Friday, May 11, 2012

Pope: 'Still a great deal to be done to increase Judeo-Catholic relations'

The Pope and his fathers in the Talmudic faith (see: Light of the World, p.82) are just getting started. Apparently, it's not enough that a Catholic receives a media lynching and expulsion from 'Catholic' South America for the new cardinal sin of 'Holocaust' denial and that South American priests learn 'Noahide' theology from Rabbi Riskin of the Chabad Lubavitch sect of master-race Judaism.

Vatican City, 10 May 2012 (VIS) - This morning in the Vatican Benedict XVI welcomed a delegation from the Latin American Jewish Congress, "the first group representing Jewish organisations and communities in Latin America which I have met here in the Vatican", the Pope said. He went on to recall that "dynamic Jewish communities exist throughout Latin America, especially in Argentina and Brazil, living alongside a large Catholic majority. Beginning with the years of Vatican Council II relations between Jews and Catholics have become stronger, also in your own region, and various initiatives are afoot to make our mutual friendship deeper".

The Holy Father reaffirmed that the Vatican Council II Declaration "Nostra aetate" continues "to be the basis and the guide for our efforts towards promoting greater understanding, respect and cooperation between our communities. The Declaration not only took up a clear position against all forms anti-Semitism, but also laid the foundations for a new theological evaluation of the Church’s relationship with Judaism, expressing the confidence that an appreciation of the spiritual heritage that Jews and Christians share will lead to increasing understanding and esteem".

"In considering the progress made in the last fifty years of Jewish-Catholic relations throughout the world, we cannot but give thanks to the Almighty for this evident sign of His goodness and providence. Thanks to the increase of trust, respect and goodwill, groups whose relations were originally characterised by a certain lack of trust, have little by little become faithful partners and friends, even good friends, capable of facing crises together and overcoming conflicts in a positive manner. Of course there is still a great deal to be done to shake off the burdens of the past, to foment better relations between our communities and to respond to the increasing challenges believers have to face in the modern world. Nonetheless, the fact that we are jointly committed to a path of dialogue, reconciliation and cooperation is a reason for thanksgiving".

"In a world increasingly threatened by the loss of spiritual and moral values - the values that can guarantee respect for human dignity and lasting peace - sincere and respectful dialogue among religions and cultures is crucial for the future of our human family. I hope that your visit today will be a source of encouragement and renewed trust when we come to face the challenge of forming stronger ties of friendship and collaboration, and of bearing prophetic witness to the power of God's truth, justice and love, for the good of all humanity", the Holy Father concluded.
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Michael Hoffman said...

Once again one of the post-Conciliar popes is reaffirming that it is okay to worship in a synagogue while denying that Jesus Christ is the Messiah of Israel. Nothing is more hateful and “anti-semitic” than this notion that Judaics may continue in their sins and their status as alleged members of the holy race will save them in the end.

Anyone who actually loved Judaic people would admonish them to convert, as Jesus admonished them.

Observe the blatant admission of adherence to “new” theology, in the wake of Vatican II.

Here is the great betrayal, out in the open for all to see. Benedict doesn’t scruple to conceal it.

Unknown said...

You have to hand it to the liberal modernists, when you abolish rational thinking and logic it is possible to do and think as you like and justify it with an absurdity. Then you pass a law preventing anyone from criticising it for what it is. The moment one even whispers any sentiment that is critical of the jews (or gay people or anyone for that matter) then accusations of "phobic" demeanour are employed as an argument. Surely, this is fascism by other means is it not and a flagrant abuse of the judiciary.