the Gutmann family and how its wealth was amassed:

The steel heart of Czechoslovakia, as Frankova names it, was once owned by the Austrian Rothschilds, in partnership with the Gutmann brothers [Wilhelm and David] ... It is Salomon von Rothschild who, in 1844, bought the iron works, and founded the United Coal Mines of Vítkovice and Austro-Hungarian Blast Furnace Company ... Salomon’s English cousins helped fund the creation of De Beers in 1887.

The Jewish Encyclopedia gives us the proper name of the Gutmanns who partnered with Salomon Rothschild:

GUTMANN, WILHELM, RITTER VON: ...In 1853 he and his brother David established the firm which, during the war of 1859-60, despite the difficulties then surrounding business ventures, supplied coal for all the railroads, for all the great factories throughout the empire, and for the cities of Vienna, Budapest, and Brünn. Gutmann Bros. leased some coal-mines from the Rothschilds in 1865, and purchased outright other valuable carboniferous properties in Silesia, Galicia, and Hungary. The close connection between coal and the production of iron easily led the Gutmanns to combine their interests with the Witkowitz iron-works, which they afterward owned conjointly with the Rothschilds and the counts Larisch and Andrassy. With Kuffner they built (1871) the first sugar-factory in Austria ...
From the Jewish Encyclopedia we find that Wilhelm von Gutmann partnered with the Rothschilds in financing a rabbinical seminary in Vienna:

ISRAELITISCH-THEOLOGISCHE LEHRANSTALT: Rabbinical and teachers' seminary in Vienna, founded 1893 at the suggestion of Wilhelm and David von Guttmann and with the assistance of Albert von Rothschild and Freiherr von Königswarter, and opened Oct. 15 of that year. It is subventioned by the Austrian government, by the "Cultusgemeinden" of Vienna, Prague, and Lemberg, and by the "Landesjudenschaft" of Bohemia, and is governed by fifteen curators. The first president was Baron von Königswarter, who, at his death, was succeeded by Moritz Karpeles; the latter was followed by Moritz Edler von Kuffner.

From an obituary for one of Wilhelm von Gutmann's sons, Moritz, we find that he was a relative of the Rothschilds of Vienna:

Below is a historical overview of the Gutmann family and its ownership of the Jaidhof property, which the Austrian branch of the SSPX is based from, beginning with the Rothschild partner Wilhelm Ritter von Gutmann bringing us to the present heir Guntard Gutmann who is pictured above with Maximillian Krah at an SSPX chapel on the Jaidhof grounds:

Below is a brief history of the Jaidhof property and its ownership including how the Jaidhof castle was given to the SSPX by the Gutmann family:

Below is a webpage from a "Europa Institute" which Guntard Gutmann seems to serve as an advisor on matters including think tanks and economics. He's credited as working for many years as an international banker. This Europa Institute seems to be associated with the Acton Institute which serves to acclimate Catholics to predatory economics and 'neo-con' politics. It's figurehead, Fr. Sirico officiated at the first homosexual 'marriage' in the U.S:

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Loyola Marymount Commemorates Holocaustolatry

Background here:

"Loyola Marymount University, a Jesuit institution at the forefront of 'Holocaust' studies and commemorations"

ADL Expands 'Holocaust' 'Education' Workshop

Loyola Marymount commemorates Kristallnacht

Tom Tugent - Jewish Journal

October 31, 2012

...On Nov. 8, Loyola Marymount University (LMU), founded by Jesuits, will host its annual citywide commemoration of [Kristallnacht], which many historians mark as the beginning of the Holocaust. At LMU’s Westchester campus, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin will give an address titled “Why the Jews? Ethical, Spiritual and Historical Lessons.”

This is the sixth year that LMU has sponsored a Kristallnacht commemoration, part of the Catholic university’s long-standing ties with the Jewish community and its scholarly interest in Jewish studies.

Among the initiators of the commemoration was William Elperin, president of The “1939” Club, an organization of Holocaust survivors and their descendants that is underwriting the event.

“It seemed to me then, and even more now, that it is really important to teach the Holocaust to non-Jewish students at a non-Jewish university,” Elperin said. “It is really not productive to preach only to the choir.”

Indicative of the LMU leadership’s philo-Judaic outlook is its support of a full-scale Jewish studies program, under the direction of professor Holli Levitsky, and the recent appointment of the first full-time rabbi, Ilana Schachter, as campus coordinator of Jewish Student Life and Hillel [campus wing of B'nai B'rith] rabbi.

Levitsky regularly leads her mostly non-Jewish students in her course “Holocaust in Poland” on a summer trip to key Polish cities and Auschwitz. Two student projects that grew out of this past summer’s trip, a creative dance and an original composition, will be performed at the Kristallnacht commemoration.

Following will be the talk by Telushkin, author of a dozen books on ethics, Jewish history, humor and mysteries. Cantor Sam Radwine will open the ceremony, Cantor Leopold Szneer will conclude it, and a kosher reception will follow ...

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The Final Nail in Malachi Martin's Coffin

For the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

We recently documented that Malachi Martin wrote the book, The Pilgrim under the pseudonym Michael Serafian.

The CV from Malachi Martin's other books confirms that he was the author of The Pilgrim

According to the biography of Rabbi Abraham Heschel, Spiritual Radical (pp.253-254), Rabbi Heschel, with the AJC, arranged for Malachi Martin's book, The Pilgrim to be published as a political tactic in hopes that it would influence deliberation on the draft for Nostra Aetate which had met setbacks at the close of the second session of the Second Vatican Council.  

The Pilgrim was published in May of 1964, between the second and third sessions of the council. As we will see below the book was calculated to impart to Catholics the message "You are Nazis," and that Christianity 'paved the road to Auschwitz' and is therefore in need of radical reform. We previously documented Rabbi Heschel's candid admission that he intended to attack Christian souls by such 'dialogue.' It will probably be news to most traditional Catholics that their prophet Malachi Martin was Rabbi Heschel's comrade in this attack.

The Pilgrim was flanked by similar editorials, articles and interviews published in the New York Times, Time magazine and elsewhere. One article published October 1964 in The Jewish World quoted an unnamed Vatican source invoking extermination language saying "the Most Holy Father still has not made up his mind on the Jewish issue at this time, the final solution is still to come."

Those familiar with Malachi Martin may recall his admission to Ben L. Kaufman of the Cincinnati Inquirer that during the Second Vatican Council he "enjoyed" making Cardinals who didn't go along with the Nostra Aetate agenda sweat by "shaking long-closeted skeletons" at them ("Jesus Now Author Not A Swashbuckler," Ben L. Kaufman, The Cincinnati Enquirer, December 22, 1973). Traditionalists have typically interpreted this to mean that Martin dug up dirt on prelates of a personally sinful nature.

I submit that at the dawning of the "post-Auschwitz" dispensation there was no 'skeleton' more terrifying than accusations of 'anti-Semitism.'

With that thought in mind, consider some 'skeleton shaking' from Malachi Martin's writing in, The Pilgrim:

There is yet another tension which is ominous for Christianity because its roots not only go back to the very origins of Christianity, but involve the historical act of Jesus Christ by which Christianity came into being as a principle. The tension is that between Jew and Christian, the historical act is the sacrifice and death of Jesus himself. The manifestation of this tension on the part of Christians is generally called anti-semitism or Hebraeophobia ...

... if we listen to the chorus of the ages, we find a strangely consistent note of disapproval, sometimes of hate, and always of unmitigated condemnation for the Jew, as such, echoing down the corridors of time and blending with latter day sentiments which can be recognized as nothing else but rank anti-Semitism. And these ancient voices are not merely those of secular or freelance thinkers: they are no less than the Fathers of the Church, an Irenaeus, a Tertullian, a John Chrysostom, an Augustine, as well as Aquinas, modern theologians and ancient exegetes, an Origen, Grotius, a Müller.

Somehow or other, the stream of this perennial Christian bias grates on our modern ears, and yet there is hardly any Christian or Catholic who cannot, in spite of himself, hear some echo in his own sentiments. 
... It  is true that we can set down a list of statements by popes theologians, saints, writers, to show that the extremer forms of anti-Semitism ... are not admissable. But none ever asserted the religious rights of Judaism in itself, nor declared that Judaism was a valid moral outlook, nor has any theologian or theological school courageously re-examined the millennial attitude of Christians and Catholics to the Jews. (Malachi Martin aka. "Michael Serafian," The Pilgrim, pp.44-46)
Martin then goes on to re-examine Christianity himself, finding fault in the "radically changed outlook" of St. John's Gospel which he finds at variance with Sts. Peter and Paul (who themselves are not without blame, according to Martin). By the time we reach page 49, Martin is weaving Christianity into a tapestry with Nazi 'extermination' camps:

From the 6th century onwards, we find that anti-Semitism is an integral part of Christianity. And down to our own day, it has taken various forms. It may assume the form of an accepted radicalism with sociological overtones, in business, in social life, at the club, on the beach: one does not marry into Jewish circles or consort with Jews, for they are a different race with different customs and differing mentality. It may take the form of mere isolationism: the Jew is somebody apart, somebody irrevocably separate from the truth. Here there is an instant refusal to treat them like others, a blind feeling that this person, the Jew, is marked out by divine decision as untouchable. It may, though, take on a more mobile form: the Jews are to be reckoned with as active enemies of the Faith, and therefore they must be restricted, watched warily. It may, finally, go further and translate such feelings into action: the Jews must be expelled, must be warned, must be punished, must be dispossessed, must be liquidated.

In these extremest forms, we meet some phantasmagoric developments: the Protocols of Sion, The Nazi Final Solution, the massacres by their Catholic Majesties of Spain, the so-called Judeo-Communist world plot against Christianity, and the unholy alliance between the Grand Lodge and the Synagogue to subvert Christian principles. In whatever form or shade or colouring we meet this anti-Semitism, its peculiarly Christian characteristic is clear.
...  Between the burning and plundering of all Jewish synagogues in Mesopotamia in 388 A.D. on the order of the Bishop of Callinicum and the destruction and desecration of all synagogues under the recent Nazi regime, we cannot but see a relationship of origin. And no one conscious of what has made modern Europe can deny that the pyres and the crematoria, the mephitic smoke and stench of the extermination camps in Nazi Germany, were, if not the logical conclusion, at least one extremist consequence of the normal Christian attitude to the Jews. Here we see Christianity standing at the thin edge of self-destruction due to this admitted tension, moving to what Laurence Dobie has called aptly the anus mundi [i.e. anus of the world], the ultimate in excretion of the badness which Christianity never undertook to extirpate. (Malachi Martin aka. "Michael Serafian," The Pilgrim, pp.49-52)
As we can see from Malachi Martin's own words, he was not merely a womanizer, liberal, spy, and con-man, but one of the most treacherous figures in the entire history of the Church, a hater of Christians and Christianity at its very core and an active destroyer of both. He was a partner of Rabbi Heschel and the AJC in attacking Christianity and Christians' souls, invoking Nazi exterminationist imagery in the international press to instill guilt and embarrassment to shape the outcome of a Church council.

Martin worked with Rabbi Heschel and the AJC towards the outlandish and hypocritical goal of promulgation of a Church document which would denounce Christian pressuring of Judaic conversion while themselves employing the unbearable pressure of outrageous 'anti-Semitism' accusations and Nazi exterminationist comparisons amplified by the international establishment press. They schemed for a condemnation of the charge of Deicide by leveling the charge of Judeocide.

While Heschel and Martin were unsuccessful in achieving the full extent of their ambitions, they did set in course the technique and operation of the 'Holocaust' guilt chambers within the Church which largely accounts for the miserable state of affairs we find ourselves in today.

A Church that apologizes for its teachings and kneels at a counterfeit 'Holocaust' is fit to be trampled upon.

Will traditionalists finally bid good riddance to the bad rubbish of Malachi Martin and come to a proper understanding of what assails them?

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"From Enemy to Brother"

For the 50th anniversary of the opening of that monument of subversion, the Second Vatican Council, I recommend readers access the book by John Connelly titled, From Enemy to Brother, not for its thesis or analysis but for the data it collects.

A few problems worth mentioning: Judaic 'convert' Gregory Baum's proclamation at a B'nai B'rith conference that Christians rather than Jews should be converted, was avoided; the crucial role of the descendant of Sephardic bankers, Malachi Martin is entirely erased from Mr. Connelly's record.

These blanks are likely due to the problems certain facts cause to the book's thesis which the data is  couched within: essentially, prior to Vatican II, Catholics were so blindly channeled within traditions of 'Jew' hate that it was only by the 'heroic' efforts of Judaic 'converts to Catholicism' that 'necessary changes' could have happened.

Elsewhere, we've documented how Vatican II player, Rabbi Abraham Heschel explained that he attacked Christians' souls through dialogue by imparting to them the message, "You are Nazis" without stating it explicitly (another glaring omission from Connelly's book). Mr. Connelly's thesis is an extension of this attack and the only possible framework within which the data would be allowed to be published today.

Without the commentary and thesis and with a few missing points of data filled in, From Enemy to Brother would better support my thesis than Mr. Connelly's. By now, I believe it's safe to assume that astute readers will have long ago tired of the end-justifies-the-means Purimspiel hasbara, "the poor 'Jews' had to _____ (in this case, subvert a Church council) because they were threatened with annihilation otherwise."

A minor quibble, Mr. Connelly's title, ... Enemy to Brother is anachronistic. The updated appellation for 'The Jews' as per Pope Benedict XVI, is Fathers in the Faith. Perhaps, "From Enemy to Father" would have been a more difficult sell.

From Enemy to Brother is important for the data it collects, but not as important or forthright as Spiritual Radical, (by Edward Kaplan). This likely is due to the respective audiences the books are intended for.

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19th Oesterreicher Lecture at Seton Hall

This is an excellent opportunity for doubters to come to understand whether the threat of Holocaustolatry within the Church is exaggerated or rather understated here.

19th Oesterreicher Lecture

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

by: Laurie Pine

The Rev. Dennis McManus will discuss The Holocaust Matrix: Its Destructive Past and Its Dangerous Future at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 4, at The 19th Monsignor John M. Oesterreicher Memorial Lecture. The program is hosted by The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies. Sponsored by the Msgr. J. M. Oesterreicher Endowment, the event is free and open to the community. The event will take place at Seton Hall University’s Walsh University Library Beck Rooms, 400 South Orange, NJ.

”The many-faceted work of the Reverend Dr. Dennis McManus provides a background for his insights into the Shoah (Holocaust) and implications for continuing reflection on this important topic.” (Father Lawrence Frizzell, Director, The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies).

The Rev. Dennis McManus, Ph.D., teaches at St. John’s Seminary in Boston and at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He is Consultant for Jewish Affairs at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and belongs to the Church Relations Committee of the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum. Since 1997 he has been very active in the Anti-Defamation League/USCCB joint program in Holocaust Education “Bearing Witness,” offered nationally in Catholic dioceses. He is director of the Jan Karski Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Georgetown University. He has contributed to the Cambridge Dictionary of Christian-Jewish Relations (2005) and to Ancient Christian Commentary (InterVarsity Press). His forthcoming book will address the achievements of Pope Benedict XVI with the Jewish community.

Monsignor Oesterreicher, a European-born Jew who converted to Catholicism at the age of 20, devoted his early years in the priesthood to parish work, ecumenism and peace. During the years of Nazi persecution he combatted Adolph Hitler’s glorification of race and hatred for Jews, eventually escaping from the Gestapo in 1938 via Switzerland and Paris and travelling circuitously through Spain and Portugal, finally arriving in the United States in 1940. After serving in several parishes in New York City, he was invited to Seton Hall University in March 1953 and became founding director of the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies.

The late Monsignor Oesterreicher wrote in The Rediscovery of Judaism (1971), “True sensitivity sees not only the volcano of evil that erupted in Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Bergen-Belsen, but also the ultimate failure of the greatest poisoner of history; for all his success, he did not triumph. Horrible though it was, the 'Final Solution' was anything but final. Six million Jews died, but the Jewish people lives. What this sentence really means is exemplified by the State of Israel. Here, an ancient people that for almost two thousand years was severed from the soil, that as a whole had not been involved in statecraft, that in the days of Hitler had been defaced in every possible way, was rejuvenated.”

The Advisory Board of the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies includes Director Reverend Lawrence E. Frizzell, D.Phil.; Michelle Dahl, Ed. D.;Sister Phyllis Kapuscinski, N.D.S., Ph.D.; M. Therese Liddy, M.A.; Reverend Msgr. Gerard H. McCarren, S.T.D.; Reverend John F. Morley, Ph.D.; Sister Alice Swartz, R.S.M., Ph.D.; and Sister Anita Talar, R.S.M., M.L.S.

For more information, contact Reverend Lawrence Frizzell at (973) 761-9751 or

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Turkish People Protest Interlopers' Provocation of War Against Syria

I redirect your attention from the Iran hysteria, briefly. Syria and Lebanon are squarely in the path of an attack on Iran.

Venezuela: Attempted Installation of Judaic Interloper Dictator in Another Catholic Nation

A Warning Regarding 'Post-Zionism'

The following is excised from an article that appeared in Haaretz titled, Following the dream of a Third Temple in Jerusalem. It reveals many aspects of the dispensational nature of Judaism and Zionism. Increasing talk of 'post-Zionism' is no cause for celebration or rest. This is the fake Haskalah (Judaic so-called 'enlightenment') reaching the destination intended by Moses Hess (see: Judaism Discovered), the Bernays family, Rabbi Benjamin Szold, B'nai B'rith and others. No one should be deceived into believing that a new temple in Jerusalem would end Judaic hostility.

‘Zionism has brought us to here and now it’s time to move on, to continue from here. And this is the time of our redemption.’

'... the expression of an almost inevitable development of the Zionist project'

Post-Zionism and the Temple

Dr. Ron Naiweld, who studies the literature of Hazal ‏(the ancient Jewish sages‏) at CNRS ‏(the National Center for Scientific Research‏) in France, and is doing research on the “rabbinization” of the Jewish world, sees the growth of the Temple movements as part of a post-Zionist trend. “The Zionist project has, in a way, run its course, and in its place movements are arising that are asking questions about the substance, content and legitimacy of that project,” he said. “It is yet another post-Zionist movement, really − like the ‘state of all its citizens’ idea. It’s a movement that said: ‘Zionism has brought us to here and now it’s time to move on, to continue from here. And this is the time of our redemption.’

“The religious redemption discourse possesses a logic of its own,” he continued. “The issue of the Temple remains a last protuberance, a dangling tooth that enables the religious Zionists to say, in the face of the religious injunction not to hasten the end, ‘Look, we are not hastening the end; when it comes to the Temple, we are waiting.’ It remains a last, disconnected remnant from all the rest of the activity of the religious Zionist movement. The messianic fervor, which assumed strong activist traits in the settlement project, shunted everything else aside. You cling to every bit of desolate land of a downtrodden Palestinian village, but you forgo the Temple Mount? There really is no logic to it. Until 1967, there was a compromise between two types of discourse, but after 1967, religious Zionism became more militant, with messianic fervor gaining the upper hand over pragmatism.”

From the time of the Second Temple, Naiweld explained, there have been two approaches in the Jewish world to the essence of halakhic law. “Daniel Schwartz addressed this subject 20 years ago in a groundbreaking article. There is the approach of the priests, which presents a realistic conception of halakha, holding that the law is determined by the nature of things. In other words, something will be pure or impure because it is pure or impure by the nature of its creation; because God created it pure or impure. In the face of this, there is the Pharisaic-rabbinical conception of the law, which is a nominalist concept. It holds that the halakha was determined by the human agent, which in the case of the Talmud consists of a group of rabbis who decide whether something is pure or impure, and this categorization does not derive from the inherent nature of the things.

“The struggle between these two approaches existed throughout Jewish history,” he added. “In the Second Temple period, it is seen in the struggle between the Pharisees and the Sadducees. You can see it in the form of people like [the late] Yeshayahu Leibowitz, who sanctify the law, the halakha, which is the determining element: intellectual religiosity, as compared with messianic movements − for whom halakha is divine law, because it expresses the true nature of objects and of human beings. That is why viewpoints like this will assume a very essentialist direction in terms of racism as well, because of the difference between Jews and Gentiles: A Jew is by the nature of his creation a purer being. Similarly with the holiness of the land: The soil of Israel is essentially holier, the stones are holier because the land was destined by God to serve as the place of the Children of Israel.”

Can it be said that these movements are the avant-garde of contemporary Judaism?

“It is an avant-garde that is the expression of an almost inevitable development of the Zionist project. And secular Zionism has nothing of interest to offer that can withstand these arguments. After all, the redemption is already under way; the Jews have already returned to the Land of Israel and the settlement enterprise is highly active. It doesn’t make sense for that activism to stop just before the Temple. That is the next logical target. There is no reason to stop at the Holy of Holies. If everything is so holy, then what is holiest is even more holy.”

Full article:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pope's Grand Inquisitor: "Cold-Hearted" "Denial" of 'Holocaust' "Absolutely Unacceptable"

"It is simply unacceptable that a Christian or even more a bishop ... denies all that the Nazis had done against the Jewish people, their exterminations. How is it possible to be so cold-hearted about this? It is absolutely unacceptable ..." (Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, National Catholic Register, October 4, 2012)
Archbishop Gerhard Müller is the Pope's new appointee to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the office formerly known as the Congregation of the Universal Inquisition. As the heir to past Grand Inquisitors Archbishop Gerhard Müller asserts his authority for the suppression of heresy. Unlike past Inquisitors, Archbishop Gerhard Müller suppresses heresies against the doctrines of an alien creed heralded by Pope John Paul II in 1979 with the proclamation that Auschwitz is "the Golgotha of the modern world."

A supposed intellectual, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller appeals to emotion wondering aloud how it's possible that one could be so "cold-hearted" as to "deny" Holocaust Midrash. This is a reference to Bp. Williamson's statement that the evidence is against claims that millions of 'Jews' were executed in gas chambers, a very reasonable observation given the absence of any substantive evidence supporting such a claim. Neither is there any evidence that such belief lowers heart temperature, but since Archbishop Müller raised the topic, I'd like to follow that thread.

Only 6 months before Bp. Williamson's 'Holocaust' interview was aired, Bishop Fisher of Australia dismissed questions about his diocese's mishandling of a priest who, much more recently than WWII, repeatedly raped two grade school girls (one of whom later committed suicide) saying those concerned were "dwelling crankily on old wounds."

If Archbishop Müller criticized Bishop Fisher's stone-cold-heartedness towards these priest-raped children, then or now, perhaps someone could direct me to the evidence of it. I'm not aware of any. This matter would concern Archbishop Müller because the CDF, which he heads, is the office which (mis)handles clergy sex abuse cases.

Who in their wildest imagination could picture a Novus Ordo bishop identifying 'Holocaust' obsession as "dwelling crankily on old wounds"? 

This turns out to be another jarring study in contrast similar to our recent study of the Judeomaniac Cardinal Dolan.

The Church's Grand Inquisitor today is not a figure who protects souls and perennial Catholic doctrine, rather, he suppresses 'denial' of Judaic 'Holocaust' Midrash and tears his garments in outrage at offenses against tender Judaic feelings. Such are the fruits of dialogue with the Pope's fathers in the faith.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teachings of Normative Orthodox Judaism Spraypainted on Jerusalem Monastery

This is the second such desecration of a Christian site near Jerusalem in less than a month. The other documented HERE.

The idea that Jesus is a son of a whore is normative Orthodox Judaism, not limited to some fringe extremist sect as the reporting below misinforms. So also is disproportionate vengeance the teaching of normative Judaism. The article also misdirects in it's suggestion that such attacks on Christians and Christianity are a new development. Shimon Peres lies in his P.R. statement claiming that this is a deviation from the religion of Judaism and the culture it informs.

Rabbinic Judaism is in essence a religion of hostility to, and deceit of outsiders.

Witness below the fruits of the faith of Pope Benedict's "fathers in the faith" and Cardinal Martini's "superiors."
Jerusalem monastery target of apparent hate crime

"Jesus, son of a whore, price tag"

A handout picture released by the Franciscan monastery on October 2, 2012, shows anti-Christian graffiti denigrating Jesus and adding the words "price tag" - a euphemism for revenge hate crimes by Israeli extremists, sprayed in Hebrew on the front entrance to Franciscan monastery just outside Jerusalem's Old City. AFP PHOTO/HO
A handout picture released by the Franciscan monastery on October 2, 2012, shows anti-Christian graffiti denigrating Jesus and adding the words "price tag" - a euphemism for revenge hate crimes by Israeli extremists, sprayed in Hebrew on the front entrance to Franciscan monastery just outside Jerusalem's Old City. AFP PHOTO/HO

JERUSALEM: Attackers spray-painted anti-Christian graffiti in Hebrew on a Franciscan monastery just outside Jerusalem's Old City, the church and Israeli police said on Tuesday, in an apparent "price-tag" hate crime.

Photos on a church website showed blue graffiti scrawled on the monastery's front door denigrating Jesus, the central figure in Christianity, and adding the words "price tag" -- a euphemism for revenge hate crimes by Israeli extremists.

"Jesus, son of a bitch, price tag," the graffiti read. It had been removed by mid-morning, an AFP photographer at the scene said.
Israeli police confirmed the incident.

"What took place is that a church on Mount Zion was targeted. On it was written graffiti against Christianity, and 'price tag,' and now we're investigating the incident," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. "It happened during the early hours of the morning," he added.

"Price tag" is a term given to hate crimes carried out by Israeli extremists, normally targeting Palestinians and Arabs and often involving the torching and vandalism of cars, mosques and olive trees.

But attacks have widened in scope in recent months, and have also targeted the Israeli army, Israeli anti-settlement activists and several churches.

In a statement, the Roman Catholic bishops of the Holy Land expressed their "deep dismay" over the incident.

They added their "concern about the education given to young people in certain schools, where contempt and intolerance are taught" and noted that the "price-tag" language used suggested that Israeli extremists were responsible.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said that such attacks were the cultural legacy of Israel's occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War.

"After 45 years of Israeli occupation, a culture of hatred and racism has become mainstream among Israelis," he said in a statement.

"School textbooks and official statements advocating that Jerusalem should be exclusively Jewish, with total rejection of the Palestinian Christian and Muslim identity of the city, have paved the way for gangs of terrorists to attack Christian and Muslim holy sites," he added.

Israeli President Shimon Peres said that such actions "go against the morals and values of Judaism and do great harm to the state of Israel."
"It is forbidden to harm the holy sites of religions and faiths," he said during a traditional visit to Israel's chief rabbis to mark the Jewish Sukkot festival, or Feast of Tabernacles.

Last month, vandals burnt the door of a Catholic monastery west of Jerusalem, scrawling anti-Christian graffiti on its walls.

The incident targeted the Trappist monastery in Latrun, which sits on the border between Israel and the occupied West Bank, by the 1949 armistice line, and is one of the most famous monastic sites of the Holy Land.

The Israeli government has strongly condemned such incidents in the past, but the Palestinians and Israeli anti-settlement activists say police have taken little action to apprehend those responsible.

Washington and the European Union have also condemned such attacks, which often spike after Israeli government action to move settlers from settlements in the West Bank.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Background on Kapo Nun, Sister Gemma Del Duca

Center in Israel aims for Jewish-Catholic connections

September 20, 2012

Dave Zuchowski - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Shortly after moving to Israel in 1975, Sister Gemma Del Duca began to realize how important the Holocaust is to the Jewish people.

A native of Greensburg, a Sister of Charity and former chair of the history department at Seton Hill University, Sister Gemma said her growing awareness of the depth of their feelings reminded her of the words of Catholic [Talmudist] prelate, Father Isaac Jacob, OSB, who worked to build the Benedictine Center of Tel Gamaliel in [Counterfeit] Israel and stressed the importance of educating people about the Holocaust and the need for developing a dialogue with the Jewish people.

"After working in Israel to open the Jewish-Catholic dialogue I was struck with the idea of establishing a National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education at Seton Hill University," recalled Sister Gemma, now 80.

She took the idea to university president JoAnne Boyle. Then, shortly afterward, Pope John Paul II visited the United States and urged Catholics to recognize the significance of the Holocaust and "to promote the necessary historical and religious studies on this event which concerns the whole of humanity today."

His words gave even more impetus to Sister Gemma's desire to establish the center, which has a mission to "counter anti-Semitism and foster Catholic-Jewish relations by making the fruits of Holocaust scholarship accessible to educators at every level, especially to those working in Catholic colleges and universities in the United States."

The education center was established in 1987, and Sister Gemma returned to Israel as the university's liaison, making connections with Jewish institutions such as Yad Vashem, the Isaac Jacob Institute for [Talmudic] Law and Hebrew University.

The center is now headed by Sister Lois Sculco.

Sister Gemma continues to travel back and forth to Israel to further Holocaust education and serves as the university's representative in its cooperative program with the Yad Vashem World Center for Holocaust Research, Education, Documentation and Commemoration.

Sister Gemma has a doctorate in Ibero-American studies from the University of New Mexico; a master's of sacred sciences in theology from the Pontifical Institute, Regina Mundi, Rome; and a Bachelor of Arts in history from Seton Hill.

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, the conference, she said, seeks to enhance Catholic-Jewish understanding by "educating the educators" in the hope of reaching the whole of humanity.

The Ethel LeFrak Holocaust Education Conference Endowment Fund supports the conference's speakers and sponsors its art, music and film events.

"Together with deeply committed scholars, we will look at future challenges in the study and teaching of the Shoah, the Hebrew word for Holocaust, in a fast-moving, changing world, where technology can dictate political, economic and social changes," Sister Gemma said. "The study of the Holocaust has much to teach about the danger of dictatorship; about the necessity to be guided by religious, ethical principles and universal human values; and about the difficulty and importance of maintaining human dignity in extreme situations."
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Nun-Accomplice to Counterfeit Israel's 'Holocaust' Proselytism to Speak at College of Saint Elizabeth

Sister in Holocaustian Faith Celebrates National 'Catholic' Center for 'Holocaust' Subversion's 25th Anniversary

News From the Occupied Pennsylvania Diocese

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More on the AJC's Nostra Aetate Errand Boy, Con-Man, Malachi Martin

Malachi Martin received a fellowship from the Judaic gatekeepers of the Guggenheim foundation to write The Encounter in which he extolls post-Nostra Aetate Judaizing developments at the parish and school level.
The title page of Malachi Martin's book, The Encounter states that he wrote the Judaizing book The Pilgrim under the alias "Michael Serafian"

"In New York's Roman Catholic Parochial Schools a new course in Judaism and on the Jew in literature was planned for the autumn of 1968. The Sisters of Notra Dame de Sion and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations plan to sponsor jointly a series of two-week institutes on Judaism for Catholic educators. On January 21, 1968, sermons were preached in all 225 Roman Catholic parish churches in Brooklyn and Queens on the theme of 'better understanding and charity towards our Jewish neighbors.' Catholic Universities have inaugurated courses in Judaism given by resident or visiting rabbis. As a means to stem, influence, and destroy Roman Catholic Hebraeophobia, these measures are both necessary and good." (Malachi Martin, The Encounter, p.376)

The title page of Martin's book, The Encounter (see above) plainly reveals that Martin wrote an even more outrageous Judaizing book, The Pilgrim, under the pseudonym, Michael Serafian. The documents HERE plainly reveal the American 'Jewish' Committee's financing of this book.

Also see:

More Documentation on AJC Agent, Malachi Martin

Why traffic in storybook depictions?

Clever pseudonyms, paid intelligence work and fabricated Papal Prayers

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 23, 11AM EST General Rite of Exorcism for a Community

At the suggestion of Archbishop Lefebvre's friend, Max Barret, contra THIS :

[The following rite of exorcism] is for general use --- to combat the power of the evil spirits over a community or locality.

The following exorcism can be used by bishops, as well as by priests who have this authorization from their Ordinary.
P:   In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
       St. Michael the Archangel, illustrious leader of the heavenly army, defend us in the battle against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of darkness and the spirit of wickedness in high places. Come to the rescue of mankind, whom God has made in His own image and likeness, and purchased from Satan's tyranny at so great a price. Holy Church venerates you as her patron and guardian. The Lord has entrusted to you the task of leading the souls of the redeemed to heavenly blessedness. Entreat the Lord of peace to cast Satan down under our feet, so as to keep him from further holding man captive and doing harm to the Church. Carry our prayers up to God's throne, that the mercy of the Lord may quickly come and lay hold of the beast, the serpent of old, Satan and his demons, casting him in chains into the abyss, so that he can no longer seduce the nations.
P:   In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, by the intercession of Mary, spotless Virgin and Mother of Jesus, of St. Michael the Archangel, of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the saints, and by the authority residing in our holy ministry, we steadfastly proceed to combat the onslaught of the wily enemy.
Psalm 67
    P:   God arises; His enemies are scattered, * and those who hate Him flee before Him. All: As smoke is driven away, so are they driven; * as wax melts before the fire, so the wicked perish before God. P:   See the cross of the Lord; begone, you hostile powers! All: The stem of David, the lion of Juda's tribe has conquered. P:   May your mercy, Lord, remain with us always. All: For we put our whole trust in you.
       We cast you out, every unclean spirit, every satanic power, every onslaught of the infernal adversary, every legion, every diabolical group and sect, in the name and by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We command you, begone and fly far from the Church of God, from the souls made by God in His image and redeemed by the precious blood of the divine Lamb. No longer dare, cunning serpent, to deceive the human race, to persecute God's Church, to strike God's elect and to sift them as wheat. For the Most High God commands you, He to whom you once proudly presumed yourself equal; He who wills all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth. God the Father commands you. The Son of God commands you. God the Holy Ghost commands you. Christ, the eternal Word of God made flesh, commands you, who humbled Himself, becoming obedient even unto death, to save our race from the perdition wrought by your envy; who founded His Church upon a firm rock, declaring that the gates of hell should never prevail against her, and that He would remain with her all days, even to the end of the world. The sacred mystery of the cross commands you, along with the power of all mysteries of Christian faith. The exalted Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, commands you, who in her lowliness crushed your proud head from the first moment of her Immaculate Conception. The faith of the holy apostles Peter and Paul and the other apostles commands you. The blood of martyrs and the devout prayers of all holy men and women command you.
       Therefore, accursed dragon and every diabolical legion, we adjure you by the living God, by the true God, by the holy God, by God, who so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him might not perish but have everlasting life; to cease deluding human creatures and filling them with the poison of everlasting damnation; to desist from harming the Church and hampering her freedom. Begone, Satan, father and master of lies, enemy of man's welfare. Give place to Christ, in whom you found none of your works. Give way to the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, which Christ Himself purchased with His blood. Bow down before God's mighty hand, tremble and flee as we call on the holy and awesome name of Jesus, before whom the denizens of hell cower, to whom the heavenly Virtues and Powers and Dominations are subject, whom the Cherubim and Seraphim praise with unending cries as they sing: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth.
    P:   Lord, heed my prayer. All: And let my cry be heard by you. P:   The Lord be with you. All: May He also be with you.
Let us pray.
       God of heaven and earth, God of the angels and archangels, God of the patriarchs and prophets, God of the apostles and martyrs, God of the confessors and virgins, God who have power to bestow life after death and rest after toil; for there is no other God than you, nor can there be another true God beside you, the Creator of all things visible and invisible, whose kingdom is without end; we humbly entreat your glorious majesty to deliver us by your might from every influence of the accursed spirits, from their every evil snare and deception, and to keep us from all harm; through Christ our Lord.
All: Amen.
    P:   From the snares of the devil. All: Lord, deliver us. P:   That you help your Church to serve you in security and freedom. All: We beg you to hear us. P:   That you humble the enemies of holy Church. All: We beg you to hear us.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

U.S. Taxpayers to Fund 'Too Big to Fail' B'nai B'rith Pension Plans

U.S. Catholics will be paying these master-race destroyers of Church and State in the collection basket and via the tax man. Wake up people. You're being made to fund your own ruin.

Gov’t agency takes over B’nai B’rith pension

September 20, 2012

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, the government agency that protects retirees from failed pension plans, is assuming control of benefits for employees of B'nai B'rith International.

"The agency stepped in because B'nai B'rith wouldn't have been able to pay its bills or stay in business unless the plan was terminated," PBGC said in a Sept. 11 posting on its blog.

The posting said that B'nai B'rith's pension plan ended as of April 30 2011 and that PBGC "will pay all pension benefits earned by the organization's retirees up to the legal limit of $54,000 a year for a 65-year-old."

The plan affects 500 current and future retirees, the posting said.

Business Insurance, a trade publication, on Thursday quoted a PBGC spokesman as saying that the plan has $55.6 million in liabilities and $30.1 million in assets.

A B'nai B'rith spokeswoman did not immediately respond to emails sent late at night seeking comment.
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B'nai B'rith Conference on Replacing Calvary with Auschwitz

B'nai B'rith Papal Knight Rabbi Leon Klenicki Recommends 'Noahide' Tome

Pope's Respect for Talmudic Khazars of ADL of B'nai B'rith Based In Mysterious Spiritual Link

B'nai B'rith's Holocaust Denial

B'nai B'rith's Ian J. Kagedan, "Holocaust Central to the New World Order"

ADL of B'nai B'rith Board Member's Grandson Transformed as 'al Qaeda' Agent Threatens 'Islamofascist' Attack on U.S.

Defamation: Film on ADL of B'nai B'rith Protection Racket 

ADL of B'nai B'rith's Abe Foxman; "To love universally is Judaism lite"

B'nai B'rith's War Agitator, John Loftus 

Sigmund Freud Was A Member of B'nai B'rith

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Followers of the Kosher-Catholic containment operation "Rorate-Caeli" may recall "New Catholic" (scroll down to the comments) turning his audience over to a guest contributor by the name "Bonetus" with the endorsement, "We are pleased to introduce our new contributor, Bonetus, a very wise and pious man."

And with this prodding of the traditional goyim to learn at the feet of the "very wise man," "Bonetus" proceeded with a transparent, condescending agenda of defining the boundaries for acceptable speech on the topic of 'The Jews' beginning by dredging up a ridiculous paen to the alleged racial prestige of today's Khazar 'Jews' of whom it is alleged "Christ was born according to the flesh" and "the Immaculate Virgin Mary [is] already their sister according to the flesh" in blatant mockery of St. John the Baptist, St. Paul, and Jesus Christ who had no tolerance for such racial boasting, even from true genetic Israelites of His time.

I mention "New Catholic's"  heralding of the "very wise [Judaizing] man" "Bonetus" as an introduction to documentation on the early 16th century figure, "Bonetus," the rabbi/physician/'prophet'/astrologer to who is commonly regarded as the most corrupt pope in the history of the Church, the Borgia pope, Alexander VI.

Contemporaries of Erasmus: a biographical register of the Renaissance and Reformation, Volumes 1-3, Page 196

From the Jewish Encyclopedia:

BONET DE LATES or LATTES (known in Hebrew as Jacob ben Immanuel Provinciale):

Physician and astrologer; known chiefly as the inventor of an astronomical ring-dial by means of which solar and stellar altitudes can be measured and the time determined with great precision by night as well as by day; lived in the latter part of the fifteenth century and the beginning of the sixteenth. Originally from Provence, and belonging to a family that had its origin in Lattes near Montpellier, he was forced to leave Provence with the rest of his brethren and settled in Carpentras. Thence he went to Rome, where he became physician to Pope Alexander VI. (1430-1503), and later to Pope Leo X. (1503-13). At this time he became rabbi of the Jewish community, to which he was able to render much assistance. He married the daughter of the physician Comprat Mossé of Aix. Bonet described the use of his instrument in a treatise written in Carpentras, the full title of which is: "Boneti de Latis, Medici Provenzalis, Annuli per eum Composti Super Astrologiæ Utilitate." It appeared as a supplement to the "Calculatio Composta in Rima de Juliano de Dati," Rome, 1493, and was dedicated to Pope Alexander VI. At the end Bonet craves pardon for his bad Latin, on the score of being a Hebrew. The treatise was republished by Jacob Faber of Etaples, together with his own commentary on John Sacrobosco's "De Sphæra Mundi" and Euclid's "Geometry," Paris, 1500. Editions were also published in 1507, 1521, and 1534. Two editions appeared later at Marburg, in 1537 and 1557. In bad Latin, Bonet wrote a treatise entitled "Prognosticum," published at Rome in 1498, and dedicated to cardinals Valentiniani and De Borgia, in which he predicted the coming of the Messiah in the year 1505 [!]. A full account of the book is to be found in Abraham Farrisol's manuscript, "Magen Abraham," or "Wikuaḥ ha-Dat."

A pupil of the above-mentioned Jacob Faber, Charles Bovillus, 1470-1553, relates in the preface to his "Dialogi de Trinitate" that he met Bonet de Lates in the Roman ghetto in 1507, and went to his house in order to see the ring that he had invented ...

It is evidence of the position held by Bonet at the papal court that on Oct. 13, 1513, ['Christian Kabbalist' Johannes] Reuchlin begged him to use his influence in order that the examination of the "Augenspiegel" [his defense against the heresy proceedings against him] should not be given into the hands of a commission made up of strangers [that is, believing Catholics], at all events not of Dominicans. Further, Bonet's intercession seems to have been successful.

Bonet is known to have had two sons. One, Joseph, continued to remain in the papal favor; the other, Immanuel, was also in the service of the pope, from whom he received a regular salary.


Dear reader, a certain contingent of traditional Catholics is attempting to resurrect the most depraved aspects of corrupt Renaissance era, Judaizing, superstitious, usurious 'Catholicism'. Beware.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Ireland's Judaic 'Justice, Equality, Defence' and Immigration Minister Sends Irish Population Transfer Holdouts to the Guilt Chambers

Shameful Irish stood silent while the Holocaust happened says Irish Justice Minister

James O'Brien - Irish Central

Ireland had a terrible record when it came to stopping the extermination of Jews, Irish Minister for Justice Alan Shatter stated yesterday, the Irish Times reports. He was speaking at a conference in Dublin commemorating the work of Raoul Wallenberg who saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust ...
“It is morally absurd that Ahmadinejad still rules Iran, an active denier of the Shoah who has promised to use nuclear missiles to turn Israel to smoke and ash. And the silence of so many of the non-aligned states in the face of his threats must surely undermine their moral authority to speak on important issues of international concern,” said Mr Shatter ...
Good grief.

Who at this late hour cannot identify Shatter's 'Holocaust' squawking as the Hava Megillah which that lunatic Schneerson devotee Benjamin Netanyahu is attempting to rouse the world to? Have we still not yet had our fill of Purimspiel paranoia and vengeance from these fanatical interlopers?

This Judaic fellow, Alan Shatter who last year stepped into a position of vast power unexplainedly created for him in the Irish government, is overseeing the largest population transfer of native Irish out of Ireland since the Judeo-Masonic so-called 'potato-famine' of the 19th century, with a flood of poor Asians, Africans, East Europeans and Roma arriving in their stead. This 'Irish' 'Justice, Equality, Defence' and Immigration Minister is simultaneously a fanatical advocate of a culturally and ethnically pure 'Jewish' state as he browbeats the Irish victims of his cultural genocide.

A chief player in this most recent Irish ethnic cleansing program, Shatter sends the holdouts to the 'Holocaust' guilt chambers, an ongoing project of his which he would like to augment with criminal charges for those who refuse to assent their will to his 'Holocaust' blather.

I repeat once again, non-Judaic people, especially Christians, have been bashed over the head with guilt for 60 years for allegedly not doing enough to save 'The Jews' from 'The Holocaust' when the holy books of 'The Jews' tell them not to save the lives of non-'Jews' when they are in danger. The double-standard is so outrageous, it's inconceivable to most people.

Let us understand the matter better. Let us learn from the sages of Judaism at Mercaz HaRav which we know as, among other things, the place of formation of Pope Benedict's "father in the faith" and Cardinal Martini's "superior," Rabbi She'ar Yashuv Cohen, and a place very dear to the Netanyahu (nee: Millikowsky) family (background HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). This is not some small, fringe 'extremist' group. Mercaz HaRav is ground zero of religious Zionism since 'Israel' was British Mandate Palestine.


Jews [not Gentiles] Are Called -- Man: The Distinction between Jews and Gentiles in Torah, by Rabbi David Bar Chaim of Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav

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A Lesson in "Globalism"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Netanyahu: "The Rebbe said to me ..." and to every 'Jewish' child from age 5

Chabad Lubavitch 'Rebbe' Menachem Mendel Schneerson:
"[Medieval Ashkenazic Talmudic 'sage'] Rashi begins his commentary on the very first verse of the Torah ... 'In the beginning' ... it is the very first thing taught to a young Jewish child ... the first thing one studies with a child ... Rashi wrote his commentary for five year old children ... Rashi comes and tells a five year old child: 'You come into contact with non-Jews, and when they come to you and claim that you're a thief; that you stole the land of Israel from the non-Jewish nations, do not invent your own responses but tell him the truth as stated in Torah: God recorded his mighty works in the Book of Genesis only in order to document the Jewish people's right to the land of Israel.' And since the Torah of Truth [that is, Rashi's commentary on Genesis] tells you that this should be your response, there's no doubt that in the end it will be effective."
That Judaic children have been instilled with such megalomaniacal psychopathy at such a young age certainly explains much of what we witness in this era of Judaic ascendancy.

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Pope: "We Need to Work Together" with Scheming, 'Noahide Law' Coercing, Land-Grabber Lubavitch Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fanatical Judaic Con Man, Bernard-Henry Lévy: same old scheme

'Holocaust' sophist, player of the Great Game, Bernard Henry 'Lévy' is angling for the overthrow and destruction of another nation in the path of the Greater 'Israel' delusion.

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