Sunday, June 24, 2012

Progenitor of U.S. 'Holocaust' Hysteria, Frank Collin Reemerges Within 'Holocaust' Resistance

A 'Nazi' of Judaic ancestry in the late 1970's, aided by Judaic ACLU lawyer David Goldberger and ADL handler Mordechai Levy aka "James Guttman,"* launched the 'Holocaust' hysteria that's since seized hold of the U.S. He's recently appeared as a guest on revisionist talk radio and written for a revisionist publication. This chameleon figure, a convicted homosexual pedophile, is known by various names; in his 'Nazi' guise as Frank Collin, and in his 'ancient history' guise as Frank Joseph. His Judaic father's name was Max Cohn.

As Frank Joseph, his work presently is selling Atlantean and Mormon mythology to the resistance against the 'Holocaust' madness he triggered.

There is little chance that the individuals who are facilitating Frank Joseph's current subversion are unaware of his former identity.

*Frank Collin threatened to join Mordechai Levy aka "James Guttman's" kosher 'Nazi' rally in Philadelphia 1979, and bring weapons. The permit for the rally was not granted when "Guttman" failed to appear in court in person.

Mordechai Levy is named after the infiltrator of the Persian kingdom in the book of Esther which role Mordechai Levy emulates to the most fanatical degree. This is a manifestation of the perpetual Purim that plagues the kosher U.S. which was spoken of HERE.

Frank Joseph is validating Mormon mythology among right-wingers as Netanyahu's Mormon helper Mitt Romney has taken the Republican presidential candidacy.

(Canada had its own version of this 'Nazi' ruse which we touched on HERE).


Illinois Guilt Chamber Run by 'Progressive' Judaic Publisher of Genocidal Zohar

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