Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Baby Dies of Herpes Transmitted Orally by Rabbi During 'Religious Ritual'

Dear reader, in keeping with Talmud-mandated tradition (Babylonian Talmud, Shabbos 133a-133b) the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism are cutting babies' penises, putting their mouths directly on the wounded penises, sucking blood from the penises and passing along whatever pathogens they may have in their mouths to the bloodstream of the babies whose immune systems are undeveloped resulting in infection, disease, brain damage and even death of the infants.

What a Talmudic sewer we live in where Catholicism is rent asunder ostensibly due to sexual predation which is absolutely contrary to Catholic teaching while the State zealously protects Orthodox Judaism's religiously mandated sex predation of babies even when babies are dying because of it; where Catholics are ridiculed for "vampirism" while rabbis (or 'mohels') do in fact suck blood from babies' penises and this disgusting tradition is treated with the the most strained sensitivity, threadbare euphemisms and covered up with every kind of sophistry and legal subterfuge. The report below comes FIVE MONTHS after the event and even then the name of the 'mohel' responsible for the infant's death is still covered up. The rabbinic code of silence ('mesira') is blatantly in place in 'our' government and media.

Dear Traditionalists, Conservatives, Patriots, Nationalists, et al, this disgusting tradition is the tradition of the Rabbi-gangster, Mayer Schiller and the many others whose endorsement and sponsorship is so craved by your kapo leaders. This is not your destiny--to be lorded over by these depraved, cruel, self-worshiping Pharisaic taskmasters and their self-contrived, self-exulting traditions and laws that Jesus Christ freed us from.

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Infant's death at Maimonides Hospital linked to circumcision

Unidentified infant died in September of 2011 after contracting herpes

By Thomas Zambito / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A two-week old boy died at a Brooklyn hospital in September after contracting herpes through a religious circumcision ritual that ignited controversy in 2005 after another infant died, the Daily News has learned.

The unidentified infant died Sept. 28, 2011, at Maimonides Hospital, according to a spokeswoman for the city Medical Examiner, who confirmed the death after a News inquiry.

The cause of death was listed as “disseminated herpes simplex virus Type 1, complicating ritual circumcision with oral suction.”

City officials declined to comment Friday.

It’s unclear who performed the circumcision.

In 2004, city health officials revealed that a baby boy died after a circumcision carried out by a Rockland County rabbi who specializes in the centuries-old, ultra-Orthodox ritual known as metzizah b’ peh.

Under the practice, the rabbi or mohel removes blood from the wound with his mouth — a practice city health officials have criticized, saying it carried “inherent risks” for babies.

In 2004, three infants circumcised by Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer were determined to have contracted herpes, city officials said.

Among them were twins circumcised in October 2004 after Fischer performed the religious ceremony known as a bris.

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Go to then scroll down to:

By this is meant the sucking of the blood from the wound. The mohel takes some wine in his mouth and applies his lips to the part involved in the operation, and exerts suction, after which he expels the mixture of wine and blood into a receptacle (see Fig. 4, below) provided for the purpose. This procedure [repeatedly sucking the boy’s privates] is repeated several times, and completes the operation, except as to the control of the bleeding and the dressing of the wound.

See proof of the vile act:

As if that perverse custom isn’t already too much:
Eating foreskins & the Israeli government