Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cardinal Timothy Dolan's Secret to (Worldly) Success

"... even though the Shoah ["The Holocaust"] belongs uniquely to the Jewish people, to remember it is the duty of all humanity."
“To forget ['The Holocaust'] is disastrous, dangerous, and heretical."

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan put on the 'Holocaust' headphones at his [requisite to advancement] pilgrimage to counterfeit Israel's Yad Vashem 'Holocaust' 'museum' on January 30, 2011. He left his raucous guffaws, inane jokes and cheese hat at St. Patrick's Cathedral. At Yad Vashem's 'Hall of Names' we witness a display of seriousness and devotion from Dolan perhaps even more extreme than his irreverence and clownishness at the most sanctified Christian times and places. Dolan offers us a jarring study in contrast. This depraved example from Dolan inculcates the same depravity in his followers.

On January 30, 2011, following Hasidic tradition, an uncharacteristically pious and serious Timothy Dolan puts his “kvitel” (intentional prayer) in a crack of 'The Wailing Wall' in counterfeit Jerusalem, which in all likelihood is not part of the Temple which Jesus foretold would be destroyed to the degree that not even one stone would be left standing on another (Matthew 24;22). Dolan and similar philorabbinic 'Christians' suggest by such ruses that there is some spiritual, religious presence to a place that Jesus said is desolate (Matthew 23;38-39).

On February 18, 2012, two weeks following Archbishop Timothy Dolan's requisite public submission to Zionism and Holocaustolatry he is rewarded with a red hat. At the ceremony Dolan comments that red symbolizes unconditional love of the faith even unto shedding of blood. I have no doubt that Timothy Dolan would sooner shed blood for 'The Holocaust' than defend the Gospel that he and his brothers in the 'Holocaust' faith trample upon with impunity.

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Anonymous said...

But net-Catholics are not to be appeased as they are a product of the Zionist-controlled, Dewey designed public deconstructionist mind warping indoctrinational system that passes for public education in our post-War secularized pagan state. And once situated there in the autumn of their years, it is nigh impossible to deprogram their parboiled intellect into a state of seeing the elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...

Should read Neo-Catholics. Sorry.