Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 'Christian' Nobleman/'Court-Jew' Relationship

These works linked to below offer invaluable documentation giving insight into the relationship between the 'Christian' nobility and their 'court Jews;' something quite different from what the term implies and what court historians would have us believe on the topic.

As we have documented elsewhere, Judaism is by its nature a ghetto religion, even in the best of times. And as these works document, the Judaic 'ghettos' of Catholic Europe were often centers of international trade and moneylending and the civil authorities were oftentimes at the Judaic moneylenders' service as enforcers for collection of debts from Christians. The temporally ambitious, knuckleheaded 'Christian' nobility tended to be fascinated by magic, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, gematria, astrology, etc., etc. which made them easy prey to the rabbis' confidence scams utilizing these vehicles; 'services' for which they were returned many favors contrary to the interests of the Christian population and the Gospel.

A Jew at the Medici Court

Jews and Magic in Medici Florence

These are invaluable resources generally, but may also come as an aid to those seeking to understand the direction of a certain contingent of traditionalists and the tradition they're attempting to resurrect.

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Michael Hoffman said...

As I have been arguing for several years now, the Catholic Church began to be very seriously subverted at the top during the Renaissance under (at the very least) Popes Leo X, Clement VII and Sixtus V, all three of whom collaborated with rabbinic and occult forces. The grave sins of Talmudism (Phariseeism), Kabbalism (Satanism) and usury entered the Church at this time, enabled by these and other popes.

When people speak of “traditional Catholicism” what do they mean, precisely? There is a five hundred-year-old tradition of occult infiltration of the Catholic Church and the traditional Catholic movement today is also infiltrated by this gnosis.

Cf. Revisionist History Newsletter no. 58: "Tracking The Occult Infiltration Of The Roman Catholic Church From The Renaissance To The Present."