Sunday, April 29, 2012

The 'Holocaust' Stream of Transmission Back from Cardinal O'Connor

Previously we looked at Cardinal O'Connor's role in the 'Holocaust education' racket. Quoting again David G. Marwell, Director of the Museum of 'Jewish' Heritage in NYC:

"John Cardinal O’Connor spoke at the dedication of our Museum and forged our connection with the schools of the Archdiocese, stating that it was his desire that every student from every Catholic school visit the Museum. And since then, thousands of Catholic students and their teachers have come to the Museum ... any recent graduate of a New York Archdiocese school knows ['Holocaust history']."
Cardinal O'Connor was a graduate student at Georgetown University under Jeane Kirkpatrick, who remembered O'Connor as 'the most intelligent student she had ever known in her long years of teaching.'

Jeane Kirkpatrick's best students (see: Alan Keyes) are possessed of a certain rabid kind of philo-Judaic fanaticism. Cardinal O'Connor was no exception.

Jeane Kirkpatrick's husband was Evron Maurice Kirkpatrick who was an aid to Bill Donovan, the head of the OSS largely responsible for producing WWII atrocity psyops which unfortunately have been canonized by the secular and ecclesiastical establishment of the West.

Listen to PNAC signatory Jeane Kirkpatrick (with Frank Gaffney, Richard Perle's understudy) upholding the WWII atrocity propaganda ("lessons of 'The Holocaust") her husband helped to conjure up as justification for never ending 'preemptive' bombings around the globe:


Malleus Haereticorum said...

An excellent post, Mr. Pinay. It reminds me of the time John Cardinal O'Connor appeared on "Nightline" one Christmas night in the late 1990s. With him was a young Catholic man who was converting to Judaism. His Eminence's reaction?

"He doesn't need it, but he has my blessing, if we're going to call it such, because that's what the Church teaches.... I think that he is happy in his choice. I think that his mother is peaceful in his choice, and I think God is smiling on the whole thing."

Really? God smiles upon apostasy? Upon a Prince of the Church blessing a Catholic's embrace of the ultimate in perfidious and pernicious creeds?

With a nod to Basil Fawlty: Thank you, Vatican II, thank you so bloody much!

Maurice Pinay said...

Compare this to the bishops' brother rabbis' deafening howl of the 'The Silent Holocaust' of Judaic assimilation and intermarriage.

The lopsidedness of 'Judeo-Christian' relations manifests a wild disproportion proprietary to Talmudism; a wild disproportion invariably skewed to the rabbis' profit.