Friday, May 11, 2012

SSPX Superior Bishop Fellay's Zionist Business Partner Kicks Günter Grass' Corpse

"Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet and has great respect for Mary, and this certainly places Islam nearer to our religion than say, for instance, Judaism, which is far more distant from us. Islam was born in the 7th century and it has benefited to some degree from the Christian teachings of those days.
Judaism, on the other hand, is the heir to the system, which crucified our Lord. And the members of this religion, who have not converted to Christ, are those who are radically opposed to our Lord Jesus Christ. For them, there is no question whatever of recognizing our Lord. They are in opposition to the very foundation and existence of the Catholic faith on this subject. However, we cannot both be right. Either Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Lord and Savior or He is not. This is one case where there cannot be the slightest compromise without destroying the very foundation of Catholic faith." (Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre)

More than one month after Günter Grass published his poem identifying Zionist fanatics and their nuclear weapons as the actual threat to world peace; weeks after the subsequent media lynching of Grass in response, SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay's lawyer, asset manager and general business partner, Maximillian Krah arrives in the wake of the fray to get a few kicks in himself. We shouldn't interpret Krah's tardiness as mere cowardice, however. Lord knows, with Bp. Fellay's repeat performance of the 1960's Bolshevik takeover of the Church reaching its finale, Krah must be a very busy man; there being so many laity-financed properties in so many nations to account for.

The context of Krah's attack on a Zionist-ravaged corpse is an apologia pro Israel Fictus (defense of Counterfeit Israel) in the style of Ordo Templi Orientis' Judaic guru, James Wasserman according to which 'Israel' is the bastion of Western civilization and bulwark against 'Islamic barbarism' which threatens to overrun the world and rob us of Scholastic learning, music, wine, mini-skirts and Madonna-- no, not the mother of Jesus venerated by Islam and mocked by Judaism--but that Kabbalah-imbued floozy called 'Madonna' who Krah 'likes' according to his Facebook page.

In defense of Counterfeit Israel, Krah invokes the spectre of Islamic misogynist tyranny while failing to mention that women are currently being spat upon, terrorized and beaten by Judaic 'modesty patrols' in Counterfeit Israel, and in Western Judaic communities, for wearing dress far less provocative than the mini-skirts Krah champions.

Shall we follow Templar Krah into a crusade against a spectre of tyranny to the benefit of another far more anti-Christian tyranny?

For all Krah's rhetoric in support of Scholastic learning, there's none evident in his thinking. Neither is there much understanding of the founder of the SSPX who rightly viewed Judaism as a greater evil than Islam.

Can this lawyer of such extreme philo-Judaism not be aware of the talmudic equivalents or worse examples of nearly every outrage Islam is accused of, or is he just employing the talmudic double-standard?

If any reader happens to run into Krah, perhaps they might ask for his thoughts on the rabbis of Judaism giving themselves permission to betroth 3-year-old girls by raping them. This is the authoritative teaching of the rabbis of the Talmud and the towering 'sage' of Judaism Moses Maimonides that informs that depraved nation which Krah calls "Israel," and this barely scratches the surface of Judaism's depravity.

Nearly invariably, real or imaginary Muslim outrages invoked as justification for the Zionist crusade can be matched or exceeded by Judaic outrages nearly invariably permitted by rabbinic law which are covered up by the kosher establishment of which Max Krah is clearly a part. 

Krah's apologia, like all Zionist apologetics, presupposes ignorance, amnesia, moral depravity, pharisaic love of double-standards or some combination thereof in its audience. There is nothing, literally, nothing for a Christian to support in the Jesus and Mary-hating, master-race religion of Judaism and its nuclear-armed terrorist base of operation, Counterfeit Israel.

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5thMarianDogma said...

I can see now were the church went wrong when i read this from Archbishop Capovilla, is he honouring the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven's wish's, or is he more worried about Protestants feelings? he even mentions good Catholic Communists. If this is not diabolical confusion i am reading here i do not know what is!
Here is the link:

Malleus Haereticorum said...

Exceptionally, and deservedly, hard-hitting.

I note that Maurice Pinay recommends to his readers other posts, including "The Remnant's Conspicuous Blind Spot". I, for one, never tire of pointing out what a poltroon Editor Michael Matt has become since the Jew-dominated (and thus repugnant) SPLC named "The Remnant" a hate group some years ago.

Matt no longer confronts the Jewish enemies of the Church with anything remotely resembling vim and vigor, which helps explain why "The Remnant" continues to hemorrhage readers and subscribers, and is sorely lacking in defenders. There are other reasons, of course, including a dearth of well-written and interesting articles, non-existent editing, and Matt's incessant whining for alms. But Matt's pusillanimity is at the root of the paper's well-nigh inevitable and much-deserved collapse.

Pablo the Mexican said...

A quote from His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson:

"God is still in control"


Michael Hoffman said...

Thanks for the important quote from Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre correctly parsing the distinction between Muslims and Talmudists.

The rest of your report is also powerful in its scathing denunciation, though obviously we pray for the soul of Krah and for his reformation; the same prayers should be said in charity for Michael Matt.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's play for the herectics' souls. Is it heresy or just plain greed and gluttony?

In the end its all about money and power.

Maybe Rome is borrowing money from the rabbis???

Malleus Haereticorum said...

As a boxing aficionado, I think what the traditionalist movement has undergone in recent days can best be described as the old one-two. And, as is becoming increasingly frequent and expected, it's a case of we have met the enemy and he is us.

Francis Rocca's Catholic News Service article of May 10 is disconcerting, as it strongly indicates that Archbishop Loris Capovilla is distancing himself from his original claim -- i.e., "Archbishop Capovilla, now 96, dismisses reports that he told an Italian writer in 2006 that part of the secret remains unpublished. He says that he noticed no discrepancy between the published version and the original."

What with the Society of Saint Pius X seemingly on the verge of reaching an ill-advised accommodation with Judaized Rome (along with the concomitant internal rupture to follow) and this discouraging Fatima-related report, one must conclude that Our Lord has determined that traditionalists require further -- shall we say -- testing.

Maurice Pinay said...

"... we pray for the soul of Krah and for his reformation; the same prayers should be said in charity for Michael Matt."


And Bishop Fellay, Fr. Schmidberger, Fr. Célier, Fr. Lorans, Fr. Pflüger, Fr. Nély, their fellow travelers at the G.R.E.C., the rabbis and their assistants in "Ecclesia Dei" and the Vatican, the appropriately named "New Catholic" and fellow travelers at the misnamed "Rorate Caeli,"and the many others inside and outside 'traditional Catholicism' who laid the groundwork and ran cover for this operation.

Likely, someday a book in the style of "Spiritual Radical" will reveal the details of how it was accomplished. God have mercy on them all, but much more so the souls that they've misled.

JMR said...

I only had my eyes opened about Rorate Caeli recently. A poster wrote about Williamson's "anti-semetism". In answer I wrote that Bishop Wiliamson was only adhering to the teachings of the Church Fathers and my post was not published.

Anonymous said...

"Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!"