Friday, May 18, 2012

This Week in Novus Ordo 'Holocaust Denial' Anathemas

"... negation of the Shoah, ... is a position that has no place in the Catholic Church. It is very clear ... The Holy Father has spoken clearly about this position of [Bishop] Williamson, that it's not possible, there is no place for deniers in the Catholic Church." ("Catholics must accept Vatican II, including on Judaism, Cardinal says," Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service, May 17, 2012)

Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, sat in at the recent meeting of the "Bilateral Commission of the Chief Rabbinate of Counterfeit Israel and the 'Holy' See's Commission for Religious Relations with 'The Jews'" and "expressed joy at the continuity of its work as a blessing for both communities and for humanity."

We documented that a speaker at this meeting, which Cardinal Koch would call a "blessing to humanity," was former chief economist of the bank of 'Israel' Rabbi Dr. Meir Tamari who strongly upholds the teaching of Orthodox Judaism that 'Jews' should receive interest-free loans while non-'Jews' should pay usury on loans HERE.

People, wake up. Submission to 'The Holocaust' can't save anyone's soul. Usury imposed according to a racial double-standard is not a blessing to humanity. These are curses of the worst kind. Anyone with the most minimal understanding of the Gospel and sense of temporal and spiritual self-preservation would run from this as fast as them legs could take them.

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Citizenfitz said...

Another compelling reason for witholding our tithes from nUcHurCh.

Unknown said...

Yes, do not put even one penny their way. This is an evil empire these days. Pope Paul VI admitted Satan was in the sanctuary & new church was destroying itself. Nothing has changed for the better. It has only worsened. The new church no longer belongs to Roman Catholics. Now they want to annihilate the traditional liturgy by a hybrid rite. Ecumenism and interreligious policies demonstrate that the church is definitively no longer Catholic. It is in the hands of liberal modernists who hate tradition and want to destroy The Sacraments as we have always known them. They are giving it over to sectarian groups empathic to them - Neo-catechumenal Way for example and half-Novus Ordoised Anglicans. The situation is a living scandal trumped up as "living tradition".