Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Recap of Rome-SSPX 'Dialogue'

There's nothing to add to what was said here in January 2011 of the time-buying fraud that has been bulldozed onto the SSPX in the guise of 'dialogue,' except to point out that the Fellay contingent's marketing department is now peddling the false claim that the Pope is giving the SSPX everything and requiring nothing of them to reach a deal and 'full communion.' This is evidently false as we showed HERE and HERE.


A Lesson in Modern 'Dialogue'

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GdA said...

The Reverend Father Ernesto Cardozo, from the Priory of São Paulo, Brazil, just break up with Mons. Fellay. He wrote an "Open Letter," explaining the reasons, putting himself in direct obedience of the three the Bishops and urging them to assume the command of SSPX. The letter is in Spanish and Portuguese:

GdA said...

El rev. Pedro Cardozo acaba de romper con Mons. Fellay. Aquí la carta abierta: