Sunday, April 29, 2012

PBS, Washington Post Puff Rabbi of Master-Race Judaism, Former Head of Reestablished Sanhedrin, Adin Steinsaltz

This advocacy journalism casts a blind eye to Adin Steinsaltz's membership with Chabad Lubavitch and his promotion of Chabad's master-race metaphysics HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, nor does it mention his former role as Nasi (head) of the reestablished Sanhedrin in Jerusalem or this Sanhedrin's desire to bring all nations under its racist, two-tiered legal system. Steinsaltz's literal Talmud translation transmits the megalomaniacal depravity of the rabbis authentically but none of this is noted. These advocacy pieces endeavor, rather falsely, to cast rabbinic Judaism as a religion of submission to the will of God, rather than the religion which does not wait on God and which makes God a student of the rabbi-gods.

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Michael Hoffman said...

The PBS interview is outrageous. Steinsaltz says on the video that the Talmud encourages asking every question. Try asking why “Jews” are superior to goyim in the Talmud. Try asking why the rabbis nullify the Bible and applaud the murder of Christ. When a friend of mine personally asked Steinsaltz about the passage in the Lubavitch holy book “Tanya,” which decrees that all gentiles are superficial garbage, he replied, “That is a problem.”

The PBS interview endorses the notion that Steinsaltz and Judaism seek the welfare of all people. Where is the evidence for this claim? The interviewer takes Steinsaltz at his word, with no skepticism or probing queries. The interview is worthless, except as a showcase of the abysmal intellectual level of the PBS “Religion and Ethics” program.